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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience

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DSLerator is the username of a fictional user of the discussion forums of the website Retrievers of Truth within the alternate reality game Lost Experience. The website was supposedly owned by the Hanso Foundation. Amongst other users, DSLerator contributed to the secret forum board which directed gamers to hidden clues and was supposedly a fictional employee of Verizon.

He appeared to be the administrator of the fictional forum, as he was the first one to start a thread and on one occasion threatened to shut down the board after suspecting BroadBandBeatnik of being a Hanso spy. He also discussed the technical aspects of the site. In addition, DSLerator was entrusted with a link to a DJ Dan podcast, and also "hooked up" Rachel Blake on with a page to hide one of her video blogs. He later orchestrated a set of clues leading to another Blake video.

DSLerator seemed to work near fellow user iobiSeeingYou, as she told him to get back to his desk when he observed Mittelwerk talking to his boss, and taking files from a shelf.

Information on DSL's background comes almost entirely from a thread marked June 7th. In it, DSL comments about how his mother was a major influence to him, how his twin brother died, and about his absentee father.

11:35am Did you know that my mother was a major influence in my life? My physical features are identical to hers. That woman put all her hopes in me after the death of my twin brother.

11:45am If I were you, I'd wonder who my father was.

11:49am Funny you mention him. My father wasn't in the picture growing up, I've never even seen the man. Mom raised me completely on her own.

11:55am Well it's common for praying mantis females to bite off their partner's head right after mating.


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