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race: Human
affiliation: Children of the Cathedral
role: Cultist
location: Cathedral
appearances: Fallout
dialogue file: DANE.MSG
actor: None

Dane is a member of the Children of the Cathedral and can be found in the Eastern corner of the second level of the church. He is highly unstable, iterating a string of incoherent stream-of-consciousness dialog when prompted. Speaking with him on multiple occasions elicits fluctuating responses of varying coherence. He wields a Ripper and is described as "a big, strong, burly man". However, he may be considered friendly towards the Vault Dweller unless physically attacked, despite his volatile nature.

Once a candidate for conversion into The Master's Nightkin army, Dane was dosed with mind-altering chemicals and was rendered mentally defunct after induction into the Cathedral's brainwashing program.


Dane appears in the first Fallout.

Behind the scenes

Dane sings the first line of I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire, the only sign that the song was originally intended as the title song.

Dane's ramblings are the only reference to horses in Fallout ("I want a horse! I need a horse! Bring me a horse, dammit! A horse!"), possibly in a reference to Shakespeare's Richard III, "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!".


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From Lostpedia

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Dane may refer to:

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ST Expanded

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Denmark is a nation-state on the European continent on Earth. Copenhagen is its most populous city and capital. People or things originating from Denmark are described as Danish. People from Denmark are also sometimes called Danes.

The Danes comprised part of the group known in ancient Earth history as the Vikings.

The epic poem Beowulf was set in 6th century Denmark. (VOY: "Heroes and Demons")

Hamlet was a 7th century Danish king. His murder was avenged by his son, Prince Hamlet: a tale later recounted in William Shakespeare's tragedy of the same name. (TOS: "The Conscience of the King")

USS Minnesota security chief Karl Dahlberg was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. Minnesota counselor Scott Fack stated his father was born in Germany near the Danish border. (Star Trek: Minnesota: "Dirge")

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This article is about the male bounty hunter. You may be looking for Dané, the Naboo handmaiden in training.
Biographical information


Physical description




Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Dane was the brother of the Human bounty hunter Floria.


Dane and Floria were orphaned when their mother's tribe burned down their home. They found employment at a café, though it was run by a cruel employer. Dane and Floria were saved from his service one day when they discovered that the man was a wanted criminal from a nearby planet. The two siblings tricked him into getting caught and were inspired to begin new careers as bounty hunters.

The pair were hired by Granta Omega to capture Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi while the Jedi participated in a training exercise on Ragoon VI. Dane and Floria instead befriended Kenobi and Skywalker, though, and helped them to evade the other bounty hunters and make their escape.

Years later, they gave up bounty hunting and took employment as bodyguards for Samish Kash, leader of the planet, Delaluna. When Samish was shot while attending a conference on the planet, Null, Floria and Dane were accused of attempting to assassinate him. Luckily for them, they were reunited with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on Null, and the Jedi repaid Dane and Floria's previous assistance by clearing the pair of the charges against them.



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From TibiaWiki

File:Dane.gif NPC Dane
Location: Carlin on Sea Lane, here.
Occupation: Food Shopkeeper
Notes: Dane owns the White Wave Cellar beneath the Lonely Sea Side Hostel.
Items traded: Sells:

Lemonade 5 gp
Milk 4 gp

Water 2 gp
Buys: Nothing.
See the entire NPC list.

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

Dane is an incredibly powerful and mysterious male Duelist whose motives are unknown, for the moment. He is a central character in Saiba Aisu's Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Fic, Days of the Black Apple. In Japanese, his name has been written as デーン. Like many of the other aspects concerning Dane, it is unknown whether or not he has a surname.

Character Design

Character Information
Name Dane
Kanji デーン
Age Unknown (Appears around 35)
Appears In Days of the Black Apple
Gender Male
Deck(s) Archangel

Dane is described as a tall, muscular, and imposing man who appears to be around thirty-five, with stormy gray eyes and pale blond hair that he keeps in a short ponytail. His usual outfit consists of a black coat, matching black boots, and a similarly-colored hat. One of his trademark accessories is an odd pair of spectacles, cut from the finest sapphire and polished to reflect to the sun; these spectacles allow Dane to view the world around him on a spiritual level and detect most forms of supernatural activity. He uses an extremely customized Duel Disk with strange golden characters from another language etched along its side, and carries his Deck with him at all times.

Character Biography

Very little is known about Dane regarding his past or his motivations. In the Prologue of Days of the Black Apple, he is portrayed with several other people who are discussing the Shir'tugal and the role they will play in the upcoming battle. With this portrayal in mind, is is possible to theorize that Dane has some sort of specified motive for tracking down each of the Shir'tugal, although for the moment, this reason is unknown.

Even though he has only made an appearance within the story for a short amount of time, Dane is noted for his stern, disciplined character and implacable seriousness. He has little tolerance for trickery or any other form of misbehavior, and is renowned for his venerable temper. Most specifically, he dislikes any form of activity that is not actively useful or productive - in most cases, activities that do not fall under those conditions are contemptuously viewed as a waste of valuable time and effort.

During the day of a special sale at the Morrow and Co. Bookshop in Neo Checker Town, Dane appears and approaches the store's owner, Marren Hunter. He warns her that she is now in grave danger from sinister enemies who have been watching her for the entirety of her young life, and that he brings a special message for her. In addition, Dane mentions that he is searching for a certain book, whose name was forgotten long ago by mankind and whose power is incomparable. He then challenges Marren to a Duel, claiming that his "message" cannot be related by words; instead, it must be learned. Although Marren plays well and puts up a fair fight against Dane's powerful Deck, she is eventually outmaneuvered and trapped by his signature monster, Archangel Dragon. Just as Dane is about to claim victory, Marren's ability activates, allowing her to adjust her strategy to avoid her opponent's ploys and claim victory, a fact which greatly pleases Dane, since she will apparently have to depend on that ability in the upcoming struggles that await her. After the Duel, Dane expresses regret that he could not prepare her any better for the forthcoming danger that will soon threaten her, and with a final warning to not stray too far from the bookshop for fear of the people searching for her, Dane leaves Marren confused and exhausted after their match, disappearing without a trace.


Opponent Outcome
Marren Hunter Lose

Dane plays an Archangel Deck, with strong connections to the themes of light, justice, and God. His Deck is heavily centered on Summoning and taking advantage of his signature creature, Archangel Dragon. To this extent, many of his Spell, Trap, and even Monster Cards have powerful, useful effects that facilitate this process, especially ones that increase the ATK of his own monsters. Most of the cards that Dane keeps in his Deck are very fast-paced, and every card he draws, he makes use of, even if it's to send it to the Graveyard to fuel another card's effect. This ruthless style of play is rewarded, though, since many of his cards - most notably Archangel Dragon - have effects that activate in the Graveyard, permitting him to gain even more advantage over his opponent.

Archangel Deck
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