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Toon Summoned Skull
 English: Toon Summoned Skull
 Chinese: 卡通邪魔
 French: Crâne Invoqué Toon
 German: Herbeigerufener Toon-Schädel
 Greek: Καρτούν Δύναμη του Κρανίου
 Italian: Teschio Evocato Toon
 Portuguese: Caveira Invocada Toon
 Japanese (Kanji): トゥーン・デーモン
 Phonetic: Tūn Dēmon
 Translated: Toon Demon
Attribute: DARK
Types: Fiend/Toon
Level: Level 6 File:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.png
ATK/DEF: 2500/1200
Number: 91842653
Card Effect Type(s): Summon/Continuous
Card Description(s):
TCG Set(s):
OCG Set(s):
Video Game Set(s):
Card Appearance(s):
Card Search Categories:
Other Card Information:
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Present
The Movie: Present
TCG/OCG Statuses
OCG: Unlimited TCG Advanced: Unlimited TCG Traditional: Unlimited
Card/Deck/Starchip/DP Costs
DOR Deck Cost: 37
WC6 DP Cost: 3640
Video Game Numbers
DOR: #362
Video Game Statuses
NTR: Unlimited Online: Unlimited
WC6: Unlimited
Facts about Toon Summoned SkullRDF feed
ATK 2,500  +
Actions Tributes for cost  +
Anti-Support No Entry  +
Archetype Related No Entry  +
Archetypes Toon Monsters  +, and Archfiends  +
Archetypes Support No Entry  +
Attack Direct Attacker  +, Cannot attack  +, and Manages attack targets  +
Attribute DARK  +
Card Category Monster Cards  +
Card Image ToonSummonedSkullDB1-EN-R-UE.jpg  +
Card Number 91842653  +
Card Type Effect Monsters  +
Chinese Name 卡通邪魔  +
Class 1 Official  +
Class 2 Anime  +
Class 4 VG  +
Counters No Entry  +
DEF 1,200  +
DOR Deck Cost 37  +
DOR number 362  +
Effect type Summoning Conditions  +, and Continuous Monster Effects  +
English Name Toon Summoned Skull  +
French Name Crâne Invoqué Toon  +
Fusion Material No Entry  +
German Name Herbeigerufener Toon-Schädel  +
Greek Name Καρτούν Δύναμη του Κρανίου  +
Italian Name Teschio Evocato Toon  +
Japanese Name トゥーン・デーモン  +
Level 6  +
Life Points Pays Life Points for cost  +
Lore This card cannot be Normal Summoned or This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned while "Toon World" is on your side of the field. You can Special Summon this monster from your hand, but Tributes are required for monster Level 5 or more. This card cannot attack in the same turn it is Summoned. Unless you pay 500 Life Points, this monster cannot attack. When "Toon World" on the field is destroyed, this card is also destroyed. If your opponent doesn't control a Toon Monster, this card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly. If a face-up Toon Monster is on your opponent's side of the field, you must select the Toon Monster as an attack target. Toon Monster as an attack target.
Medium OCG  +, TCG  +, Yu-Gi-Oh! second series anime  +, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light  +, TSC  +, WC6  +, DOR  +, and NTR  +
Misc No Entry  +
MonsterSpellTrap Destroys itself  +
Monster Type Toon Monsters  +
NTR Status Unlimited  +
OCG Status Unlimited  +
Phonetic Name Tūn Dēmon  +
Portuguese Name Caveira Invocada Toon  +
RFP No Entry  +
Stats No Entry  +
Summoning Cannot Normal Summon  +, Cannot Set  +, Special Summon-only monsters  +, Special Summons itself  +, and Special Summons from your hand  +
Support No Entry  +
Synchro Material No Entry  +
TCG Advanced Format Status Unlimited  +
TCG Traditional Format Status Unlimited  +
Translated Name Toon Demon  +
Type Fiend  +
Types Fiend  +, and Toon  +
Vietnamese Name Đầu lâu toon được triệu tập  +
WC6 DP Cost 3,640  +
WC6 Status Unlimited  +
YGOO Status Unlimited  +

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