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From Your Subculture Soundtrack, the music encyclopedia

Originating Location: Worldwide

Originating Era: 1980s


Key Artists

Key Albums

Genre Description

What used to be called Disco, it's grown into a primarily electronic genre of music with a large drum sound, usually from a drum machine.

Artists in this genre

Labels in this genre

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Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content.

Beverly Crusher and Data tap dancing

Dance is a form of entertainment and social interaction in which one or more people move, often to music or a predefined sequence of movements.

Genres of dance include disco, jazz and tap.

Beverly Crusher enjoyed disco dancing as a more freestyle alternative to tap or jazz, she indulged in the dance style in the Bridge Club, the setting of the holodeck program Crusher 54. (TNG comic: Captain's Pleasure)

Dance also played a role in Klingon opera, which was directed by a choreographer. (KE novel: A Burning House)


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From Muppet Wiki

Written by  Paul F. Jabara
Music by 
Lyrics by 
Date  1976
Source  "Mother, Jugs & Speed" (movie)
Publisher  EMI Blackwood Music Inc.; Irving Music; Olga Music

Paul Jabara's song "Dance" was used twice on The Muppet Show:

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Dance is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series, available usually to the Dancer class. Dances are fairly versatile, and can have positive or negative status effects.



Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Dance is a command ability of Brina; it casts random White Magic spells on the party:

  • Cure Dance: Cast Cure on the entire party.
  • Heal Dance: Restore HP of the entire party between Cure and Cura.
  • Cura Dance: Cast Cura on the entire party.
  • Curaga Dance: Cast Curaga on the entire party.
  • Curaja Dance: Cast Curaja on the entire party.
  • Raise Dance: Cast Raise on the entire party.
  • Protect Dance: Cast Protect on the entire party.
  • Shell Dance: Cast Shell on the entire party.
  • Blink Dance: Cast Blink on the entire party.
  • Esuna Dance: Cast Esuna on the entire party.
  • Haste Dance: Cast Haste on the entire party.

Calca has a similar ability called Jive.

Final Fantasy V

Dance is the level 2 ability for the Dancer class. It allows one of four dances to be done:

  • Tempting Tango: Inflicts Charm on one opponent.
  • Mysterious Waltz: Absorbs MP from one opponent.
  • Jitterbug Duet: Absorbs HP from one opponent.
  • Sword Dance: Does a physical attack at quadruple power.

Final Fantasy V also has a weapon called the Dancing Dagger, which allows a dance to randomly be performed when the character attacks.

Final Fantasy VI

Main article: Dance (Final Fantasy VI)

Dance is the main command ability of Mog.

Final Fantasy X-2

Dance is an ability used by the Songstress class. For the other Songstress abilities, please see Sing.

  • Darkness Dance: While the songstress is dancing, all enemies are affected by darkness.
  • Samba of Silence: The Samba of Silence inflicts silence on all enemies.
  • MP Mambo: While this is performed by a Songstress, all allies can use MP freely at no cost.
  • Magical Masque: While performed, the party is protected against magical attacks.
  • Sleepy Shuffle: This dance will lull enemies to sleep.
  • Carnival Cancan: This dance allows all party members to have double their normal amount of HP.
  • Slow Dance: This has a very predictable effect of inflicting Slow all enemies.
  • Brakedance: This dance encourages all enemies to take a break, in a sense, and inflicts Stop upon them.
  • Jitterbug: This dance is only available to characters who have obtained Slow Dance. Jitterbug has the opposite effect, granting haste to all allies when used.
  • Dirty Dancing: This dance, available to characters who have learned the Carnival Cancan, will allow the party to hit with critical hits within a time constraint .

Final Fantasy XI

Dance abilities make up the moveset of the Dancer class. Examples include Drain Samba and Box Step.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Dance is the command ability used by the Dancer class.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Dance is the command ability used by the Dancer class.

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From Grand Theft Wiki

The dancing minigame in clubs, GTA San Andreas.

Rhythm-based minigames refer to minigames in the GTA series where the player is required to enter a sequence of commands in a rhythmical fashion that often plays alongside a certain song. The feature was introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in two forms: dancing and lowriders "bouncing" with hydraulics. The feature has resurfaced in The Ballad of Gay Tony, a DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV, in the form of a dancing minigame in clubs.



The concept of the minigame is simple. As a certain song is played, a sequence of arrows denoting the directional key that the player must press will scroll from right to left, passing a circular marker in the middle of the screen. As each arrow passes the marker, the player must key in the corresponding command to score points; the timing of each player command is rated according to the position of the arrow within the marker, and the overall performance of the player is rated as soon as the player enters their first rhythmical command, all the way to the end of the minigame. In both cases, the timing of each command and the overall performance as the game progresses may be rated as "Perfect", "Good" or "Bad", and the amount of scores given depends on the former.

GTA San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas, dancing minigames are usually only available in nightclubs, including Alhambra in Los Santos, Gaydar Station in San Fierro, and an unnamed club east of The Camel's Toe in Las Venturas; during one mission, "Life's a Beach", the player is required to score a minimal number of points to proceed in the mission. While in a nightclub, there are three levels in dancing that increases in difficulty with an increased number of rhythmical commands to follow; as the player passes a level by reaching a certain score, they move on the next level up until level 3 is unlocked:

  1. For level 1, Nuthin' but a "G" Thang is played. When CJ exceeds 5,000 points, he unlocks the next song.
  2. For level 2, Hollywood Swingin' is played. When CJ exceeds 6,000 points, he unlocks the next song.
  3. For level 3, Funky President is played.

While dancing, players may witness the player character's performance on the dance floor. If they miss a rhythm, the player's character will perform a poor dance; if they time their rhythm right, however, the player character will evidently dance better. In addition, spectators on the sidelines may cheer or jeer the player depending on their performance. Like most minigames, successful dancing has no significant benefits except to please girlfriends that the player brings along.

The Lowrider Challenge in progress at Unity Station, Los Santos.

Lowrider bouncing in GTA San Andreas, also known as the Lowrider Challenge, functions similarly as dancing, except the player assumes the command of a lowrider equipped with hydraulics and bounces to the rhythms of Johnny Harris's "Odyssey" or Ronnie Hudson & The Street People's "West Coast Poplock" in all three levels. The completion of the minigame is mandatory during "Cesar Vialpando", and the player can reenter the same lowrider meet at Unity Station if they are in a hydraulic-equipped lowrider. Unlike dancing, the player can bet a small sum of money against an opposing lowrider competitor, and must beat said competitor by scoring the highest number of points.

The dancing and lowrider minigames each employ their own set of button or keys. For dancing, action buttons are used for the console versions while the directional keys are assigned for the PC version; lowrider bouncing requires the use of an analog stick in console versions or specialized directional keys in the PC version, as players do when bouncing their lowrider outside the minigame.

Due to poorer graphical optimization, scoring points during these minigames in the PC version may be more difficult due to synchronized music that often misleads players to follow the beat slightly slower or slightly faster.

The Ballad of Gay Tony

Rhythm-based dancing is reintroduced in The Ballad of Gay Tony, allowing the player to perform dance moves on the dance floors of various clubs in the game. TBOGT's rhythm-based system has underwent an overhaul, utilizing two sets of controller commands. Instead of a score-based evaluation of the player's performance, the primary objective in TBOGT is to fill a meter wrapped around a bumping subwoofer via two means:[1]

  • Flipping both of the Xbox 360's two analog sticks in opposite directions to the beat of the subwoofer, and
  • Holding one of the two analog sticks when the game prompts the player to "hold", followed by simultaneous pressing of the left and right triggers during a short countdown.

When the meter is more than a quarter full, the player's character, Luis, will be joined by a female dancer on the dance floor. If the player performs well enough, the game may even trigger a large choreographed dance and even a dance-off with the stage dancer, both of which utilize a more traditional Quick Time Event-like gameplay where the player taps a specific button as instructed by the game.[1]

When Luis perfects the dancing minigame with a female dancer in Maisonette 9, they will have casual sex in the womens' restroom. For dancing perfectly in Hercules and completing the dance-off, Luis will lead a bus-stop dance to the song "Bus Stop" by The Fatback Band. Upon successfully completing the bus stop dance, it will be unlocked in Maisonette 9 and can be activated by perfecting the solo dance. The bus stop will be lead once again by Luis and the song "Boogie 2nite" by Booty Luv.

The achievement "TBoGT: Catch the Bus" which is worth 15 gamerscore can be completed by performing both dance routines perfectly in both Hercules and Maisonette 9 clubs.


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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Race Template Race Template

First appearance

Solo Avengers #18
(May, 1989)



The remnants of an ancient race of insectoids. The wander the universe doing random things on random planets (sometimes they destroy entire continents, sometimes they merely move a rock, sometimes they plant a tree) and moving on to a new world, all the while seeking some type of cosmic balance. First seen in Solo Avengers #18.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Habitat: Habitat of this race is unknown.
Gravity: Gravity of this race is unknown.
Atmosphere: Atmosphere of this race is unknown.
Population: Population of this race is unknown.


Type of Government: Government type unknown.
Level of Technology: Technology level unknown.
Cultural Traits: Cultural traits unknown.
Representatives: No Known representatives.


  • No special notes.


  • No trivia.

See Also

Links and References

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

The icon for Dance.
Members No
Sound No
Requirements Nothing, but Flared Trousers will cause the player to do an enhanced version of the emote.

Dance is a popular emote. One of the possible enhancements is activated by the player wearing Flared Trousers. This enhanced version features the player "disco dancing", and then doing a split on the ground.

This emote is also used by many low levelled beggars to attract attention.

The old dance emote can be accessed by talking to Brother Omad in the Monastery South of Ardougne. The updated dance has a passing resemblance of that made famous by the "Where the Hell is Matt" viral videos.

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From TibiaWiki


You can do this by holding the button Ctrl and pushing the arrow keys to move your char in different directions without moving wile playing Musical Instruments.

Also Gamemasters make people dance sometimes as a way to prove if they are using unofficial software.

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