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Luke Skywalker

"We're on the same side, come with me to Bastion. Help me end this war! We can slip into Imperial space, capture the entire Moff Council,and secure an Imperial surrender in one week! One week! Nobody else has to die! No one has to join the dark side! Luke can't see that, but surely you can! Join me! We can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the whole galaxy!"
―Dal Konur

Dal Konur was a Rebel SpecForce trooper who later trained as a Jedi under Luke Skywalker, alongside Kyp Durron and Corran Horn.




Jedi training

For many years, Dal Konur fought as a SpecForce trooper for the Rebel Alliance. Highly trained, he was a master of infiltration, and served with distinction in combat, gaining the rank of Lieutenant.

When his innate Force abilities became clear, Dal was advised by New Republic Councilor Borsk Fey'lya to train at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4. There Dal struggled with Luke's philosophy, and could not understand why the Force was not used as a weapon to destroy the Galactic Empire. After two months of training, Dal left in disgust, hiding away on the Academy's supply ship Lightning Rod, and then mind tricking the pilot Peckhum into flying him where he wished. The Jedi mind trick was one of Dal's strengths and was likely the reason behind his earlier success at infiltration.

Peckhum awoke on Ord Mantell and reported back to Luke Skywalker. It appeared that Dal had been exploring some of the ancient Sith ruins on Yavin 4, and Skywalker suspected that he may have been seduced to the dark side. Luke hired a group of heroes to capture Dal and return him unharmed before he could carry out his plan to assassinate the Council of Moffs.

Rogue Jedi

On Ord Mantell, Dal connected with the smuggler Arthen Brutt in the Mud Puddle cantina. Arthen rented a warehouse on Wayland full of artifacts from the Emperor's storehouse. Dal intended to raid the warehouse to gain possession of a working lightsaber. Aware he was being trailed, he paid some local thugs to waylay any pursuers.

Having traveled to Wayland, Dal located the warehouse in New Nystao and, impersonating Streen, acquired the cargo and a lightsaber. Suitably armed for a Jedi, Dal then headed to Bilbringi where he bought a Firespray-31, hoping to infiltrate the Imperial Remnant. By this stage his pursuers had caught up to Dal and confronted him in his hangar bay. They managed to apprehend Dal to fly him back to Yavin.

While en route, their ship was pulled out of hyperspace by interdictor cruisers around the planet Agamar where the Orinda campaign was about to begin. Fighting off pursuit, the heroes' ship managed to limp to Dathomir, which was currently under quarantine to hide an Imperial investigation of the defunct Star Chamber.

Stuck in quarantine, Dal Konur appealed to the Imperials for political asylum, claiming he was fleeing from Jedi justice. He then came into contact with General Vit who was looking for a Force-sensitive to train Nightsisters in a project he dubbed Project Nightsaber. Dal volunteered in an attempt to get close to the Moff council and as a show of loyalty, convinced General Vit to let him deal with the heroes who had begun aiding a local rebellion led by the Dreaming River Clan.

In the final confrontation, Dal Konur was apprehended by the heroes (with the aid of Kir Kanos in disguise) and returned to Luke Skywalker on Yavin 4. What became of him then is unknown.

Behind the scenes

It is possible that Dal was one of the first twelve students to study at the Jedi Praxeum. Several lines hint at this, such as both Kam and Corran being inexperienced duelists, and Kyp being seen as a most promising student—pre-Sun Crusher rampage. However, the dating of the Orinda campaign to 13 ABY may conflict with this.



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