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The Main Gauche.
A Dagger in Final Fantasy IV.

Daggers (ダガー Dagā), also known as Dirks, or Knives, are recurring weapons throughout the Final Fantasy series, mostly associated with the Thief and Ninja classes. The daggers that reoccur most are: Lust Dagger, Gladius, Mage Masher, Swordbreaker, Main Gauche, Assassin's Dagger, and Orichalcum (or Orichaldagger). There is also another recurring type of daggers called the Ninja Daggers, which, as the name suggests, are exclusive to the Ninja Job.




Final Fantasy

Thieves, Warriors, Red Mages, and Black Mages can equip daggers.

List of Daggers:

Final Fantasy II

Every character can equip daggers, but only Leila comes equipped with one by default.

List of Daggers:

Final Fantasy III

The Freelancer, Thief, and Ninja Job classes can equip Daggers, and furthermore, Ninjas can also throw them.

List of Daggers:

Final Fantasy IV

Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Edward, Rosa, Palom, and Edge can equip daggers, and Edge can also throw daggers as well.

List of Daggers:

The Knife is the most powerful throwing item for Edge, with a Weapon Attack of 255. It is given to the player by Yang's Wife.

The Dagger in Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

List of Daggers:

Final Fantasy V

Freelancers, Cannoneers, Thieves, Gladiators, and Dancers can equip daggers. The Ninja Job class's ability also allows the character to throw daggers.

List of Daggers:

Final Fantasy VI

Daggers, or Dirks, can be equipped by all characters, however, Shadow and Locke have their own exclusive daggers. Shadow can also throw daggers.

List of Daggers: List of Ninja Daggers:
  • Kunai
  • Kodachi
  • Sakura
  • Sasuke
  • Ichigeki
  • Kagenui
  • Oborozuki

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

The Fusion Swords's side blades appear dagger-like, as they fold up like switchknives and may have some function with speed attacks along with adding extra weight to the sword. Neither of the two have names, though they are known in the fan community as Ascalon and Sidewinder.

Final Fantasy IX

Zidane is the only character that can equip Daggers, however, late in the game, he can equip "Thief Swords", which resemble a short double-bladed Naginata.

List of Daggers: List of Thief Swords:

Final Fantasy X-2

A pair of daggers, known as Chakram Daggers by the fan community, are used as weapons by the Thief Dressphere.

Final Fantasy XI

A variety of Jobs can equip daggers, but it generally finds the most use by the Thief, Corsair, and Dancer classes. Daggers are low damage, low delay weapons that gain little TP per hit but are capable of attacking very quickly. Many daggers offer bonuses to a player's stats or additional effect bonuses to make up for its weak damage per hit. Dagger Weapon Skills are by themselves not very impressive, but can be explosively powerful when used in tandem with a Thief's abilities, like Sneak Attack and Trick Attack.

Notable daggers:

  • Mandau
  • Vajra
  • Azoth
  • Perseus' Harpe
  • Thanatos Baselard
  • Jambiya
  • Heart Snatcher
  • Ponderous Gully
  • Khimaira Jambiya
  • Carnwenhan
  • Swordbreaker
  • Blau Dolch
  • Misericorde
  • Stylet
  • Ermine's Tail
  • Sirocco Kukri

Final Fantasy XII

By equipping the appropriate licenses, any character can equip one-handed Daggers and two-handed Ninja Swords. They are the fastest weapons in the game, though Ninja Swords have a much better combo rate and they are all Dark-elemental.

List of Daggers: List of Ninja Swords:
  • Ashura
  • Sakura-saezuri
  • Kagenui
  • Koga Blade
  • Iga Blade
  • Orochi
  • Yagyu Darkblade
  • Orochi N (International only)

Final Fantasy Tactics

Daggers can be equipped by the Chemist, Squire, Thief, and Dancer Jobs, and Ninja Blades can be equipped by the Ninja Job, who can equip daggers as well.

List of Daggers: List of Ninja Blades:
  • Ninja Blade
  • Kunai
  • Kodachi
  • Ninja Longblade
  • Spellbinder
  • Sasuke's Blade (War of the Lions only)
  • Koga Blade
  • Iga Blade
  • Orochi (War of the Lions only)
  • Moonsilk Blade (War of the Lions only)

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Thief and Juggler can equip Knives. However, the Ninja ability "Throw" allows them to throw daggers.

List of Knives:
  • Jack Knife
  • Kris Knife
  • Khukuri
  • Kard
  • Scramasax
  • Rondell Dagger
  • Jambiya
  • Zorlin Shape
  • Sword Breaker
  • Orichalcum
  • Cinquedea

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Knives can now be equipped by Hunters, Rangers, Thieves, and Jugglers.

List of Knives:
  • Cinquedea
  • Jambiya
  • Tonberrian
  • Tiptaptwo

Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story includes twelve types of Dagger. They are short-ranged, light, edged, and piercing weapons.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Daggers appear in Dissidia as a type of weapon. Emperor Mateus, Onion Knight, Terra, Ultimecia, Zidane Tribal, and Kuja are the only characters that can equip them originally, though.

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