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Danetta Pitta
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Near-Human (Etti and Borneck ancestry)



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Rebellion era


Danetta Pitta was a Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy. He was one of the original twelve Grand Admirals, raised to that newly-created rank by Emperor Palpatine two years before the Battle of Yavin.



Pitta spent most of his time obsessed with the purity of the Imperial New Order, and especially the racial purity aspects of it (reputedly, even COMPNOR members felt he was too vociferous); in a classic case of psychological projection (since Pitta himself was not pure Human—he also had Etti and Borneck blood), Pitta spent considerable effort investigating varied people's racial background and purging ruthlessly those who were even the slightest bit "impure". When not investigating backgrounds, Pitta busied himself wandering around the Outer Rim Territories with three of his Imperial dungeon ships (Apocahk, Angrix, and Azgoghk) abducting aliens, and torturing, enslaving, or experimenting on them. Despite this apparent lack of military ability or ambition, after the Emperor's death at the Battle of Endor, Pitta quickly bribed or otherwise coerced the Diktat of the Corellian system into accepting the new warlord as his "protector", which gave Pitta control of the strategically valuable Corellian Sector and its invaluable shipyards.

About a year and a half after Endor, Pitta obtained a torpedo sphere from an unknown source, and set about procuring the thousands of proton torpedoes necessary to render the sphere militarily useful. Hard on the heels of finishing refurbishment and supply, fellow warlord and Grand Admiral Josef Grunger invaded the Corellian system, which culminated in the Battle of Tralus. Pitta enjoyed initial success, his modest fleet savaging Grunger's armada amidst a devastating fusillade of proton torpedoes. Grunger, facing defeat in this battle, and the defeat in his larger aim of becoming the new Emperor, surveyed the wreckage of his once-mighty fleet, and in desperation ordered his Super Star Destroyer Aggressor to ram at full-speed Pitta's torpedo sphere.

Both Grand Admirals were aboard their respective flagships, and both perished in the ensuing explosion.

Behind the scenes

Though never published and thus not canonical, Star Wars Insider author Daniel Wallace indicates that Pitta's personal Star Destroyer was named Impenetrable.[1]

The psychological projection that drove Pitta to his racial-purity obsession mirrors the rumors that Reinhard Heydrich had Jewish ancestry, which angered him enough to fuel his destructive rage (whether Heydrich actually had such ancestry or not is unknown, but he hid his ancestry out of such fear).


Notes and references

  1. Daniel Wallace on the Jedi Council Forums

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