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Affiliated with: The Dæmons' allies in the Millennium War
Place of origin: Dæmos
Appearances: DW: The Dæmons
DWM: Voyage to the Edge of the Universe, Party Animals
DWA: Menace of the Molags
PDA: The Quantum Archangel
Mentioned in: DWM: Mortal Beloved, DW: The Satan Pit
Notable Individuals: Azal
See also demons, for demons in general and Demoniacs for the other demonic species.

The Dæmons were a race of powerful humanoids who profoundly affected Humankind.



Dæmons were satyr-like humanoids with reddish skin and thick fur. They had sharp fangs, pointed ears, a thick beard and long horns. Their legs were goat-like with cloven hooves. They were around thirty feet tall naturally, but they could change their size with their technology. (DW: The Dæmons) Some of this species, like the traditional picture of a demon, possessed long, forked tails. (DWM: Voyage to the Edge of the Universe)

Dæmons of the military were modified, giving them vast wings, spatiodynamic bodies, sweptback horns and long necks, allowing them to glide through hyperspace with the minimum of effort. (EDA: Interference - Book Two)


The Dæmons had a horned god of evil. Though this may simply seem like a personified god, the Doctor surmises that it was actually inspired by the Beast. (DW: The Satan Pit)

The Doctor seemed to initially regard them as not evil, but coldly logical and amoral, without sentiment, which Azal's actions would bear out. (DW: The Dæmons)

However, they also seemed to organize according to the nuclear family structure and care for their mates and children. (DWM: Voyage to the Edge of the Universe) At a later stage of his life the Doctor had made the acquaintance of a friendly Dæmon known as Bonjaxx and attended a birthday party in honour of him. (DWM: Party Animals)


Azal, the last of the Dæmons. (DWN: Doctor Who and the Dæmons)

The Dæmons had technology indistinguishable from magic. They possessed matter-energy conversion technology which allowed them to shrink and grow things at will. They used this to increase both their own size (which could range from microscopically small or to thirty feet tall) and to reduce the size of their ship in order to hide them. They also had the ability to set up heat force fields which could disintegrate anything that moved into it. They could also animate stone statues, as with the living gargoyle known as Bok. They could also discharge bolts of electricity.

A Dæmon could be psychically summoned by a special ritual, three of which were performed by the Master. The ceremony require negative emotions such as fear, which can be provided by frightened Humans. The more people that are involved and the more impressive the ritual, the more effective it is. Though these negative emotions can power the Dæmon, it also means positive emotions can be dangerous. A Dæmon will only appear three times to these rituals.

Azal offered his powers to the Doctor when the Master, who desired them, had proved himself unworthy. This would suggest that they can give their powers if they choose to. (DW: The Dæmons)


The Dæmons were an ancient race from Dæmos (DW: The Dæmons) who were powerful 150 million years ago. They were involved in the Millennium War and were one of the first species to strike back against the Mad Mind of Bophemeral stopping it from using a dark-matter cloud in the Rift of Perseus. (PDA: The Quantum Archangel)

The Dæmons studied other races, treating the universe as their laboratory. (DW: The Dæmons) Using a spacecraft, one Dæmon travelled to the edge of the physical universe, a feat achieved by few other beings. (DWM: Voyage to the Edge of the Universe)

Circa 100,000 years ago, they arrived on Earth, helped the Humans overcome the Neanderthals and then tried to lead their evolution and development. They are also known to have destroyed failed experiments, such as Atlantis. (DW: The Dæmons) They are also believed to have created the Immortals. (PDA: Deadly Reunion) The Dæmons also gave the Atlanteans the Kronos Crystal, which later indirectly caused the destruction of Atlantis. (PDA: The Quantum Archangel, DW: The Time Monster)

The Dæmons inspired myths of gods and demons and the image of powerful beings with horns, including the Egyptian Khnum, as well as the Devil. (DW: The Dæmons)

Wesley Sparks claimed to have duelled Dæmons as one of his many achievements. (DWM: Mortal Beloved)

By the 20th century all the Dæmons, save Azal, had died. (DW: The Dæmons)

The Dæmons were completely wiped out by some sort of massive cataclysmic event. It was believed to be a battle, as the Dæmon corpses were found in their battle form. Faction Paradox used the skeletal remains of the Dæmons as warships. (EDA: Interference - Book Two)

Behind the Scenes

When the then-current production team of Doctor Who created the Dæmons for the story of the same name, they had no idea that later stories would introduce true demons into the Doctor Who Universe. Equally, the next year in the story The Time Monster they contradicted the scripts reference to the Dæmon having destroyed Atlantis, substituting a completely different explanation.

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DaiMon was a quasi-military rank in the Ferengi Alliance. A DaiMon was roughly equivalent in rank to a Starfleet Captain. The title was usually purchased, and a DaiMon would either be commanding a Ferengi starship or would be assigned to an equivalent political or military posting.

The Ferengi Alliance empowered DaiMons to enter into trade agreements on behalf of the Alliance, including new trade routes and agreements. They also had the authority to speak for the Alliance itself - even for high officials such as the Grand Nagus. (TNG episodes: "The Last Outpost", "The Battle")

DaiMons were required to give sizable percentages of their claims to the Grand Nagus and the GuiMon in Chief. Occasionally a DaiMon could use a large discovery as leverage to demand a higher percentage. (TNG - The Lost Era novel: The Buried Age)

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Notable DaiMons

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

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Final Fantasy III Enemy
Japanese デーモン
Romaji Dēmon
NES Name Daemon
DS Name Demon

The Demon is an enemy from Final Fantasy III. It is found in Hein's Castle. If you have a Ranger in your party, the Demon is a great source for a variety of arrows.

Also, when first imprisoned in Castle Hein, the purple guard in the third room transforms into a Demon when talked to. The player then must fight him.

Related Enemies

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From Grand Theft Wiki

A Daemon extracted from the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV.
A Daemon in The Lost and Damned

The Daemon is a new chopper style motorcycle made by Western Motorcycle Company in The Lost and Damned downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV. It is featured in the game's screen shots and beta version of its file exists in the PC version of the original game. It is the motorcycle most used by The Angels of Death, and is based on a West Coast Choppers Shovelhead.


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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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There is more information available on this subject at Daemon on the English-language Wikipedia.

A daemon is a computer program that performs its function "in the background" during the normal operation of a computer system, for example providing security services, performing maintenance operations, communication with peripherals or other subsystems, or more.

The Terminals located on Installation 00 stated that daemons tried to prevent Mendicant Bias from communicating with the Reclaimer. He may have used the phrase to refer to other Forerunner artificial intelligences on Installation 00 [1], or more likely uncontrollable background processes.


  • Historically, daemons, not to be confused with demons, are good or malevolent supernatural beings between mortals and gods, such as inferior divinities and ghosts of dead heroes.


  1. Halo 3, Terminal 5

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Daemon (born October 26, 1978) has flown under many nicknames. His first was given to him by his NWW Dojo Trainer, Swift, "The Canadian Phenom". Daemon had run with that for the longest time out of all of his nicknames. Daemon currently wrestles for the promotion known as Pro Wrestling-X (PWX) and New Way Wrestling (NWW). Daemon is also under contract by Evolution Wrestling (eW) as well as Supreme Championship Wrestling (Owned by Oleksa Drachewych), but is under extended leave by the company to lighten up his work schedule. Daemon is currently NWW North American Champion, and has been since the date of September 8th, 2006. Daemon has recently been feuding with Peter Lenex in PWX and competed in a fatal four way for the World and PURE Championship at eW's Season's Beatings.

Daemon was also included in three matches in the Best of NWW DVD. The first ever TLT match for the Xtreme Title match at Revolt 05. Then again in his match against Matt Gray for the NWW Cruiserweight Title, also at Revolt 05. His last match on the NWW DVD is his match against Hell's Guardian and Evan Hylander.


Move List

Signature Move - The DK Kill has always been a move Daemon has been known by. In recent months however, the DK Kill has taken a backseat to the much more deadly "The Unleashed" and "The War Ender". The DK Kill was Daemon's own customized Ace Crusher. He would tighten his grip around his opponent's throat as he dropped them down, cutting off their air completely.

Finishing Moves - Daemon has recently started using his own created move "The Unleashed". He runs at his opponent and leaps onto the air while holding their head like an Ace Crusher, but he swiftly spins in mid-air and stuff his opponent's legs in between his knees, driving his opponent's head down into the mat with a pedigree.

The War Ender is a submission move that Daemon uses to end the match when The Unleashed cannot do the job. He locks in a sharpshooter and then lurches his back backwards, and locks in a reverse chinlock at the sametime, causing pain on the spine area from both ends of the body.

Early Career

Daemon started off his career in his hometown of Barrie, Ontario. He started in a local promotion when he heard about a new wrestling promotion that would be starting up that wanted to train homegrown talent. So Daemon was one of many wrestling fans that flocked to the call of this wrestling school. It was to be trained by a professional wrestler that never made it, but always had the talent to, Damien Gates. Daemon got regular wrestling training before he stepped into the ring a year later. He went an entire year in that promotion, winning its heavyweight title once, and its tag team title twice, with good friend, found in training, Rayne Riggamortay.

Daemon's only had one year in this promotion before it fell through due to finacial reasons and that Damien Gates had died. Damien Gates had a terrible addiction to all sorts of drugs, and he had finally given into the craving on October 1st, 1997. He was found dead in his home the next day when a friend came to get him. The wrestlers were allowed to book one last event in the Barrie Molson Centre, as a tribute show. Daemon and Rayne teamed up to face Damien's two best friends in a tag match. They lost, but that had been Daemon's first ever five star match.

In Europe

Daemon and Rayne took what money they had to the European wrestling circuit. They competed in multiple promotions as a tag team, and even earned their own reputation. Soon they were asked by promotions to come in and face their tag champs. Daemon and Rayne went on a two month undefeated streak as they competed in six different promotions having two days of each week to rest. The only bad match recorded at that time was one where one of their opponent's broke his leg and the match had to be cut short. The streak ended when Rayne could not take the stress and went back home to Canada to become succesful there in singles action.

Sadly, no european promotions had the patience to see if Daemon could be as succesful in singles action as he was in tag. Thus Daemon's end in the European circuit had come. Where to next? Daemon headed to Japan...

Japanese Stiffest

Daemon's days in Japan where some of the harder days in his career. He would sometimes have to sleep in the Japanese promotion arena's bathroom, to be awoken by the janitor, whom would laugh at him each morning. Daemon did not sleep easy those nights either, as the Japanese roster would be severely stiff and brutal on this very young competitor. The japanese bookers were not exactly on Daemon's side either. As Daemon did not win a match until his last month in japan, during his 6 month stay. Infact, the only compliment Daemon ever got from anyone was "You sell good, kid". Not to say it wasn't a learning experince for Daemon, as he did learn a lot from the japanese veteran. This is also the place where he perfected his style of British Shoot and Japanese Speed wrestling.

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

This is the Daemon disambiguation page.

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From TibiaWiki

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This creature is in the Demons class.

3000 Hit points
6000 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: --/--
Abilities: Melee, Great Fireball, and others probably the same as a Demon.
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Est. Max. Damage: 300+~? hp per turn
Immune To: Death, Fire, Ice,  ?
Strong To: Energy (-80%), Earth (-60%)
Neutral To: Physical, Holy?, Drown?, Life Drain?
Weak To:
Sounds: "Your soul will be mine!"; "CHAMEK ATH UTHUL ARAK!"; "I SMELL FEEEEAAAAAR!"; "Your resistance is futile!"
Field Notes: The first demon to dwell in Tibia, from around 1999. It was removed from the game in 2000/2001, but recreated and named "Demon". The reason it dropped Steel Shield is because it was the best known shield in game back then.
Location: Below Thais, on a level above "Cavern City", south of the Minotaur City (present day Mintwallin).
They were originally pushable and could be trapped by items like Parcels, and Flower Pots.
Strategy: Recommended to be around level 30. Trap them and use best available armor and weapons or runes to kill it.
Loot: 0-350 gp, Golden Helmet, Enchanted Plate Armor, Steel Shield, Fire Sword. (Create loot statistics)
See also: Creatures.
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