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The Dagannoth Rex is the melee Dagannoth King found on Waterbirth Island and is normally targeted by mages.


Dagannoth Rex Strategy

Mages should go after Rex. Dagannoth Rex attacks with melee, so he is weak to Magic. It's advisable for whoever's killing Rex to use the safe spots on the eastern side of the arena because he can hit up to 30.

Dagannoth Rex wanders around a lot, so he may end up standing near one of the other Dagannoth Kings. If he is near Dagannoth Supreme, the Mager should not go for Rex, because of the fact he (as with all players in this arena) must be using Protect from Magic, and Supreme would massacre the Mage. However, if he is near Dagannoth Prime, try to lure Rex away from him, because you have the right protection prayer on.

Mages are the "first wave", meaning they enter the room first to distract Rex and begin the entire onslaught. Mages do this so the rest of the team won't be eternally heckled by Rex. One tactic is to get Rex stuck on the eastern side of the cavern. This way Rex cannot damage you, but beware that the other kings still can if the mager positions himself in the wrong spot, or if another player lures the other kings over.

Dagannoth Rex will be constantly aggressive to the player that gets closest to him or attacks him first. He will continue to attack that player until said player is dead or another player has become a threat. If a fellow partner loses his courage and runs away towards Rex, Rex may then however switch aggressiveness. So it is essential you do not panic while in the arena.

Once "third wave" begins, you need to make sure Dagannoth Rex doesn't respawn and kill the Warriors attacking Supreme. If he does respawn, lure him away like you did earlier, except now, you can turn Protect from Melee on, since Prime is distracted/dead.

If using melee, it is possible for a warrior using Balmung to harm Rex, although the accuracy is sub-par and the warrior would take significant damage.


What could go wrong

Probably the worst thing that could go wrong during first wave is Dagannoth Supreme gets too close when luring Rex. If this is the case, simply go up the ladder if you're close enough, but if you're not, tank it out on brews while the hybrids kill supreme and prime



  • 156 - 3000
A Dragon hatchet in action obtainable by Dagannoth Rex.






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