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Damcyan on the World Map on The After Years
The Damcyan Castle

Damcyan is a principality in the game Final Fantasy IV and in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is a desert principality located in the northern parts of the world, and its borders include the town of Kaipo. The principality is ruled by prince Edward Chris von Muir. It is home to the Crystal of Fire. In the English localization of the DS version, Damcyan is pronounced [ˈdæən].



When Cecil Harvey, Rydia, and Tellah arrive at Damcyan, they are just in time to see Baron's Red Wings bomb the castle. Most of the citizens and soldiers are killed, and Tellah finds his daughter Anna wounded as well. He blames the incident on Edward (not knowing who he is at the time, he attacks Edward and delivers his famous line, "You Spoony Bard!"). Anna, only moments from death, breaks up the fight and announces that she is in love with Edward, and that he protected her from Golbez. Tellah decides to avenge Anna, and sets off to defeat Golbez.

Edward bursts into tears at this time, and Cecil and Rydia snap him out of it. They ask for his help in seeking the Sand Pearl, which can cure Cecil's beloved Rosa Joanna Farrell. Edward agrees, and the three of them take the Hovercraft to the Antlion's Den.


Enemy Formations

Note: These monsters appear both around Damcyan and near the Antlion's Den.

Imp x8 Imp x8 Goblin x8
Imp x4, Imp Cap. Imp x4, Imp Cap. Goblin x4, Domovoi
Imp x2, SwordRat x2, TinyMage x2 Imp x2, Sword Rat x2, TinyMage x2 Goblin x2, Sword Rat x2, Tiny Mage x2
SandWorm, Sandpede SandWorm, Sandpede Sand Worm, Hundlegs

DS Formations


"Castle Damcyan" from the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV
Trouble with the audio sample?

Damcyan has its own eponymous background music, "Castle Damcyan".


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