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Corellian Sector

"I think Thomree figured he had protected himself from assassination by makin' a nobody his successor. Wouldn't be the first time someone tried that—or the first time it failed."
Thrackan Sal-Solo

Daclif Gallamby served as Diktat of the Corellian Sector between the death of his predecessor, Dupas Thomree, in 2 BBY, and the loss of Corellia to the New Republic in 12 ABY. Even after this date, however, he seems to have maintained something of a shadow government in the Outlier systems of the sector.


Gallamby, with Thrackan Sal-Solo as his deputy, presided over a period of increasing insecurity and paranoia in Corellian space. The elements of the Imperial Navy Sector Group tasked to defend the Five Worlds were often forced into the Outlier systems to deal with Rebel Alliance activity, so pirates turned their attention to the capital system instead, in such strength that the Corellian Security Force, even with the support of the Imperial Army, did not have the resources to deal with them effectively. The Diktat's response was to encourage a restrictive isolationism, feeding—and perhaps also driven by—the streak of suspicion and distrust of outsiders in the Corellian character.

After the Battle of Endor, Gallamby's regime remained loyal to Coruscant—though they were given little option to dissent, as the Imperial Navy presence was massively reinforced. Within six months of Endor, the fleet deployment in the Corellian system had been increased to twenty-five Imperial Star Destroyers under Admiral Jaeffis. This was one of the largest fleet deployments anywhere in the Core Worlds, and it was due to be further strengthened when Admiral Roek arrived to assume overall command with the Super Star Destroyer Aggressor and five other Star Destroyers. The Imperials' primary aim was to secure the orbital shipyards, but on the planet, officers of the New Order's security apparatus, like Kirtan Loor of Imperial Intelligence, played an increasingly repressive role, attempting to suborn CorSec into becoming a paramilitary arm of the Empire.

In 6 ABY, Corellia briefly became the focus of the military power-struggle within the Empire, when Aggressor defected to Grand Admiral Josef Grunger, who was building up his forces in preparation for an attempt to seize the Imperial throne. Another Grand Admiral, Danetta Pitta, allied himself with Gallamby and took command of the loyalist forces in the sector, with a torpedo sphere as his command ship. The subsequent Battle of Tralus decimated both fleets, however, and may have marked the end of any effective Imperial Navy presence in the sector.

Nevertheless, Gallamby remained in power, and subsequently continued his policy of inward-looking suspicion much as before. One effect of this was the reorganization of CorSec into the PSS, some time between 4 ABY and 12 ABY. Yet the Diktat's restrictive measures seem to have always been compromised at the practical level. The PSS were more concerned with appearances and petty disorder than with serious reform of the local underworld, and the attitude towards the "Rebels" was always ambivalent: while the Diktat's officials were aware that Rostek Horn was in contact with his grandson Corran, a traitor in the eyes of the Empire even before he joined Rogue Squadron, they simply censored their communications, and allowed them to continue.

Nevertheless, Gallamby refused to allow Corellia to join the New Republic, and as the position of the Empire became untenable, he and other leaders of his regime retreated to the outlier systems. In 12 ABY, Corellia became a member of the New Republic, which installed Governor-General Micamberlecto in the Diktat's stead.

Diktat Gallamby's eventual fate is unknown, and he is recorded as having "vanished" with half of the planet's treasure. His political faction, however, continued to exert influence through ex-Imperial politicians elected on Corellia, and became the basis of the subsequent Human League insurgency. Although leadership had passed to Thrackan Sal-Solo by 18 ABY, the group Gallamby had led through the Galactic Civil War would continue to play a role as one of the main blocs in Corellian politics, at least until the time of Sal-Solo's assassination in 40 ABY.




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Diktat of the Corellian Sector, Daclif Gallamby is located in the Coronet Capitol, on Corellia.
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He's involved in a Corellian leg of the Legacy Quest, Search the Diktat's Office.

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