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This article is about the monster fought in Blood Runs Deep. For other creatures of similar names, see Dagannoth Mother.
The Dagannoth Mother fought during Blood Runs Deep is the daughter of the Dagannoth Mother from in Horror from the Deep. She is the fourth strongest quest monster in RuneScape defeatable by conventional methods. In the end of the quest, she can be found south of the hatchery in Waterbirth Dungeon, guarded by Dagannoth Sentinels and guardians.

She has similar damage immunity as her mother, except the melee damage has to be done with Balmung. Also, she is significantly stronger than her mother, capable of dealing a maximum of 43 damage with her melee attack. The colour of the stripe down her back shows her current weakness. However, unlike her mother, whose colour change follows a specific pattern, she can change her weakness at will. Players are also told in the chatbox when she changes colour. At the end after you defeat her she will not die but will scream at you to stop and fall to the ground from pain, breathing heavily and unable to move, you set your trap causing a cave in crushing her (and yourself) under rocks.

Tips and strategies

  • The battle must be initiated with Balmung or else her back will not change colours. After using Balmung, when her strip changes back to orange, if you wish to use a different melee weapon other than Balmung on her, you may. When the player hits the Dagannoth Mother, she will show surprise at the weapon, and only then will the player be able to start dealing damage to her.
  • If you wish to stand back from the mother, she will not attempt to melee you much like a metal dragon, allowing you to focus on her magic and range attacks. It is necessary to run in and melee her at times however.
  • You may not want to use special attack weapons when Dagonnoth Mother turns green, unless you have a high hitting weapon such as some Dragon Halberd  a dragon claws, a Dragon dagger, or an Armadyl godsword.
  • When changing attack styles she generally tends to stay on her new style for a little while. This means that the player can avoid taking substantial damage by switching prayers. Her most lethal attack is melee which can hit up to 43.
  • She will change vulnerabilities more often if you are able to attack with all three attack styles. She will change vulnerability after a few hits from any style, however she will stick to one vulnerability if you are unable to attack her when she is in that form. For example, if you did not bring a range attack style with you she will be more likely to stay green for a majority of the fight, making it difficult for you to kill her efficiently.
  • Bringing all one handed weapons will be a nice benefit, as you will be able to keep the same shield (preferably a God Book, as Falador Shield 3 reduces magic attack bonus) through the entire fight. (after weakening her with Balmung) To this effect a rune cross bow, an abyssal whip, and an Ancient's staff will serve you well.
  • Try to recognize her attacks. When 3 grey spikes (which are quite difficult to see) come out of her back and you hear a "needle" sound effect, this is her Ranged attack. When a Water Wave comes out of her mouth, this is her Magic attack. Finally, when she bends down and opens her mouth and she sounds like she's softly growling, this is her Melee attack. Knowing her attack styles and the sounds associated with them will help prevent alot of damage when switching Protection Prayers. When she is about to change combat styles, she makes a soft growl.
  • A click-efficient way to kill her is not to use Ranged. You need Melee to initiate the fight (and Balmung can easily hit high on her) so sacrificing the Ranged attack style is recommended. It also means that players do not have to switch weapons which, when including turning on and off Autocasting, Prayer-switching and eating food, can mess up if the player can't keep up with the conditions of the fight, risking taking huge amounts of damage or even dying.
  • Players can only sacrifice ONE attack style. Any more and the Mother changes her vulnerabilities to the attack styles players don't have, effectively rendering her completely invincible against you.

Good armour which does not have huge penalties to Magic, (such as Void Knight equipment, Black dragonhide armour, or some varieties of Barrows, like Karil's Set or Ahrim's Set), will be an advantage in this fight considering how often one will be casting spells. If you have a high Magic level (84+) and good Defence (70+), it's OK to use rune. However, it is not recommended.

Colour Weakness
White Air Spells (Wind Strike, Wind Bolt, Wind Blast, Wind Wave, and Wind Surge)
Blue Water Spells (Water Strike, Water Bolt, Water Blast, Water Wave, and Water Surge)
Brown Earth Spells (Earth Strike, Earth Bolt, Earth Blast, Earth Wave, and Earth Surge)
Red Fire Spells (Fire Strike, Fire Bolt, Fire Blast, Fire Wave, and Fire Surge)
Orange Melee attacks with Balmung

Ranged attacks or Special attacks


"A new generation of horror from the deep" refers to the quest Horror from the Deep.


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