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Kunzar Jungle Timeline [edit]
Hidden Plunderer's Camp
Kunzar Jungle Villagers
Ireka Nazan
1.1. Goblin Tongue Stew
1.2. Just Dessert
1.3. Deliver the Lunch Pails
1.4. Danger Zone
Kazid Nazan
2. Bring Him Bax
Bax Nazan
3.1. A Hunter is Only as Good as His Tools
3.2. Trials of Iksarhood
3.3. Dressed the Part
Merrik Hanz
4.1. Clean Out the Caves
4.2. Kurn's Tower Access Timeline
Sirris Xanx
5.1. What Makes Them Mist?
5.2. Dragon Magic
Fisher Ozrid
6.1. Truffle Hunting
6.2. Mommy's Little Monsters
Fisher Sivv
7.1. A Bone for Me to Pick
7.2. More Bones for Me to Pick
Fisher Rissen
8.1. The Mushrooms Ate My Daughter
8.2. Mushroom Magic
Sonjaz Manx
9.1. Quiet the Jinisk Lackeys
9.2. Planting the Seeds
9.3. Lambs to the Slaughter
9.3. Cut the Head from the Beast
Yarvis Urx
10.1. Clearing the Water
10.2. Clearing the Water, Again
Outer Sebilis Residents
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Kunzar Jungle  (AA)
Journal Level 78 (Tier 8)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Kunzar Jungle more
How to Start Hail Ireka Nazan at ( -196, 119, -596 ) /waypoint -196, 119, -596
part of: Kunzar Jungle Timeline
Preceded by:
Deliver the Lunch Pails
Followed by:

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  1. I need to kill a number of dangerous creatures within the City of Mist:
  2. Deliver the special treats to 5 of the Sathirian Patrollers (Oathsworn Sentries around bridge to City of Mist count)
    • Right click and Hail them to give them the special treats.
  3. I should speak with Ireka at ( -196, 119, -596 ) /waypoint -196, 119, -596 in the iksar village to turn in the quest.



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Guild Wars

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Danger Zone and Sections

The Danger Zone (also called the aggro bubble or aggro circle) is the white transparent circle surrounding your character on the compass. Any hostile mob that enters the Danger Zone immediately aggros and begins its attack routine.


  • Mobs consisted of level 0, level 1, or sometimes level 2 will not engage in attacking the player in most cases (when approached). One exception is Skale Broodcallers in pre-searing Ascalon, who engage anytime a player enters their danger zone.
  • If a higher level foe does engage you, the nearby lower level (levels 0, 1 and 2) mobs will also engage in attacks. This can be observed in Lakeside County, in pre-searing Ascalon, as whenever a Skale Broodcaller approaches and attacks the player, the level 0 River Skale Tads and level 1 River Skales will also begin to attack.
  • Some mobs move to attack even when outside your Danger Zone. For example the Kournan Spotters as part of groups of Kournans will notice you at approximately twice the aggro radius and the group will move to attack.


  • Range for detailed informations.
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ST Expanded

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This article has a
real-world perspective.



USS Baldwin openes a enhanced astrometrics lab, and discovers a potential Dominion ambush.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Here's the deal. I’ve compiled recent intelligence reports regarding Dominion activity near the Ludine Nebula. We’ve got bandits going in, but they don't come out."
    "Perhaps they are building for an attack and shielding us to keep us from finding out where and when."
    "That is a possibility, Amanda, and something that must be seriously considered. The only way to find out is to go in there ourselves."
    "I'd be more than willing to volunteer,"
    "I can set you up, but I do want someone else to go with you on this."
    "Count me in."
    "Now that that's settled, have Nimitz and Wildfire ready for inspection in 45 minutes."
    Patrick and Amanda Stacey, with Andrea Riffin adding a comment.
  • "Andrea, Amanda: be careful, good luck, and godspeed."
    Patrick, wishing his friends well on their mission.
  • "There is no way we can use phasers or torpedoes in this nebula. Even if we could, we can't target it automatically."
    "What about a tetryon pulse from the main deflector?"
    "Tetryon pulses would do the job; however, how do you plan on directing the pulse?"
    "With a steady hand and a good pair of crosshairs.'"
    Shandy Rogers, Anna Ingrum, and Amanda Stacey, discussing how to destroy a Dominion sensor jammer.
  • "We've decloaked, the bandits haven’t noticed us yet. It appears that between the sensor jam and the nebula, their flying blind, tool. Wildfire, while you take care of the array we’ll head out of the nebula to call for reinforce­ments."
    "We're on it. Anna, are you ready,"
    "As ready as I'll ever be. Engaging the manual steering control."
    Andrea, Amanda, and Anna, implementing a plan.
  • "Roz, what are the Dominion forces we left behind doing?"
    "They are on a pursuit course."
    "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right. Here I am , stuck in the middle with you."
    "Have you been listening to more of that rock and roll?"
    Roslyn, Patrick, and Reinette, drawing influence off of Stealers Wheel
  • "Captain, the Fifth Fleet is approaching, and they have brought some company with them."
    Lindsay Curtis, announcing the arrival of reinforcements


Astrometrics; USS Baldwin; bandit; Betazed; Ingrum, Anna; Ingrum, Patrick; Ludine Nebula; USS Nimitz; Riffin, Andrea; Stacey, Amanda; Starbase 375; Starfleet Academy; Starfleet Fifth Fleet; Stuck in the Middle with You; tetryon; USS Ticonderoga; USS Wildfire



Danger Zone Full text of the story, at the USS Baldwin series home.

This article uses material from the "Danger Zone" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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