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Dajh Katzroy (ドッジ・カッツロイ Dojji Kattsuroi) is a character from Final Fantasy XIII, who was first revealed at Gamescom 2009. He is the six-year old son of Sazh Katzroy, with dark skin and an afro just like his father. He wears a blue shirt and pink overalls. Dajh loves chocobos and his father very dearly. He lost his mother when he was just three, and Sazh has taken care of him as a single parent ever since.

In the web novelization Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero: Promise, Dajh was chosen as a l'Cie by fal'cie Kujata at Ewleede Canyon and gets separated from his father because of Jihl Nabaat. Although the full extent of his L'Cie powers are unknown, he has the power to "sense" things from Pulse, making him a valuable asset to the Sanctum. Dajh sensed the Pulse fal'cie in the Bowdam Ruins, as well as Serah, a Pulse l'cie, as she jumped off an airship and was sucked into the ruins. He is essentially Sazh's motivation for partaking the mission against the Sanctum.

Dajh was designed by Nao Ikeda, akin to most of the game's supporting characters.

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Dajh became a l'Cie shortly after encountering the fal'Cie Kujata at Ewleede Canyon just as Vanille and Fang were about to fight it. Kujata caused a huge eruption in the canyon, causing Dajh to pass out by the time his father found him. However, Dazh is taken by Jihl who decieves the child into thinking she'll help him find his father.

Dajh encountered his father along with Vanille again at the castle area of the Maritime Resort in Nautilus; it was a tearful reunion cut tragically short as finding the two was apparently the young boy's Focus, as he quickly became a crystal afterward. Jihl then appears to Sazh and Vanille and tortures the two of them by saying that Vanille was to blame for Dajh becoming a l'Cie, causing her to run away screaming. After arresting the duo, Jihl tortured Sazh further by telling him of the Sanctum's plan to place Dajh's crystal in Eden as a memorial for "the tragic hero who saved Cocoon." But as the group fight their way to Orphan, Galenth shatters Dajh before Sazh's eyes, However, after Orphan is destroyed and Vanille and Fang sacrifice themselves to keep Cocoon from crashing into Pulse, Dajh is restored, and he reunites with his father.


  • Dajh is 6 years old and 117 cm high "including afro", according to the Ultimania Guide.
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