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Avatar, Book 1, the offical start of the DS9 relaunch

Deep Space Nine relaunch or DS9 Season 8 are fan favoured titles for the collection of Deep Space Nine fiction set after the TV series finale "What You Leave Behind".



The duology Avatar was the official start of the series, marked by the first appearance of the modified Star Trek: Deep Space Nine title text, which has appeared on all relaunch titles since. The novel A Stitch in Time and anthology The Lives of Dax were retroactively added into the relaunch, with the latter being reprinted with the new relaunch DS9 title text.

The series mostly consists of novels, but there have also been two comic miniseries by Wildstorm Comics which tie in with the novels' continuity.

Alongside DS9 books, the SCE series occurs over the same time period and has had a number of crossovers, as does the TNG duology Maximum Warp. The relaunch also includes books in the cross-series Section 31 and Gateways miniseries'

In 2007, Twist of Faith, an omnibus of the first four relaunch novels and the short story from What Lay Beyond (Avatar one and two, Abyss, Demons of Air and Darkness and "Horn and Ivory") was published. And in 2008, These Haunted Seas, an omnibus of the first two Mission Gamma novels was released.


Relaunch cast

Due to changes and movements in characters at the conclusion of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine TV series many of the established characters take on new roles, and are supplemented by several new regular and supporting characters. Kira Nerys (a Starfleet captain as of Unity) now commands the station. The new first officer is Elias Vaughn, a Human of over-hundred years with a rich and mysterious past working for Starfleet Intelligence. The station's new chief of security is Ro Laren (from Star Trek: The Next Generation) and the new tactical officer is Sam Bowers. Julian Bashir continues to serve as the chief medical officer, joined by Doctor Simon Tarses and Councillor Phillipa Mathias. Ezri Dax transfers to the command track, Andorian Thirishar ch'Thane is the new science officer and Nog replaced Miles O'Brien as chief engineer. On the USS Defiant Prynn Tenmei takes the conn officer position.

On the promenade, Quark continues to operate his bar, come Ferengi embassy to Bajor upon the planet's admission to the Federation, and manages to recruit the Orion Treir to work as a dabo girl. The station also plays host to Taran'atar, a Jem'Hadar envoy sent by Odo to learn about the Alpha Quadrant cultures.

On Bajor, the Sisko family grows as Kasidy Yates and Benjamin Sisko rase their new daughter Rebecca Jae Sisko, while Jake Sisko settles down to married life with his wife Azeni Korena. The Bajoran faith is frequently explored in the characters of Vedek Yevir Linjarin and former Kai Opaka Sulan and the Cardassians are given a friendly face in the form of Akellen Macet.

On Cardassia itself, Elim Garak plays a pivotal role in forging a new democracy on his homeworld, and Miles and Keiko O'Brien settle down to a new life helping bring post-war Cardassia back to life.


Published order

The following is the published order of works in the series, which (with the exception of the comics) is also the suggested reading order as indicated by the editor Marco Palmieri:

Title Author(s) Format Published Cover
A Stitch in Time Andrew J. Robinson novel May 2000
N-Vector K.W. Jeter four-part comic miniseries

(reprinted in Other Realities)
August-November 2000
Avatar, Book One S.D. Perry novel

(reprinted in Twist of Faith)
May 2001
Avatar, Book Two S.D. Perry novel

(reprinted in Twist of Faith)
May 2001
Section 31:

Jeffrey Lang & David Weddle novel

(reprinted in Twist of Faith)
July 2001
Divided We Fall John J. Ordover & David Mack four-part comic miniseries July-October 2001
Gateways #4:

Demons of Air and Darkness
Keith R.A. DeCandido novel

(reprinted in Twist of Faith)
September 2001
Gateways #7: What Lay Beyond:

"Horn and Ivory"
Keith R.A. DeCandido novella

(reprinted in Twist of Faith)
November 2001
Mission Gamma, Book One:

David R. George III novel

(reprinted in These Haunted Seas)
September 2002
Mission Gamma, Book Two:

This Gray Spirit
Heather Jarman novel

(reprinted in These Haunted Seas)
September 2002
Mission Gamma, Book Three:

Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels novel October 2002
Mission Gamma, Book Four:

Lesser Evil
Robert Simpson novel November 2002
The Lives of Dax editor: Marco Palmieri anthology First published:
December 1999

Relaunch reprint:
December 2002
Rising Son S.D. Perry novel January 2003
The Left Hand of Destiny, Book One J. G. Hertzler & Jeffrey Lang novel April 2003
The Left Hand of Destiny, Book Two J. G. Hertzler & Jeffrey Lang novel May 2003
Unity S.D. Perry novel November 2003
Worlds of Deep Space Nine: Volume One

"Cardassia: The Lotus Flower"

"Andor: Paradigm"

Una McCormack

Heather Jarman
anthology June 2004
Worlds of Deep Space Nine: Volume Two

"Trill: Unjoined"

"Bajor: Fragments and Omens"

Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels

J. Noah Kym
anthology February 2005
Worlds of Deep Space Nine: Volume Three

"Ferenginar: Satisfaction is Not Guaranteed"

"The Dominion: Olympus Descending"

Keith R.A. DeCandido

David R. George III
anthology February 2005
Warpath David Mack novel April 2006
Fearful Symmetry Olivia Woods flipbook July 2008
The Soul Key Olivia Woods novel August 2009
The Never-Ending Sacrifice Una McCormack novel September 2009

Chronological order

More extensive timelines for the series can be found in several of the books: Avatar, Book One includes a chronology of events in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine leading up to the beginning of the book. Unity continues that chronology through the events of all the relaunch books prior to that novel. Most recently, Worlds of Deep Space Nine: Volume Three includes a chronology putting the events of the Worlds of Deep Space Nine miniseries in chronological order.

Related works


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