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"Fighters whose smooth moves confuse enemies, leaving blood on the dance floor"

The Dancer is a job in Final Fantasy V, which is given to you after the Earth Crystal shatters.


The main cast as Dancers.

As dancers, the team wear very stylish clothes. Bartz wears an outfit suited for Latin dancing: an open red jacket with nothing underneath, black trousers, and a bright green sash. Lenna wears a blue cocktail dress with a green sash and a flower in her hair. Interestingly, this is the only job where Faris looks feminine; she pins her hair up in a ponytail and wears a yellow dress, pink boa, and earrings. It's unclear what Galuf is wearing, but it looks it has ruffled sleeves, and no leggings. Krile wears a half-shirt, a frilly mini-skirt, and a bracelet.


  • Job Command - Dance
  • Innate Abilities - None
  • Equipment - Knives

Dance is another one of the random job commands, which has one of the following effects:

  • Tempting Tango - Confuses every enemy.
  • Jitterbug Duet - Drains HP from the enemy.
  • Mystery Waltz - Drains MP from the enemy.
  • Sword Dance - Attack for four times the damage.

This makes dance a better job command than one would think. Rainbow Dress, Red Slippers, and Lamia's Tiara will all make the equipper do a Sword Dance when he/she would've done a Tempting Tango instead, doubling Sword Dance's chance of appearing to 50%, and making Dance a powerful command. The random HP/MP drain can also be helpful as long as the target isn't an undead.

The stat modifiers for Dancers are:

  • Strength: +5
  • Agility: +5
  • Stamina: +10
  • Magic: -5

Level-Up Abilities

Level 1 ability
RPGe Name Flirt
Anthology Name Flirt
GBA Name Flirt
AP Required 25
Type Command
Description Charm enemies to make them forget about attacking.
Information Lets any job use the Flirt command. Confuses one enemy.
Level 2 ability
RPGe Name Dance
Anthology Name Dance
GBA Name Dance
AP Required 50
Type Command
Description Perform dances that bewitch enemies.
Information Lets any job use the Dance command.
Level 3 ability
RPGe Name Equip Ribbon
Anthology Name EqRibbon
GBA Name Equip Ribbons
AP Required 325
Type Passive
Description Gain the ability to equip ribbons.
Information Unlike all the other "Equip X" commands, this one isn't very specific. It means you can equip all the dancer exclusive equipment.

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