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Dancer is one of the jobs announced for the expansion, Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess. Very little information is known about Dancers at this point. The Playonline website describes Dancers thusly:

"With their aggressive steps, these thewy terpsichoreans would weave forbidden magicks upon themselves and their enemies, producing results rivaling those of even the most powerful sorcerous cants. The popularity of this profession reached its peak during the Great War, when dancers were common additions to allied army units fighting on the front lines."

Dancers are capable healers in Final Fantasy XI. While it may not be wise for them to be the main healer of a group until level 74, two functioning together can, in most cases, eliminate the need for an MP based healer.



  • Dancers have strong curative abilities that are unique to their class.
  • Instead of using MP to use dances, Dancers use a moderately small amount of TP, which is gained each time they hit or are hit by a monster with a normal attack.
  • Dancers offer unique debuffs that help all party members.


  • Dancers are not quite as capable at removing status ailments as White Mages, since they have only curative ability which has a significant delay.
  • Dancers create a lot of enmity because of their participation in combat plus curative powers.
  • Dancers rely upon TP to cast, which means, in most cases, they need to be in battle to gain casting power.


Dancer is a new job as of Wings of the Goddess. Their role, and thus subjob preference, is not clearly defined yet, but they are known to be quite efficient healers and support characters. Below are listed some viable subjobs and reasoning at this point.



Ninja offers the dual wield trait and the Utsusemi spell, making it a popular subjob choice for many one-handed weapon users. Since the Dancer relies upon TP to gain casting power, the use of two weapons can help increase TP gain slightly. Also, Utsusemi helps dancers dodge attacks since their healing capabilities, combined with their damage dealing necessity, can draw large amounts of enmity at times. As with all situations, however, a Ninja subjob can be demanding to keep up due to a constantly required supply of tools to cast Utsusemi.

Blue Mage

Dancer is capable of soloing efficiently due to its healing and support capabilities, and this makes a Blue Mage subjob a good choice. The main downside is the lack of MP (this can be made up for later when a Dancer learns Aspir Samba) and spell effectiveness, so normally only defensive and curative spells are set when this subjob is used.


Dancers have a decent hand to hand capactity. At least until level 20, a Monk subjob grants the Dancer access to Martial Arts which will greatly lower the weapon delay of hand to hand weapons, and using fist weapons grants them the Combo ability, useful as early on Dancers use minimal TP and dagger abilities aren't very strong early on. On the downside, a Dancer's skill in hand to hand weapons is absolutely dismal, and after a short time daggers become much more useful.


With its' array of defensive capabilities paladin proves a worthy subjob for solo play in particular. While taking damage the dancer gains more TP, and with the increase in defense and VIT it is much less difficult for a dancer to keep themselves alive. VIT also plays a role in the amount of HP a waltz will cure its target.

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