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Image:Quote1.png We fight to live as long as we can. That's the only way to live... and to be able to live with yourself. Image:Quote2.png
-- Supergirl

Appearing in "Into the Valley of the Shadow"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Rennial V



Synopsis for "Into the Valley of the Shadow"

The cosmic effects of the Crisis on Infinite Earths continue to sweep across the globe. The sky is alight with strange electromagnetic storms and Earth's populace cowers in fear as they watch their universe slowly crumble away.

In Chicago, Supergirl flies down and stops a carload of thugs from recklessly racing about the street. She then flies off to Gotham City where she has a final meeting with her old ally, Batgirl. The two can speak only briefly however as Supergirl rushes off to save an airplane caught in the grip of an electromagnetic band.

Meanwhile at the Daily Planet, Clark Kent broods over the overwhelming feeling of helplessness that has come over him. Using his x-ray vision, he spots a bizarre cosmic calamity taking place in the Rennial V sector of space. He excuses himself and flies off as Superman.

Supergirl meets up with him, and together they explore the region. They discover twin black holes in close proximity and theorize that they may be responsible for the recent universal havoc. Suddenly, Supergirl's old foe, Blackstarr, emerges from one of the black holes. Superman accuses her of willfully attempting to destroy the cosmos, but Blackstarr confesses that the current calamity is not of her doing. He still doesn’t trust her, and Supergirl is forced to rein her cousin back from attacking Blackstarr.

Superman reluctantly fights against Kara and Blackstarr blasts him with a beam of cosmic energy from her hands. The concussive force propels Superman into one of the black holes. He quickly navigates his way back into normal space, but discovers that the universe is slowly collapsing in upon itself.

Blackstarr volunteers to use her massive cosmic powers to expand the diminishing envelope, but she requires both Kryptonians as anchors. Tethered by bands of energy, Superman and Supergirl fly in opposite directions channeling Blackstarr's power to push the universal barriers back into their proper position. The solution is merely a temporary one however, as the effects of the Crisis continues to devour the cosmos. Superman and Supergirl regroup only to discover that Blackstarr has disappeared.


  • Blackstarr appeared last in Supergirl (Volume 2) #15
  • Blackstarr's origin is briefly recapped in this issue.


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