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This article is about the Blaster carbine . You may be looking for the side arm blaster pistol.
DC-15S blaster
Production information

BlasTech Industries


DC-15S blaster carbine


Blaster carbine

Physical and technical specifications



Approx. 500 shots

Usage and history

Rise of the Empire era


The DC-15S blaster was the blaster carbine variant of BlasTech's DC-15 blaster rifle. This weapon was carried by the clone troopers of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.



A clone cold assault trooper firing a DC-15S.

Smaller in scale than the DC-15A blaster rifle, the DC-15S lacked its larger cousin's range, but was easier to handle than the bulkier "A" variant. The DC-15S also featured a folding stock for enhanced aiming with braced firing. DC-15 blasters fired charged plasma bolts, activated by tibanna gas carried in replaceable blaster cartridges. The power packs were the same as the DC-15A blaster rifle, which allowed the same power as their larger cousin. These gas cartridges lasted for around 500 shots, depending on the weapon's power settings. It was also known to be dual wielded. They were extremely powerful weapons, especially in the hands of experienced clone troopers. The blaster could also fire a cable from its barrel so that clone troopers could ascend or descend from high walls or cliffs.[1] Captain Rex and the Torrent detachment of the 501st Legion utilized this capability most noticeably during the Battle of Teth, using them to scale the sheer cliff below their objective.[2] This famous clone blaster was often used by Commander Cody of the 212th Attack Battalion.[1][2]


The DC-15S was widely used during the Clone Wars, though most notably in the conflict's final days. It became the standard weapon just before the Battle of Teth until the Battle of Ryloth. From there it was used as a secondary weapon. The DC-15A was used before and after those times. It could be set to a high pressure rapid fire as a member of the 212th Battalion did on Utapau. The design of the DC-15S would later be enhanced by BlasTech for the introduction of the E-11 blaster rifle, commonly known as the "stormtrooper rifle".


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Commander CC-1119 points a DC-15s at Bail Prestor Organa during Operation: Knightfall.


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