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This article is about the term "Dalek Empire" as used in the Doctor Who Universe. For other uses of the term, see Dalek Empire (disambiguation).

The Dalek Empire was a time and space-spanning empire created by the Daleks.




The Empire was formed during unknown period in their history, presumably after venturing into space from their home planet of Skaro.


Previous to the Last Great Time War

As always, time travel makes the sequence of events here conjectural.

The Daleks would later seek to expand their empire into all of history as well, using time travel. It still centred itself around Skaro. (DW: The Evil of the Daleks, DW: Day of the Daleks)

During the Imperial Dalek-Renegade Dalek Civil War, the Empire broke into a faction known as the Imperial Daleks, loyal to Davros (now calling himself the Emperor) and another, the Renegade Daleks, loyal to the Supreme Dalek. Waging war with each other, the Doctor seemed to have defeated both factions. (DW: Remembrance of the Daleks)

The Dalek Prime and Davros survived the war and encountered one another once more during a decline in Dalek pervasiveness throughout the galaxy. Davros was again defeated and the Dalek Prime set about rebuilding the Empire. (EDA: War of the Daleks)

Last Great Time War and aftermath

United and re-unified once more, the Daleks, including Davros (DW: Journey's End) and the Dalek Emperor (DW: Bad Wolf) fought the Time Lords.

See Last Great Time War

Though the lone Time Lord survivor, the Doctor, remained unaware of this, the Emperor survived and build up a new army of Daleks from Human genetic material (DW: The Parting of the Ways). Later, Dalek Caan rescued Davros from the Last Great Time War in an attempt to recreate the Empire. The result was the New Dalek Empire. (DW:The Stolen Earth, DW:Journey's End)

Behind the Scenes

The John Peel novel War of the Daleks came up with the concept of the Dalek Prime and reinterpreted the Imperial Dalek-Renegade Dalek Civil War in such as a way as to show that no real civil war had taken place. A number of fans disagree with this interpretation.

This article uses material from the "Dalek Empire" article on the Dr Who wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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Dalek Empire
Political information
Type of government

Xenophobic totalitarian empire.

Head of State

Dalek Emperor

Head of Government

Supreme One


Dalek Supreme

Societal information


Historical information
Date of establishment

Unknown, presumably after the Daleks left Skaro.

Date of fragmentation

During the Dalek Civil War.

Date of reorganization

Sometime prior to the Last Great Time War.


The Dalek Empire was the ruling governmental body of the Daleks. Established by the Dalek Emperor, this formed the backbone of the Dalek conquests into various galaxies.



"Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy!"
—Dalek battlecry.

The Dalek Empire was the governing body of the Daleks. Centered on Skaro, its reign included various captured systems. The Empire was established shortly after the Daleks had ventured off of Skaro to extend their influence throughout the universe in their pursuit for racial cleansing. Ruled by the Dalek Emperor, this powerful monarchy spread quickly, fueled by the Daleks' intrinsic desire to conquer and destroy, engulfing system after system. The Daleks sought to expand their empire throughout history as well, using time travel.

During the Dalek Civil War, the Empire crumbled into two factions; the Imperial Daleks, ruled by their creator, and the so-called Renegade Daleks who were loyal to the Dalek Supreme. Each faction's struggle to gain superiority lasted until the defeat of the Imperial Dalek command. After that, the Daleks reunited and began to rebuild their empire.

This unified Dalek Empire made the Seriphia Galaxy their main base of operations. From there, the Dalek Emperor commanded its forces to invade another galaxy. Amid the countless battles fought against the opposition, the Dalek Empire managed to establish several bases within the galaxy and take control of "Project Infinity," using it to open a dimensional rift, allowing another Dalek faction to cross over. The Dalek Empire wished to know the faction's secrets, as they were the supreme controllers of their universe. Unfortunately, the Alliance Dalek faction, as they had been known, turned against the Dalek Empire, declaring war on them yet again.

Government and politics

"We obey no one! We are the superior beings!"
—An example of Dalek belief.

The Dalek Empire was a totalitarian government, ruled by the Dalek Emperor and its Supreme Council. Systems under Dalek rule were given no freedom whatsoever and dissidents were usually exterminated.

The hierarchy of the Dalek Empire was as such:

Emperor and Supreme Council

The Dalek Emperor and its Supreme Council had complete control over the Empire. It was through them that the Dalek Supreme got its orders. The Emperor and the Council were rarely seen away from Skaro.

The Dalek Supreme

The Supreme Daleks were the second-in-command. Their control spanned the Dalek Empire, overseeing most major operations and invasions. The Dalek Supreme answered only to the Emperor, serving as a liaison between it and the rest of the Empire.

Supreme Controllers

The Supreme Controllers were Daleks who served as local government officials in the sectors in which they were stationed. They answered to the Dalek Supreme.

Science officers

The science officers included Mine Controllers and Saucer Commanders. Tacticians and technological geniuses, these Daleks were the main force behind the development of the Dalek Empire. They oversaw the building of cities, starship and time machine construction, and the development of various destructive weaponry. The science officers often commanded the standard Dalek drones.


The Dalek Empire had no known economy, as they had evolved beyond the need for any sort of currency. Subjugated societies would suffer economic collapse as the Daleks usually exterminated government officials and laid waste to cities. After the initial invasion, the Daleks would exploit a captured planet for all its resources, using the population as slave labor. Sometimes, wealth from other systems would be taken and used in a sort of economic warfare on other populations. Otherwise, the concept of money was lost on the Daleks as their Empire provided everything that they needed.

Society and culture

The Dalek Empire was rather minimalist, focusing primarily on warfare.

Arts and media

Very little was known about Dalek culture. They had a passion for the Renaissance, but such things were usually kept hidden from the eyes of other societies. They had been known, however, to write poetry and some of their more-elaborate battle cries had almost a poetic quality to them. Some reports claimed that they had a fondness for the works of Shakespeare.

Beyond that, however, the most fundamental feature of the Dalek Empire was the unquestioned belief in their own superiority and the drive to eliminate all lifeforms that were not like them.


The Dalek Empire emphasized Dalek supremacy above all else. Other species were to be exterminated immediately, or enslaved and exterminated when their usefulness came to an end.


The military arm of the Dalek Empire was composed of primarily war drones. These Daleks were conditioned to be unswervingly loyal and served on the front line without fear of death. They had limited intelligence and received their orders through either the Dalek command net or from various commanders. While they flourished away from their homeworld, their lack of adaptability caused them to be heavily dependent on their commanding officers, often seeking them out when presented with decisions they were not bred to make. Despite that, the war drones were efficient at what they did, and countless of worlds fell to their might.

The invasion force of the Dalek Empire consisted of fleets of flying saucers, each with around 2000 Daleks on board. Most saucers were equipped with reproduction factories for the creation of more Daleks.


The Dalek Empire's reign was tidal in its reach, advancing and ebbing over time. They had at least two galaxies serving as bases of operations, though their conquest of other galaxies only lasted for as long as the Daleks could hold back the opposition. After the Last Great Time War, the Dalek Empire was reduced to a fragmented collection of survivors, exiled from their own time and galaxy.

Behind the scenes

Written primarily to fill in another red link, much of the information for this article was gleaned from the Dalek Empire audio series. Fanon elements include the fragmentation of the Empire after the Time War and the Daleks being exiled from their galaxy.

This article uses material from the "Dalek Empire" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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