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Series: Enterprise
Written by: Phyllis Strong
Directed by: James L. Conway
Production information
Episode no.: 3x19
Production no.: 071
First aired: 24 April 2004
Date: 2154



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Races and cultures

  • Illyrian


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DC Comics

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Character Template Character Template
Real Name
Grant Albert Emerson
Current Alias



Atom (Al Pratt) (father, deceased), Mary Pratt (mother, deceased), Al Rothstein (Atom Smasher , god brother), John Emerson (foster father, deceased), Kate Emerson (foster mother, deceased), Neil Emerson (Dr. Polaris, adoptive uncle)


Base Of Operations


6' 0"

175 lbs (80 kg)



Unusual Features
Heavy facial scars


Marital Status

Crime-fighter, student

High School

During the crisis called Zero Hour, Grant's powers became the spark that restarted the universe after it was destroyed by Parallax

Place of Birth
Mariette, Georgia


First appearance

Damage #1



High school student Grant Emerson suddenly discovers he is a superhuman with incredible explosive powers. During the Zero Hour crisis, Grant's powers became the spark that restarted the universe after it was destroyed by Parallax; thanks to Damage's powers, the new universe evolved along natural lines, guided by nature rather than the will of Parallax

After he accidentally blew up half of downtown Atlanta, Sarge Steel was able to cut a deal for him: he would be banned from Georgia and remanded into custody of the then federally-sponsored Titans team, lead by Arsenal. After a while, though, he left to find his origins. He learned that Vandal Savage was involved in an experiment at Symbolix called Project: Telemachus, where he took DNA samples he had collected from various superheroes and injected them into a fitting vessel: Grant. The heroes Grant shares DNA with are: Atom (Al Pratt), Flash (Jay Garrick), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Wildcat (Ted Grant), Hawkman (Carter Hall), Hawkgirl (Shiera Hall), Hourman (Rex Tyler), Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Dr. Mid-Nite (Charles McNider), Starman (Ted Knight), Miss America (Joan Dale), Johnny Quick (Johnny Chambers), Liberty Belle (Libby Lawrence), Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz - John Jones), Flash (Barry Allen), Aquaman, Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and Atom (Ray Palmer). Symbolix was allied with Shadowspire through Shadowspire's leader the Baron (Baron Blitzkrieg). The Baron became a recurring foe in Damage's series, starting with #3. Grant eventually learned that he was the son of the original Atom, Al Pratt and his wife Mary. Grant was forced to go underground after leaving the Titans, since he violated his parole by doing so.

When the original five Titans reformed the group, Arsenal nominated Damage for membership. Arsenal managed to erase Grant's criminal records, so he was no longer a fugitive, and Grant joined the team. After some missions, Damage confronted something he had buried for a long time: he had been victim of abuse at the hands of his foster father. After opening up to Roy Harper, Grant took a leave of absence and sought peace and healing on the Navajo reservation where Roy was raised.

He has helped the current Justice Society of America against Imperiex and the villainous team of Obsidian, Eclipso and Mordru, both times as part of a modern All-Star Squadron. He has since been seen with a new team of government-sponsored Freedom Fighters, whose activities are yet unknown. He also has something of a brotherly relationship with Atom Smasher, the godson of his father, the original Atom. It was thought that Grant had a brother, Walter, who was recently killed by Walter's superhero daughter, Manhunter, aka Kate Spencer. However, it turned out that Walter was actually the son of Iron Munro and Phantom Lady - an odd parallel to Damage's paternity search, as at one stage it appeared that Grant might be the couple's child.

Several members of the modern Freedom Fighters team were killed by the Secret Society of Super Villains. Damage was one of the survivors, though his face is severely scarred by Zoom, although this isn't revealed until later.

Damage appears in the relaunched Justice Society of America released in December 2006. He wears a full mask and a costume similar to that of his father and Atom Smasher, featuring a biohazard symbol. He also has a significantly gruffer and more cynical attitude. The villain Rebel insinuates that Damage suffered heavy facial scarring from his encounter with Zoom which is why he wears the mask. Zoom later encounters the Justice Society of America, and the fight leads to Georgia. Damage leaps into the state, although he is banned from entering, and catches up with Zoom, and holds him hostage. Liberty Belle calms Damage down, but Zoom escapes and hurls debris at his face with the intent to kill him, but Liberty Belle speeds in and saves Damage and knocks out Zoom.

Damage remains on the team, essentially in Atom Smasher's place (the Thunderbolt has even called him "Atom Smasher Two" jokingly).


The Kingdom

Damage's face was completely healed by the reborn Gog. He then tries to ask Judomaster out on a date. He then turns away from the rest of the JSA to become a follower of Gog. He noticebly becomes really conceited and decides against wearing his mask. He then goes to the press and tells them of Gog and his good work, denouncing the caution of the JSA until he is taken away by Stargirl. She tries to convince him of the jerk he is being and the danger that Gog may pose, Grant isn't listening and fires a blast at her. Out of nowhere Atom Smasher shows up and knocks him out, when Grant comes to he is found to be in his father's house (Al Pratt). Atom Smasher then tries to show him what kind of man Al Pratt was and how what mattered most was friends and family, not vanity. Grant uncaring of the man he never knew carelessly destroys the tapes, video's, pictures and even the house increasing Atom Smasher's rage to the point he was going to crush him under foot. Grant is saved by Alan Scott and is asked to come back to the JSA by Hourman and Liberty Belle, just as Magog teleports in. Grant choices Gog and leaves with Magog back to Africa, only to be left surprised along with the rest of JSA followers when Gog demands they bow down and worship him.

When the rebellious half of the JSA shows up to tell the other half what Gog is doing to the planet, a battle ensues. For the JSA's defying of Gog and his will, he undoes all the "miracles" he has done for them, thus returning Grant's heavy facial scars, much to Grant's horrified disappointment.

Blackest Night

Main article: Blackest Night
During the Blackest Night event, the JSA were attacked by their fallen members, now reanimated as Black Lanterns. Damage was saved from Black Lantern Al Pratt by the Atom, but was then killed by the resurrected Jean Loring. His death and the subsequent collection of his heart was the final one needed to bring about the rise of Nekron.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Biochemical Fusion Reactor: Damage is a living biochemical fusion reactor, that constantly absorbs, builds up and produces energy he can manipulate and use in numerous ways. This energy is able to enhance his physical abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength: Internal energies give him enhanced strength, regardless of the amount of energy he's channeling into his body. At his lowest levels, he is still capable of lifting around ten tons casually, and with enough finesse that he doesn't crush anything he touches.
  • Superhuman Durability: Channeled energy toughens his skin, making him highly resistant to injury, on a level with the likes of Superman and Captain Marvel. At the low end of the spectrum, Damage has enough resistance to stop twenty tons of force without being hurt. Bullets will not harm him, nor will temperature extremes from -100 degrees Celsius to about 2000 degrees Celsius bother him much. He's immersed himself in volcanic lava before, and suffered no ill effects except for the lack of air.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: at his lowest levels, Grant has the agility and reflexes far above that of an Olympic athlete, or Batman. At these levels, Damage would be able to catch a normal arrow fired from Arsenal at mid-range, and dodge single blasts and bullets. At his higher levels, he will be able to dodge fine-point lasers at close range, and could deflect a stream of bullets from an Uzi fired from ten feet away.
  • Power Blasts: Grant is able to focus his stored energy outward to produce energy blasts, which at his highest output levels can be focused into 100-ton maximum strength energy blasts of concussive force.
  • Fusion Discharge: ability to take the energy that he generates to detonate himself like a bomb. This power is the most dangerous of the abilities he possesses and also the most tied to his emotional state and the most likely to lose control.

    Strength level

Class 25; Damage can lift in 10-25 ton range.


Big Bang Discharge: If he doesn't use the energy in the aforementioned manner he is forced to expend it in a discharge, most notably the time he created the Big Bang during Zero Hour.


  • On the cover of Justice Society of America V. 2 #1, drawn by Alex Ross, Damage is depicted as being much larger than his fellow team members.

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Dofus Wiki

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From Dofus

Damage is a loss of health points inflicted by the use of a weapon or a spell on characters or monsters.


Types of Damage

Damage has one of five element types: neutral (linked to strength), earth (linked to strength), water (linked to chance), fire (linked to intelligence) or air (linked to agility). Each elemental damage is increased by corresponding characteristics.

Earth and neutral elemental damages are called Physical damage. Fire, water and air elemental damages are called Magical damage.

Indirect damage is damage from effects on a character such as poison. Direct damage is all other kinds, including glyphs.

Static damage (or hp loss) is damage that cannot be modified in any way.

Area of effect (AoE) damage is damage that affects more than one square of the battlefield and therefore has the potential of damaging more than one enemy. When targeting an AoE weapon or spell, the orange squares on the grid refer to the area that will be affected. If an ally is on one of these orange squares, the ally will suffer damage too. All hammers and staffs inflict AoE damage; two spells that inflict AoE damage are Explosive Arrow and Punch of the Crackler.

Permanent Damage

As of version 1.27.0, 10% of all damage which players take during a fight becomes permanent, for that fight. This means that a character's max HP can be significantly reduced over a prolonged fight. It should be noted, though, that this damage is only for that fight so will disappear once the fight is over.

Pushback Damage

When a character or monster hits an obstacle before it could be pushed back the entire distance it should have been, it is dealt pushback damage. This damage is static damage, so it can't be reduced or resisted.

The equation to calculate pushback damage:

  • math


  • 1d8 = a random integer value from 1~8, like rolling one 8-sided die (the 1 in 1d8 being the number of dice, the 8 being the number of sides on each die).
  • lvl = level of player who pushes opponent.
  • Distance = number of additional cells that a character would have travelled, had they not been blocked by an obstacle.

If the obstacle is a character, that character will receive the damage meant for the target divided by two. If other characters are aligned with the blocking character, they will receive the damage divided by two.

Damage Modifiers

The base damage of a weapon or a spell is modified by various sources. The increase (or decrease) may be either in percentage or fixed amount. Percentage addition to damage is called percent damage. Fixed addition to damage is called plus damage.


  • Characteristics: A percentage addition to the damage of linked elements by 1% per point.
  • Spells and equipment that give percent damage.
  • Spells and equipment that give plus damage.
  • Spells and equipment that give Heals: A linear addition to healing only.
  • Class modifier: A percentage penalty to base damage on weapon attacks. Each modifier is specific to one weapon type. Penalties are applied to the base damage for each weapon according to the character's class.
  • Mastery spell: Also called weapon skill, these spells increase the base damage of weapon attacks only. Each weapon skill is specific to one weapon type. Weapon skill is added to the Class modifier, to determine the actual base damage of a weapon. For example, if your class modifier is -10% and your weapon skill is 25%, you gain 15% base damage. It's rounded down, so if you rolled a hit of 7 from your base damage range, it would become 8 (rounded down from 8.05).
  • Critical hit: In the case of weapons, critical hit bonus is added to the base damage range upon critical hits. For example, Captain Chafer's Small Daggers has +10 critical hit bonus, which will boost the regular damage range 15-22 to 25-32. In the case of attack spells, the damage range of critical hit applies instead of the regular damage range. For example, the damage range of Pressure level 1 boosts from 5-9 to 7-11 upon critical hit.
  • Critical failure: Your damage output will be zero upon critical failures. Fatal critical failures end your turn right away. Weapon failures are always fatal, but most spell failures are not fatal.


  • Shield (effect): A linear reduction of direct damage. Shield effects may be limited to certain elements only. Shield effects are modified by the defender's intelligence and the associated characteristic of the attack's element.
  • Reflect: Another type of linear reduction where damage is dealt back to the attacker. Reflected damage cannot exceed the original attack's damage, and is affected by resistance. Reflect effects are modified by the defender's wisdom. Formula: Damage Reflected = Spell Reflect Damage * [1+(Wisdom / 100)). Some equipment gives a Damage Reflect bonus, but it does not reduce the damage taken.
  • Resistance: A percentage reduction of direct and indirect damage. Resistance effects are limited to a single element each, and the total resistance in an element for player characters can never effectively exceed 50% for damage calculation, even with enough resistance to do so. Monsters' resistance is effectively capped at 100% -- although on some it displays more -- rather than 50%.
  • Reduction: A linear reduction of direct and indirect damage. Reduction effects are limited to either physical, magical damage, or one particular element.


First, the bonus from a Mastery spell is added to the class modifier, and the base damage is increased by the sum of these two bonuses, and rounded down. Then this value is increased by the sum of the Percent Damage and applicable Characteristic increases on the character, and rounded down. Then the total Plus damage effects are added, and the result is your damage output. Once the damage output is found, the target's total applicable Reduction and Shield effects are subtracted from the damage output. Finally, the damage output is modified by the target's Resistance in the corresponding element, and rounded down.

  • Note: the "Math.floor()" function below, rounds the final value inside the function down before storing it.
Res = Base
Res = Math.floor( Res * (1 + ((Skil - Modi) / 100)) )
Res = Math.floor( Res * (1 + ((Stat + PDmg) / 100)) )
Res = Res + LDmg
Res = Res - (LRes)
Res = Math.floor( Res * (1 - (PRes / 100)) )

Base : Random value from base damage range.
Skil : Applicable Mastery spell bonus (Weapon attack only).
Modi : Class modifier with given weapon, expressed as positive integers. (Weapon attack only.)
Stat : Total value of relevant characteristic. Minimum 0.
PDmg : All bonuses of type Percent Damage.
LDmg : All bonuses of type Plus damage.
LRes : Total value of relevant Shield (effect), Reflect, Reduction bonuses on the target.
PRes : Total value of relevant Resistance bonuses on the target.

Note: linear +x damage bonuses are NOT modified by the class modifier.

When calculating damage for a critical hit, for spells, use the base damage range of a critical hit.

For weapons, add the value labeled "Critical Hit Bonus: +X" listed on the weapon to the base damage, before any other modifications (such as skill and class modifier) take place. Using the method above, "Base" would be simply a random value from the base damage range plus the Critical Hit Bonus. See Critical hit for more details.

Advanced Damage Formulas

These formulas are designed to help you get stats and Set to best support a given Spell/Weapon in order to deal the most damage possible. These two formulas are briefly outlined here, for a more detailed explanation see the guide. The following is used with permission:

  • Average Base Damage (ABD)

This is the first of the two calculations, and represents the average damage that will be dealt with a given Spell or Weapon with no stat boosts from Set, Characteristics, or Spells. For this calculation as defined here, Critical Failures do not have an affect on the result, but Critical hits do. The only factors that change ABD come from Mastery spells and Class modifiers, for those are the only factors that change the Base Damage of an attack directly, before any stats take affect (this obviously will only affect Weapons of the same type as the Skill cast).

Here are definitions of the values used in the calculations:

ABD = Average Base Damage
NC_MIN = Minimum Base Damage of the selected Spell on a Non-Crit
NC_MAX = Maximum Base Damage of the selected Spell on a Non-Crit
CR_MIN = Minimum Base Damage of the selected Spell on a Critical Hit
CR_MAX = Maximum Base Damage of the selected Spell on a Critical Hit
MIN = Minimum Base Damage of the selected Weapon (on a Non-Crit)
MAX = Maximum Base Damage of the selected Weapon (on a Non-Crit)
CRIT_B = The Critical Hit Bonus of the selected Weapon, which denotes
   how much more damage the weapon will do on a Critical Hit
CRIT_VAL = The bottom part of the fraction that represents
   your current Chance of getting a Critical Hit
   Example: (you have a 1/CRIT_VAL chance of getting a Critical Hit)
SKILL_VAL = The amount of Damage Increase granted by the Weapon Skill active
   Example: (your current active Weapon Skill increases your damage by SKILL_VAL%)
CLASS_MOD = The class modifier for the type of weapon you're calculating for.
   Example: (35% SKILL_VAL + -10% CLASS_MOD)

Calculation of the Average Base Damage of a Spell:

ABD = ([(NC_MIN + NC_MAX) / 2]*[CRIT_VAL - 1] + [(CR_MIN + CR_MAX) / 2]) / CRIT_VAL

Calculation of the Average Base Damage of a Weapon:

ABD = [([(MIN + MAX) / 2]*[CRIT_VAL - 1] + [([MIN + MAX] / 2)+CRIT_B]) / CRIT_VAL] * [100+SKILL_VAL+CLASS_MOD]/100
  • Damage Value Equivalent (DVE)

This second of the Advanced Damage Formulas allows you to find the connection between Plus damage and Percent Damage when using the selected Spell or Weapon. It expands upon the ABD calculation explained above to find the total amount of Percent Damage needed to deal one more point of damage with that Spell/Weapon. In essence, each Plus damage boost you receive will increase your damage with the selected Spell/Weapon by the same amount as a Percent Damage boost equal to the DVE.

Calculation of the Damage Value Equivalent of a Spell or Weapon:

DVE = 100 / ABD

External links

  • Damage Calculator Outdated as of 1.20
  • Bric's Better Dofus Damage Calculator Calculation broken
  • Simple Damage Calculator
  • Dofus Playground Damage Calculator

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From The Vault

Damage is a measurement of how harmful an attack is to a character. When a character takes Damage, it is subtracted from his or her Hit Points. Damage will cause death when a character's hit points reach 0.

Weapons all have base damage values. The final damage delivered to the target, however, is possibly modified with:

The computation formula of the final damage is described on the Combat page.

There are different types of damage, depending on the weapon of attack:

  • Normal Damage
  • Laser Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Plasma Damage - Fallout and Fallout 2 only
  • Explode Damage
  • Electrical Damage - Hidden value in Fallout and Fallout 2
  • Gas Damage - Fallout Tactics only
  • Energy Damage - Fallout Tactics only

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape



Hitpoints (also known as HP or health) is a skill representing the amount of damage a player or monster can withstand until he/she dies. This is known as death, which happens when their hitpoints reaches zero.

The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at rank 2,000,000) on the hiscores for Hitpoints is level 62.

Players begin with a hitpoints level of 10, with 1,154 experience.

The number of hitpoints a monster has varies between 1 and 2,000. The Corporeal beast, the highest level monster in RuneScape, tops this list, followed by Nomad, Turkey (2009 Thanksgiving event), Decaying Avatar, Living rock patriarch, Tormented Demon, Living rock striker, Kree'arra, Commander Zilyana, General Graardor, K'ril Tsutsaroth, and the Kalphite Queen (although the Kalphite Queen has two forms, each of which has 255 hitpoints, effectively giving her 510 total hitpoints).

The highest amount of hitpoints of a monster in a minigame is 1,000, the avatars of Soul Wars. TzTok-Jad is second at 250 hitpoints.

The highest amount of hitpoints for a familiar is the Steel Titan with 750 hitpoints.

The title of monster with the least amount of hitpoints is a tie among the Carnivorous chinchompa, the Chinchompa, evil creatures, and Miscellanian citizens and guards, all with 1 health each. This effectively means that any successful attack will kill them in one hit.


File:Bar.png The current Hitpoints bar.
File:Hit.png The Hitpoints splat for a hit.
File:Hit 0.png The Hitpoints splat for a miss/block.
File:Poison_Hit(new1).png The Hitpoints splat for poison.
Hitpoints bars appear above players' and attackable NPCs' heads when in combat.
99 Hit
Some players coming to RuneScape 2 from RuneScape Classic had only 9 hitpoints instead of 10.

While fighting, both the opponent and the player will have a bar on top of them. This bar represents their HP.

There are two colours on the bar: green and red. The green part of the bar is on the left, and represents how much HP the player has remaining. The red part of the bar appears on the right, and represents how much damage has been taken away from their maximum HP. This allows easy estimation of how much health the player has left compared with how much they have lost.

Current HP can be seen in the circle just beneath the compass, and is labeled by a heart.

If a player has only 5 HP left, assuming that they have 30+ maximum HP, then the bar on top of them would be mostly red, meaning they are near death. However, due to an update (most likely a hidden update of an unknown date), the health bar above your head will no longer change shades. This may be due to complaints on the forums.

Now, players can just look over to the top-right of their RuneScape screen and check how many hitpoints they currently have remaining and can be alerted when their hitpoints drop to 25% or lower; during then, the Heart Icon will start to pulse. And due to a recent hidden update, players are now further warned that their hitpoints are getting low (25% of total HP) through the addition of a beating heart sound effect which accompanies the pulsing animation until health is restored above 25%. (Note that this is a very common device in video games, almost always used to show that the player is near death or that another similarly dramatic event is occurring.)

Poison (Members only)

Main article: Poison

A player may become poisoned during a fight. This effect will continue to reduce hitpoints periodically, even after the fight is over, though the body's natural defences will gradually neutralize the poison.

For instance, if a player is hit by another player wielding a poisoned dagger, they would be hit for 4 damage every minute (four times), then 3 damage every minute (four times), then 2 damage every minute (four times), then 1 damage every minute (four times), then the poison would be gone.

Players can cure the poison early with an anti-poison potion that members can make with the Herblore skill.

Please note that if you are poisoned in a Member's server, but then switch to a Free server you will remain poisoned with no way to cure it until you switch back to a Member's server.

Also note that damage caused by poison gives no experience to any skill.


A player dying and their Gravestone appearing
Main article: Death

If a player is in Pest Control, in a player-owned house, duelling another player at the Duel Arena, or playing any other safe minigame, they will not lose any items on death, and will respawn in a designated location with all items retained.

A ring of life can also teleport the player safely back to the chosen respawn point automatically upon reaching 10% or below their maximum HP. There are three exceptions, either the player was hit for more than 10%, they are beyond level 30 in the deep wilderness or they are in a safe mini-game with no danger of losing one's items. A ring of life can only be used one time before disintegrating.

In addition, if a player has used the Abyss for runecrafting, they are given a skull that appears over their head. If a player dies of any circumstances while being "skulled" they lose ALL of their items carried at the time, rather than the usual keeping three. However, if a skulled player dies while the "Protect Item" Prayer is on, they keep ONE item (one more than the usual, which is zero if the player is skulled). If a player does not enter the Abyss within twenty minutes of receiving the skull, the skull vanishes.


When a player dies, they will respawn, meaning they will live again. The player will keep 3 of his/her items (if not skulled).

Earning experience

To earn experience in hitpoints, a player has to fight or do a quest that rewards hitpoints experience. Alternatively, one could use an item that gives a specific amount of experience. (ex: genie lamp)

When fighting, whether it be by melee, ranging, or magic, as long as they deal damage, a player will always earn hitpoints experience. There is a formula which is used to determine how much hitpoints xp a player will receive. The sole exception is by using a Dwarf Multicannon, which gives half the range experience and no hitpoints experience.

When a player deals damage to an opponent, they receive some hitpoints experience. If a player hits the opponent, whatever damage they deal is multiplied by 1.33 and given to the player's hitpoints. This is one of the slowest skills to gain levels on, with experience being earned at one third the rate of Attack, Ranged, Strength or Defence.

The quickest way to earn hitpoints experience is the Soul Wars Minigame. Amazingly, a player named
The messege a player receives after obtaining 99 Hitpoints
 Heart Emote has achieved 99 hitpoints at a low combat of 25, thus being the lowest level possible with a Hitpoints cape.

Recovering HP

A player casting the Heal Group spell.

A player can heal to restore their HP back to its maximum. There are a number of ways to do this:

  • Let it recharge on its own. A player will naturally heal one hitpoint about every minute. However, this is very slow, although the prayer 'Rapid Heal' doubles hitpoint recovery rate to one every 30 seconds. This is not recommended unless you have no food, are next to an altar, or don't want to get killed by whatever monster, PKer or NPC happens to be there. Also, a lunar spell, Dream, will make hitpoints recover five times as fast as normal. Additionally, a Regen bracelet will double recovery.
  • Eat lots of food. Players can eat food to heal their hitpoints, the best foods are more expensive but providing more healing per item. This is the most common way players heal themselves. Members have a much wider variety of foods to eat which can heal many more hitpoints at one time.
Food Heals HP GE price Consumption bites
Monkfish 16 455 One
Curry 19 1,239 One
Shark 20 1,539 One
Wild pie 22 2,874 Two
Summer pie 22 1,452 Two
Pineapple pizza 22 1,858 Two
Tuna potato 22 2,094 One
Manta Ray 22 3,101 One
Rocktail 23 2,485 One
Basket of strawberries up to 30 259 Five
  • Players can sit down, giving 2x the normal rate of recharging, or players can listen to a Musician, which gives 3x the rate. (The game mechanics treat this as a separate heal clock: i.e. the player heals one point every 60 seconds normally plus one additional point for every 60 seconds seated - or two per minute while seated if listening to a musician. Note that when sitting down and using 'Rapid Heal,' the prayer will affect only the normal-heal clock, not the seated-heal clock: thus the player will recover 1 point every 30 seconds while under 'Rapid Heal' plus one additional point for every 60 seconds seated, resulting in a 3 points per minute recovery rate.)
  • The monks at the Monastery and Entrana will heal players if they ask them. They heal 20% of the player's hitpoints level.
  • The nurses Sabreen and A'abla and Surgeon Tafani at the infirmary north of Al-Kharid Duel Arena will heal players if asked.
  • Two lunar spells can be cast to heal a player or a group of players: Heal Other, level 92 magic needed, and Heal Group, level 95 magic needed.
  • Die. When a player dies, they respawn at full health and full energy. This is not recommended unless the player has banked all items and wants to go to an area near their respawn point.
  • A player can use a bracelet of regeneration which doubles hit point recovery rate. When used in conjunction with the prayer rapid heal, it quadruples to two hitpoints every thirty seconds.
  • The two Summoning familiars, the Void spinner and the Bunyip, will heal a player over time, for 1 hitpoint per 15 seconds and 2 hitpoints per 15 seconds, respectively. The Unicorn stallion will heal 15% of the player's hitpoints by using its special move, Healing Aura.
Familiar Summoning level required Heal rate
Void Spinner 34 1 hitpoint every 15 seconds
Bunyip 68 2 hitpoints every 15 seconds
Unicorn Stallion 88 15% of Summoner's hitpoints (special attack)

Temporary boosts

A player wearing a Hitpoints cape (t) and performing the Skillcape emote.
  • Saradomin brew - Made using the herblore skill. Drinking this brew raises defence by 20% and hitpoints by 15%+2 even above maximum, though all other combat skills decrease by 10% excluding defence.
  • Titan's Constitution - The respective scroll of the Fire titan, Moss titan and Ice titan which will raise a player's max HP by 8 and defence by 13% temporarily.
  • Elidinis Statuette - this altar in Nardah will heal you and raise your total HP by 8, and will also refill your prayer. Players need to have completed Spirits of the Elid.
  • Skill Cape of Hitpoints - Owners of a Hitpoint Cape can boost their hitpoints by 1 every minute, by operating the cape or re-equipping it. The cape is one of the Capes of Achievement, and can be bought and equipped by players with 99 hitpoints only.
  • Guthix rest - Guthix rest, if drunk when at full hitpoints, will boost your maximum hitpoints by 5.
  • Oo'glog - by resting in the Thermal bath your HP will be raised dramatically, by 20% over your maximum Hitpoints level.
  • Temple Trekking / Burgh de Rott - One particular event in the treks Abidor Crank, temporarily increases your max HP according to its max level / current stance, as well as increasing defence in the same way, and turning all rotten food in your inventory into Curry or Stew.
  • Rocktail - Can heal up to 10 over the player's maximum hp when eaten.


  • After a hidden update from Jagex on December 2008, falling to 1/4 of maximum HP or lower will result in a heart-beat-like sound.
  • When RuneScape 2 (as it was then known) was released, the experience required for level 10 in any skill was slightly raised. This meant that characters with no extra Hitpoints experience had a Hitpoints level of 9. However, the combat level of those players is still 3.
The old HP bar.
  • A player concentrating on just 1 melee skill (attack, strength or defence), you have to inflict 3,258,608 hitpoint of damage to get from level 1 to 99. This would also result in level 87 hitpoints. For level 99 in all melee skills, a player needs to inflict 9,775,823 hitpoints of damage.
  • On the 27th of May 2009, the Hitpoints bar and damage splats were graphically updated.Before this update, the hitpoints bar was simply a bar that had only green and red colour.After this update, an outline was added and the colours had more detail, plus NPCs with many hitpoints, such as Nomad with 1,000 hitpoints, will have a much longer bar to show how many hitpoints have been lost to much more accuracy.
  • If you get poisoned on a members' world, you will stay poisoned if you log onto a free-to-play world. The same applies if you are diseased.
  • As of the 20th of October 2009, the hitpoints bar will no longer become completely red unless the monster or player has zero hitpoints.

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SWG Wiki

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Damage refers to a loss of health and base value of potential attacks dealt during combat.


Elemental damage

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From TibiaWiki

Damage is the result of some kind of attack. The result is that the target loses Hitpoints (or Mana if using Magic Shield spell or an Energy Ring).

There are two main kinds of damage: Physical Damage and Magical Damage.

Physical Damage is inflicted by melee attacks and some runes and spells. This kind of damage can be sometimes blocked by the target's Shielding (impossible to block when inflicted by spells), and is always mitigated by the target's armor.

Magical Damage cannot be blocked, and the damage it inflicts is not reduced by the target's armor. The primary drawback to magic damage is that many creatures are immune to different types of magic damage, and therefore are not affected by it. Ghost, Pirate Ghost, Spectre, Phantasm and Dipthrah are the only creatures that are immune to physical damage. Kitty is the only creature that is immune to ALL types of damage, So you cant hit her with an sword or ANY kind of other attack.

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Damage is classed into two basic forms, "Battle Damage" and "Effect Damage".

Life Point costs for cards are not considered damage, so cards like Wall of Revealing Light, Final Countdown, and Premature Burial cannot have their costs re-directed by cards such as Barrel Behind the Door or negated by Des Wombat.

Direct Damage

See the main article: Direct Damage.

Battle Damage

See the main article: Battle Damage.

Effect Damage

See the main article: Effect Damage.
See also Life Points Loss & Costs.
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Damage is classed into two basic forms, "Battle Damage" and "Effect Damage".

Life Point costs for cards are not considered damage, so cards like Wall of Revealing Light, Final Countdown, and Premature Burial cannot have their costs re-directed via Barrel Behind the Door or negated by Des Wombat.

Battle Damage

Battle Damage is the damage to Life Points sustained from a battle involving 2 monsters on the field or from a monster attacking directly. Also, if a card prevents Battle Damage from being done to monsters, they can't be destroyed in battle.

Effect Damage

Effect damage is any damage that is not caused by battle (with the exception of "Gravekeeper's Vassal") or is a reduction. Examples of cards that cause effect damage are "Poison Mummy", "Ookazi", and "Ceasefire".

Costs are not considered Effect Damage, such as with cards like "Injection Fairy Lily" and "Dimension Fusion". Damage from Monster Cards with "Piercing" effects are considered Battle Damage. Key words to look out for on cards that deal Effect Damage are "Inflict" and "Direct Damage". If it says "Pay" it is a cost.

Some cards are capable of lowering a player's life points without technically inflicting Battle/Effect Damage. Prime examples are Destiny Hero - Dogma and Life Equalizer. These cards can be particularly troublesome because they are unaffected by cards such as Cyber Kirin and Rainbow Life, as those cards deal specifically with damage.

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City of Heroes

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Damage The occurrence of a change for the worse.

  1. A value, in Hit Points, that directly reduces the Hit Point total of a target.

Varieties of damage:

blunt force attacks. Typified by Brawl and other body-part attacks (kicks, punches, etc).
piercing or cutting attacks. Typified by many weapon based attacks.
an attack employing radical increase of temperature. Often associated with damage-over-time effects.
an attack employing radical decrease in temperature. Often associated with slowing of attack and/or movement rate.
an attack utilizing raw energy or an energy transfer. Often associated with either knockback/Knockdown or Endurance Drain effects.
Negative Energy
an attack of anti-energy, often drawn from the netherworld. Power Sets that deliver Negative Energy are often termed 'Dark'. Often associated with reduced Accuracy.
an attack upon the mind. Characterized by the typical weakness of the attack, but the almost complete absence of defenses against it.
poisonous attacks. The nature of toxins may be either biological or chemical. Toxic damage is unique in the respect that the game mechanics do not allow for any form of defense, so all damage mitigation for toxic attacks is resistance based.
unique to Hamidon. These attacks can not be evaded and may only be resisted through use of Essence of the Earth inspirations.
damage effects that do not fit into any other category. These damage types may not be defended against or resisted in any way.

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