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"There's an old legend in this region about a dragon god and his divine protection. I think it may be true."

Daguerreo is a location in Final Fantasy IX. It is an indoor library of sorts near the Forgotten Continent. It can only be reached by airship (either Hilda Garde III or the Invincible) or Golden Chocobo. Some of the best weapons and armor in the game can be bought or synthesized here. However, before buying this equipment the player must fix the lift to the upper levels of the library. The lower levels of Daguerreo are flooded. Zidane and his friends meet the Master Treasure Hunter, the Four-Armed Man here. He is later revealed to be Gilgamesh. Also, it is possible for the player to rename the characters if they show a man here the rare Namingway Card. Zidane will also encounter a Cleyran survivor, Forest Oracle Kildea.

On the third floor's balcony, there is a stone that effects the altar. Use the action button on it, and go back to the first floor with the altar. The statue will now allow you to turn Ore into Aquamarine.

The Capricorn Stellazio coin is also in Daguerreo.

If you have the Key Item Magical Fingertip, the old man on the second floor will give you the Excalibur.



  • Capricorn
  • Rank S Award
  • Elixir x2
  • Excalibur
  • Flare card
  • Meteor card



Synthesis Expert's Shop

Item Price (gil) Components
Angel Bless 9,000 Mythril Dagger, Gladius
Sargantanas 12,000 Gladius, Zorlin Shape
Cotton Robe 1,000 Wrist, Steepled Hat
Silk Robe 2,000 Silk Shirt, Bandana
Magician Robe 3,000 Mage Staff, Magician Cloak
Glutton Robe 6,000 Mythril Fork, Cotton Robe
White Robe 8,000 Gaia Gear, Jade Armlet
Black Robe 8,000 Gaia Gear, N-Kai Armlet
Cachusha 1,000 Magus Hat, Rubber Helmet
Coral Ring 1,200 Lightning Staff, Rod
Magician Shoes 1,500 Germinas Boots, Bone Wrist
Barette 1,800 Needle Fork, Barbut
Power Belt 2,000 Glass Buckle, Chain Mail
Madain's Ring 3,000 Bone Wrist, Stardust Rod
Fairy Earrings 3,200 Magic Armlet, Soft
Extension 3,500 Lamia's Tiara, Multina Racket
Reflect Ring 7,000 Anklet, Madain's Ring
Anklet 4,000 Gold Choker, Peridot
Feather Boots 4,000 Magician Shoes, Phoenix Pinion
Black Belt 4,000 Twist Headband, Survival Vest
Pearl Rouge 6,000 Moonstone, Elixir
Promist Ring 6,000 Chimera Armlet, Ruby
Battle Boots 6,500 Feather Boots, Wing Edge
Rebirth Ring 7,000 Diamond, Anklet
Angel Earrings 8,000 Fairy Earrings, Barette
Garnet 350 Ore, Remedy
Amethyst 200 Ore, Annoytment
Peridot 100 Ore, Soft
Sapphire 200 Ore, Antidote
Opal 100 Ore, Potion
Topaz 100 Ore, Eye Drops
Thief Gloves 50,000 Mythril Armlet, Sargantanas

Arguing Sales Clerk's Medicine Shop

Item Price (gil)
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 200
Phoenix Down 150
Echo Screen 50
Soft 150
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Magic Tag 100
Vaccine 100
Remedy 300
Annoytment 150
Tent 800

Weaponsmith's Shop

Item Price (gil)
Mage Masher 500
Mythril Dagger 950
Gladius 2,300
Zorlin Shape 6,000
Rune Blade 8,900
Obelisk 6,000
Tiger Fangs 13,500
Mythril Racket 2,250
Asura's Rod 3,180
Hamelin 5,700
Octagon Rod 4,500
Rising Sun 500
Bone Wrist 330
Mythril Armlet 500
Magic Armlet 1,000
Chimera Armlet 1,200
Egoist's Armlet 2,000
N-Kai Armlet 3,000
Jade Armlet 3,400
Venetia's Shield 2,800
Defense Gloves 6,000
Lamaia's Tiara 800
Twist Headband 1,200
Golden Hairpin 3,700
Coronet 4,400
Diamond Helmet 3,000
Gaia Gear 8,700
Demon's Vest 10,250
Demon's Mail 5,900
Diamond Armor 8,800

Musical Themes

"Secret Libary Daguerreo"
Image:FFIX Secret Libary Gaguerreo.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

The theme that plays in Daguerreo is called "Secret Libary Daguerreo".


A daguerreotype is a type of early photography, invented by Louis Daguerre. The reason behind naming the library after the photographic technique is a matter of speculation.

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