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Dagudashaag Sector
G u s h e m e g e Vland C o r e
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Mimu Old Suns Arnakhish Iiradu
Shallows Ushra Khandi Kuriishe
Zeda The Remnants Pact Gadde
Bolivar Argi Sapphyre Laraa
Sector Data
No. of Stars 560
Population 602,222 million
Majority Control Imperial - 99%
Domain Vland
Capital Medurma
Gross Sector Product BCr7,086,801
Trade Volume BCr135,645
Imperial Coordinate -1 / 0
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Worlds in this Sector
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Dagudashaag style="width: 250px; height: 350px; border: solid 1px black; float: left; margin-right: 20px"

Dagudashaag Sector.

The sector capital is Medurma/Pact (Dagudashaag 2124)

The name derives from the Old High Vilani Dakhukhuga Gulike Dushaage, meaning Rimward Galactic Province - this in itself indicates just how long the sector has been settled. Systems in this sector bear the traces of many waves of settlement and occupation in the life of the Galaxy. Sites have been unearthed in Remnants subsector, which have provided artefacts dating back more than 40 million years. Although the mysterious Ancients were not as active in Dagudashaag as in the Deneb Domain, several sites have been found, including one in this very subsector - Anomaly (Dagudashaag 1633).

The S'mrii, a reptilian race native to the coreward/spinward regions of this sector, achieved spaceflight some twenty-seven thousand years ago, and despite a number of setbacks, they had a thriving interstellar federation by the time they were contacted by the Vilani ten thousand years ago.

Subsequent settlement by the Solomani has created a strong economic “axis” to the sector, roughly along a line between Mimu, Medurma and Argi, and Dagudashaag now exports a fair quantity of its output to the less-developed sectors of Gushemege and Zarushagar. The sector is the industrial centre of Vland Domain, and its GSP (Gross Sector Product) exceeds that of Vland Sector.

The picture many newcomers have of the sector is of a grey, featureless expanse of factory systems filled with grey, humourless Vilani. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dagudashaag is a sector of contrasts, from the soaring, fusion-carved mountains and glittering city-warrens of Medurma, to the floating dreamworlds of Ushra, to the sulphur volcanoes of Lenashuuk, the macroengineering of GateWay’s beanstalk, and Kaurga’s unspoilt plains.

The social structure of Dagudashaag is equally varied. Arrive at any starport, and you will encounter the sibilant speech of S'mrii, the strangely striped visages of Ziadd, the penetrating gazes of Scanians, and the towering, richly-robed figures of Aslan merchants. Ancient tensions and rivalries between these groups, dating to the Vilani Consolidation Wars and before, give this sector the complex social map it has today.

Era: Rebellion

The advent of the Rebellion has struck Dagudashaag hard, bringing death to some and hardship to many. A settled, industrial centre has become the battleground for two of the greatest star fleets the Galaxy has ever seen. Entire planets have been laid waste -- others have tried to seal themselves off from the Universe in the hope of riding out the storm. Sector Duchess Karyn Viisarikaa, pursuing an idealistic course of neutrality, tries to preserve the principles of liberty and civilization in the few systems she still controls. Her followers search for ways to strike back at the murderer Lucan and the Usurper Dulinor, who destroyed their sector. Outside a few havens of stability, the sector is a lawless frontier, the province of roving bands of pirates, and worse. Welcome to the civilised Imperial Core!

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