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A Dalek created from a mutated human.

Daleks of Human origin were generally indistinguishable from the 'pure breed' Daleks which were occupied by Kaled mutants. However, as the name suggests, they were either created using Human genetic material, or the actual modified or mutated bodies of living human beings.

Daleks of Human origin remained dependent on Dalek shells in order to operate effectively. The experiments carried out by the Cult of Skaro in New York City which ultimately produced the hybrid form of Dalek Sec were in many ways a reversal of this concept. (DW: Daleks in Manhattan)


The ancestral Kaleds were indistinguishable from Humans, yet the possibility of mutation into the creatures occupying Dalek casings was apparently integral to their DNA. It is therefore not entirely surprising that Humans on occasion have displayed the potential to mutate into creatures indistinguishable from mutant Kaleds.

However, the Daleks created from Human genetic material by the Dalek Emperor retained the xenophobic psychosis characteristic of Daleks who felt they had become 'contaminated' by other races. The Doctor surmised that their inability to accept their fundamentally non-Dalek nature had driven them insane, thus accounting for their religious zealotry (something not seen in other Daleks). (DW: The Parting of the Ways)

Most other Daleks of Human origin did not display this psychosis, although as the majority of them were created by Davros, it is very possible he was able to eliminate this flaw in the nature of his creations.

In response to Daleks of Human origin, the "original" Daleks considered them not to be "true" Daleks or thought of them as "contaminated". However, the first encounter between Daleks and Human origin Daleks (possibly chronologically, not including time traveled events) which was on the planet Necros.

The original plan was to recondition Davros' new Daleks to obey the will of the Supreme Dalek. It is possible, though, that the Daleks did not know of the new Daleks being created from humans. (DW; Revelation of the Daleks)


While in hiding from the Daleks on Necros, Davros created the first of what would later become known as the Imperial Daleks using the cryogenically frozen bodies of Humans interred at Tranquil Repose. This process appeared to involve decapitating the subject and placing the surgically-modified head in a special Dalek casing. Mental conditioning was also obviously involved. All of the formerly-Human Imperial Daleks were destroyed, either by the Dalek taskforce sent to extract Davros, or by the bomb detonated by the mercenary Orcini shortly after his departure. (DW: Revelation of the Daleks)

Davros created Daleks out of mutated humans for his later invasion of Earth. (BFA: Terror Firma)

Despite their disgust of these less-pure Daleks, the Daleks have also displayed a willingness to 'convert' specific individuals if they have knowledge or expertise the Daleks require and cannot easily get from elsewhere. Daleks trapped in a time loop of their own creation, needing a pilot with an understanding of temporal theory, injected Mariah Learman with mutagenic drugs and exposed her to high levels of radiation before using a time corridor to massively accelerate the process of her mutation. The resulting creature was inserted into a Dalek casing where it served (briefly) as the required pilot, although this only compounded the loop rather than allowing them to escape. (BFA: The Time of the Daleks)

In desperate times, when their numbers need to be significantly bolstered, groups of Daleks have attempted to mass-convert humans into Daleks. (TVA: *Sub Zero) (BFDE: Dalek Empire III) (DW: The Parting of the Ways) In the first two cases, this involved the direct transformation of living humans - bodies first, then their minds.

In the third case, following the Last Great Time War, the Dalek Emperor rebuilt the Dalek race out of harvested human DNA. This took centuries to achieve as so few human cells met the required genetic criteria. However, a force of half a million Dalek drones was eventually created. This army was obliterated by the Bad Wolf entity as it attacked Earth in 200,100. (DW: The Parting of the Ways)

Some of the Daleks in the New Dalek Empire may have been created from human DNA because a Dalek mentions that the 'human harvest' will commence.(DW: The Stolen Earth)

A disturbing account discovered by the Doctor related the story of how Halldon scientists transplanted primitive Humans to the planet Ameron and artificially accelerated their evolution. Creatures identical to the Daleks were the result of the experiment. (RT: We are the Daleks!)

This account obviously contradicts the known origins of the Daleks. It is probably apocryphal, though the transformation of Human into Dalek is certainly possible given the right circumstances and the events on Ameron may have occurred, as an example of parallel evolution.
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