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The Dagannoth Supreme is the Ranged Dagannoth King found on Waterbirth Island and is normally targeted by warriors.


Dagannoth Supreme Strategy

Dagannoth Supreme is one of the less deadly Dagannoth Kings, but he still packs a wallop with his Range attacks, which can hit up to 30. Mages should avoid Supreme and instead worry about Dagannoth Rex.

Dagannoth Supreme should only be targeted by Meleers, as he is weak to slash attacks. The Meleers who are going after Supreme should wait outside the Arena while Dagannoth Prime is alive. Once Prime is dead, the rangers killing Prime should send a PM to the Meleers saying to go after Supreme.

The Meleers going after Supreme are "final wave", meaning they are the caboose end of the onslaught. It is imperative that the wave orders that have been mentioned in all three monsters be followed accordingly. See the Dagannoth Prime monster guide and the Dagannoth Rex monster guide to learn more about the wave orders.

The Meleers should turn on Protect from Missiles and head right for Supreme. They need to be quick though. If Dagannoth Rex was recently slain and is on the verge of respawning, he can cause great problems for the fact he can hit multiple players who are close together, and you will be close when meleeing Supreme. Even worse, Prime could spawn, in which case, you should turn on the Protect from Magic prayer immediately.

An alternative strategy would be to "hybrid" the Prime and the Supreme at the same time using ranged attacks for Prime, and melee attacks for Supreme. This is very effective because if done correctly, one can kill the Prime, then kill the Supreme before the prime respawns again, taking minimal damage, because the player can be praying against whichever Dagannoth King is spawned at the time.


What could go wrong

The main thing that can go wrong is when Prime is dead and respawns while killing Supreme. To save yourself, turn on protect from magic. You can either stick around or leave up the ladder.

Another mishap is that the same thing that is listed above happens, but with Rex instead. If this happens, try to put Supreme between you and Rex, and if you are a mage distract him again like in first wave. However, the mage should feel no inclination to kill Rex; just lure him away.



  • 900 - 3000







  • Dagannoth Supreme annihilated Bukulla, a race about which, little is known.[1]


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