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"Daeyalt" redirects here. For the vein that Daeyalt ore is mined from, see Daeyalt vein.
Slaves are mining Daeyalt ore in the mine.

Daeyalt ore is a rare ore that can only be mined by players with a 20 Mining during and after the Darkness of Hallowvale quest, gaining approximately 17.6 experience. Currently, it cannot be smelted into a bar using the Smithing skill.

Daeyalt ore is found only in the Meiyerditch mine in north-western Meiyerditch in the Sanguinesti region. A player gets 3 ores from each rock wall.

If players are sent to the mine by the Vyrewatch, they must mine 15 ores and place them in the mine cart, then ask to be released from the mine.


The similarity between the spelling of Daeyalt and the pronunciation of 'day out' and the anagram 'late day' has led to speculation that this ore may prove to be dangerous or beneficial to vampires. This speculation was fueled by Master Smith Thurgo's reply in the Postbag from the Hedge (issue twenty-two) claiming that the ore had "some magical hoobery-joobery on it" and that "those vampire types are after the hoobery-joobery". [1]


For rock:

  • Prospect - "This rock contains some strange properties, none of which you're sure of."
  • Examine - "Looks like normal rocks with a faint glow."

For ore:

  • Examine - "This needs refining."
  • Use on furnace - "You're not sure what sort of effect you would get by putting this into the furnace."


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