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Dab Hantaq
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15 ABY

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"My job is to tell the authorities what I know about the Jedi. Not what I suspect. My lifelong job as a documentarian is to show the truth and expose lies. If I conclude that the position of my employers—that the Jedi have to be reined in for the sake of society, and anything the government does to rein the Jedi in is justified—is a lie, it sort of puts me in an awkward position. So I don't speculate. I try to figure out what the right thing to do is, and then do it."
―Dab Hantaq, shortly after the Raid on the Armand Isard Correctional Facility, on being an observer.

Dab Hantaq was a male Human from Coruscant. He was a documentarian, and later a Jedi supervisor.


During the second year of the Yuuzhan Vong War at the age of twelve, he was made to look like Anakin Solo by the treacherous New Republic Senator Viqi Shesh in an attempt to confuse Leia and Han Solo and kidnap Ben Skywalker from them. In return for this masquerade, during which Dab went by the name of "Tarc Kether," Shesh promised a safe transport for his mother and sisters off Coruscant.

However, the plan failed. After the Fall of Coruscant, Dab, along with other Coruscanti refugees, ended up on Hapes, where he attended Anakin Solo's funeral. He was later taken on by Wolam Tser and Tam Elgrin as a holocam operator.

Sixteen years later, in 43 ABY, Dab was assigned to watch Jaina Solo on her missions. This was an annoyance for her as his appearance served as a reminder of Anakin Solo. Dab also confided in Jaina that he had been enamored with Tahiri since he first met her during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Solo warned the young man to stay away from Veila, even though he had a crush on her.




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