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Episode 18 - "D.O.C."

Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz

Directed by: Fred Toye

[Sun sits in her garden digging. She hears a noise, and looks round anxiously to find Jack arriving]

SUN: [Smiles] Oh.

JACK: Hey.

SUN: Good morning Jack.

JACK: Need a hand?

SUN: Thank you.

JACK: Y'know I came by your tent earlier. Has Jin gone?

SUN: Oh. He went off with Charlie, Hurley and Desmond. Did you need him?

JACK: Actually I was looking for you, wanted to see how you were doing, with your pregnancy.

SUN: Oh, I'm doing fine. A little tired but that's normal, right?

JACK: Sure. Any morning sickness?

SUN: Not anymore.

JACK: Any bleeding?

SUN: [Pauses] Why are you asking me all these questions, Jack?

JACK: [Smiles] I'm just checking in. I mean now that I'm back I just wanted to make sure that you were doing OK.

SUN: Thank you. I'm OK.

JACK: Great.

[Jack leaves]


[Sun walks across a bridge in South Korea as her phone rings]

SUN: [Subtitle: Hello.]

JIN: [Subtitle: Mrs. Kwon?]

SUN: [Subtitle: Jin! I'm still not used to “Mrs. Kwon.”]

[Jin is shown in an apartment]

JIN: [Subtitle: Well get used to it. You're a married woman now.]

SUN: [Subtitle: Guess what? I found amazing linens for the apartment.]

JIN: [Subtitle: If you like them, I love them. I'm home right now. I stopped by on my lunch hour.]

SUN: [Subtitle: How does it look?]

JIN: [Subtitle: Lots of boxes. But I got the bed set up.]

SUN: [Laughs] [Subtitle: Why doesn't that surprise me?]

JIN: [Subtitle: I have to get back to the office. See you tonight.]

SUN: [Subtitle: Mr. Kwon?]

JIN: [Subtitle: Yes, Mrs. Kwon?]

SUN: [Subtitle: I love you madly.

Jin: [Subtitle: I love you, too.]

[Sun chuckles as she hangs up. She sits on a bench in the street, and a woman sat next to her looks over holding a newspaper]

WOMAN: [Subtitle: Is this you?]

[The picture is of Sun and Jin, an article concerning their union]

SUN: [Subtitle: Yes, it is.]

WOMAN: [Subtitle: Congratulations. He's very handsome.]

SUN: [Subtitle: I'm a lucky girl.]

WOMAN: [Subtitle: Very lucky. Your father is Mr. Paik? Of Paik Automotive? Very powerful family.]

SUN: [Subtitle: I don't really have much to do with the family business.]

WOMAN: [Subtitle: What about your husband's parents?]

SUN: [Subtitle: His parents are dead.]

WOMAN: [Subtitle: Really...?]

SUN: [Subtitle: Who are you?]

WOMAN: [Subtitle: It would bring much shame if it was known, that Mr. Paik's daughter, married the son of a fisherman.]

SUN: [Interrupting] [Subtitle: I know that and it doesn't matter.]

WOMAN: [Subtitle: Really? Did you know he was also the son of a prostitute?]

SUN: [Subtitle: How dare you.]

WOMAN: [Getting up] [Subtitle: I will be back here in three days. At five PM. You will bring me one hundred thousand dollars. If you love your husband as “madly” as you say, you will spare him the shame of learning the truth.]

[She walks away from Sun]

[In the jungle, Desmond, Charlie, Hurley and Jin crowd over the injured parachutist as she groans]

JIN: Who is she?

DESMOND: I've no idea.

HURLEY: She seems to know you dude, she just said your name.

DESMOND: I've never seen her before in my life.

[The parachutist begins to cough]

CHARLIE: She's waking up.

PARACHUTIST: [Speaks incomprehensibly]

HURLEY: She's trying to talk. We should get her some water.

DESMOND: [To Charlie] Give me a hand.


[They lift the woman up]

PARACHUTIST: ¡Estoy muriendo, estoy muriendo! [“I am dying. I am dying”]

CHARLIE: What's she saying?

DESMOND: Don't know.

HURLEY: It's Spanish dude.

DESMOND: Wait, you understand her then?

PARACHUTIST: ¡Estoy muriendo, estoy muriendo! [“I am dying. I am dying”]

HURLEY: She says she's dying.

[Charlie and Desmond pull back some of her clothes to reveal a large wound on her chest and a foreign object]

DESMOND: Oh god!

CHARLIE: It's a branch. She must have hit it on the way down.

DESMOND: Right, get her pack! We haven't got much in this first-aid kit. See if there's anything we can use in there.

HURLEY: What if this is a rescue? What if she came for us? Wha, I mean, is she gonna be OK, we can't let her...

DESMOND: [Interrupting] Just go and start looking!

JIN: We get Jack. Jack.

CHARLIE: We have to get her to Jack as soon as possible. She could be our way off the Island.

DESMOND: No if we move her it'll make it worse.

CHARLIE: Well we just let her bleed to death?

DESMOND: No we, we need to bring Jack here.

CHARLIE: Its an eight hour walk, one way!

DESMOND: Then I'll run.

CHARLIE: You out of your mind? Its not safe. Its gonna be dark soon, who knows whose out in this jungle, in case you haven't forgotten, there are people on this Island trying to kill us.

DESMOND: Nobody knows we're here!

[They are suddenly interrupted by Hurley, who accidentally shoots a flare gun. The flare flies up high into the sky and explodes. Charlie, Desmond and Jin turn]



[Sun sits in the apartment looking at a graduation photo of herself and her father as Jin enters. She hastily hides it]

JIN: [Subtitle: Surprise! I got your favorite, tofu soup.]

SUN: [Subtitle: Thank you. Let me finish this box.]

JIN: [Subtitle: We'll unpack later. Let's eat.]

SUN: [Subtitle: Do you mind if I put this on the table?]

JIN: [Subtitle: Not at all.]

[She gestures one photo at him, and he comes to look, another image of Sun and her parents at graduation]

JIN: [Subtitle: Even in a cap and gown, you're the sexiest woman I've ever seen.]

SUN: [Pauses] [Subtitle: Don't you have any pictures of your family?]

JIN: [Subtitle: Oh, we didn't have a, camera growing up.]

SUN: [Subtitle: No pictures at all? Well, didn't your father leave you any?]

JIN: [Subtitle: No, I was in the army when he died.]

SUN: [Subtitle: The army? You said your father died when you were sixteen.]

JIN: [Subtitle: No. I was in the army.]

SUN: [Subtitle: But you told me...]

JIN: [Interrupting] [Subtitle: You must've misunderstood! What is this about, Sun?]

SUN: [Subtitle: It's, it's nothing, I'm sorry.]

JIN: [Subtitle: Your soup is getting cold.]

[At the beach, Sun pulls back the tarp on Kate's tent for her]

SUN: How's this?

KATE: That's perfect. Thank you.

[Sun helps tie it back, and sees Jack at the kitchen area]

SUN: What do you think happened to Jack? While he was with the Others. Since he's been back, he seems different.

KATE: He says that he was pretty much a prisoner and the only reason why he cooperated was cause he thought they'd let him off the Island.

SUN: Do you believe him?

KATE: Why wouldn't I?

SUN: He came to me. Asking about my pregnancy.

KATE: Well what would that have anything to do with...

SUN: [Interrupting] What if. What if the Others want my baby. He's been there alone for over a week. How do we know he isn't working with them?

KATE: He's not working with them.

SUN: Do you know something, Kate?

[Kate looks down the beach and sees Juliet by a trough]

KATE: It's Juliet. She was their doctor, their their, fertility doctor studying pregnant women and, when Claire was sick she told me and Jack, the reason the Others wanted her baby was for research.

[Sun walks towards Juliet, with Kate at her heels]

KATE: Sun, wait you don't have to do this.

SUN: Go away, Kate.

[She approaches Juliet]

SUN: I want to know about your research.

KATE: Sun...

SUN: What happens to pregnant women?

JULIET: You're pregnant? Are you sure? How do you know?

SUN: I asked you a question, everyone else might be alright with you washing your clothes and eating our food, but I want to know what's going on. I want answers. What are you people doing? Why are you taking children? What happens to pregnant women on this Island? What happens to...

JULIET: [Interrupting] They die. They all die.

KATE: Sun come on, let's go.

[She leads Sun away from Juliet]

[In the jungle, the parachutist is still weak]

PARACHUTIST: [Speaks Chinese Mandarin – “What happened” or “What's going on?”]

HURLEY: What's she saying?

JIN: Chinese. Not Korean.

CHARLIE: Maybe we should just pull it out.

DESMOND: No you'll just make it worse.

CHARLIE: Have you forgotten what's at stake here? Just another one of your flashes, whose getting an arrow in the neck this time.

DESMOND: Lest you forget. She said my bloody name. She had a photo of me and my girlfriend. Do I understand? I understand better than the lot of you.

HURLEY: Hey, guys, chill.

DESMOND: We've wasted enough time already.

CHARLIE: You're not leaving us.

DESMOND: Just get out my way, Charlie.


[They hear rustling in the trees. Mikhail runs out in front of them and stops. He stares at them, and then turns and runs. Jin chases after him]

DESMOND: Hey, Jin!



[Jin catches up with Mikhail, and they fight. Mikhail first almost stabs Jin with a stake, and then tries to strangle him against a tree. Jin frees himself and knocks Mikhail down with a turn kick. He then grabs Mikhail by the neck. Desmond intervenes and throws Mikhail against a tree]

DESMOND: Who are you? [Points the gun right at his chest] I said, who are you?

CHARLIE: He's the guy who shot Sayid. Kate told us he lived out in that station Locke blew up. He's an Other.

HURLEY: I thought Locke killed that guy with the electro-fence thingy.

DESMOND: You've got five seconds to talk, or I fire this gun brother.

MIKHAIL: That's a flare gun.

DESMOND: And how do you think it'll feel? Taking a flare to the chest at this range.

MIKHAIL: As your friend pointed out, I already died once this week.

PARACHUTIST: [Speaks Italian - “Help me, I'm dying”]

DESMOND: You understand her.

MIKHAIL: She's speaking Italian. She said she's dying, she needs help. I was a Soviet Army field medic, I can offer you my services.

[Desmond pulls Mikhail to her]

CHARLIE: Wait, what are you doing?

DESMOND: I'm saving her.

MIKHAIL: This branch has punctured her lung. It's filling with blood. If it is not ventilated soon, she's going to die.

DESMOND: Well do it. Help her.

MIKHAIL: If I fix her, you must let me walk away as if I never came upon you.

DESMOND: [Pauses] What you need?

[At the beach, Sun sits thinking as the sun sets. She sees Claire tucking Aaron into his crib]


[in Namhae, Sun finds Jin's father, matching his face with a file photo]

SUN: [Subtitle: Excuse me. Are you Mr. Kwon?]

MR. KWON: [Subtitle: Yes. You must be Sun.]

[Inside his house, Mr. Kwon pours Sun some tea]

SUN: [Subtitle: Thank you.]

MR. KWON: [Subtitle: Please. Tell me about your wedding.]

SUN: [Subtitle: It was beautiful. The happiest day of my life.]

MR. KWON: [Subtitle: And my son's, too, I imagine.]

SUN: [Subtitle: Mr. Kwon. Why weren't you at the wedding?]

MR. KWON: [Subtitle: What did he tell you?]

SUN: [Subtitle: He told me. You were dead. Why would he say that?]

MR. KWON: [Subtitle: To avoid the shame of where he came from.]

SUN: [Subtitle: And is that why you told him, his mother died when he was a baby?]

[Mr. Kwon pours Sun and himself a stronger alcoholic drink]

MR. KWON: [Subtitle: His mother. She was with many men. She left me with the baby. I raised him alone. I wasn't even sure I was the father. But who else would take care of him?]

[He wipes his hand and touches Sun's chin]

MR. KWON: [Subtitle: You are so beautiful. It pleases me so much to meet you. You can never tell him that you met me, or that his mother is still alive. Please, for me. Do not. Do not make him suffer this shame.]

[Sun nods]

[At night on the beach, Juliet enters Sun's tent and covers her mouth as she wakes her, muffling her screams]

JULIET: Be quiet. Don't move. You want me to help you and your baby, I have answers to your questions, but you have to come with me right now. Just you and me. Nobody else.

[She releases her grip over Sun's mouth]

SUN: If what you said was true, that means I'm already dead. Why should I go anywhere with you?

JULIET: Because there may be a hope for you yet.

[Juliet extends her hand and Sun takes it. The two trek through the jungle at night carrying torches]

SUN: Where are we going?

JULIET: There's a medical station near here, they have an ultrasound machine.

SUN: Claire and Kate told me about that place. It was abandoned, they found nothing there.

JULIET: Well that's because they didn't know where to look.

SUN: What are you going to do to me?

JULIET: I'm gonna look at your baby and determine the DOC. Erm, date of conception. The ultrasound will tell me when you got pregnant give or take a day. If you got pregnant off the Island then you and your baby will probably be OK, but if you got pregnant here, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. When was the last time you and your husband had sex?

SUN: I would rather not talk about that.

JULIET: Look I know that its personal, but if I know when then I...

SUN: [Interrupting] Isn't that what the machine will do?


SUN: Then let's keep walking.


[Sun is at her father's office. She heads upstairs and is announced by his secretary to Paik and a few employees]

SECRETARY: [Subtitle: Mr. Paik. Your daughter is here to see you.]

BUSINESSMAN 1: [Subtitle: Congratulations on your wedding.]

SUN: [Subtitle: Thank you.]

BUSINESSMAN 2: [Subtitle: We wish you much happiness.]

[The men and secretary leave]

MR. PAIK: [Subtitle: To what do I owe this visit?]

SUN: [Subtitle: I need to ask you a favor.]

MR. PAIK: [Subtitle: What is it, my dear?]

SUN: [Subtitle: I, I need, [Pauses] One hundred thousand dollars.]

MR. PAIK: [Subtitle: What for?]

SUN: [Subtitle: I can't tell you.]

MR. PAIK: [Subtitle: Why should I give you money without an explanation?]

SUN: [Subtitle: Because my whole life, I've pretended not to know what you do. I've allowed you to keep your control over me. I pretend that everything is all right. I will continue pretending. As long as you give me the money I am asking for. No questions asked.]

MR. PAIK: [Subtitle: We do not live in a world where there are no questions asked!]

SUN: [Subtitle: I'm doing this to spare someone I love deep shame.]

MR. PAIK: [Subtitle: Your new husband?]

[He opens a safe behind his desk, and retrieves the money which he places in an envelope]

MR. PAIK: [Subtitle: If this money is for your husband, it is he who will bear this debt. He will no longer be a floor manager. He will be working for me.]

[Sun pauses, and then takes the money coldly]

[In the jungle, Mikhail works to save the parachutist's life]

MIKHAIL: What else do you know about this woman? Did she have anything on her besides the flare gun.

HURLEY: Just a book, fancy radio phone thingy.

[Charlie shakes his head as Mikhail turns to Hurley]

MIKHAIL: Does it work?

HURLEY: Like I'd tell you.

MIKHAIL: One of you must help. The rest clear the way, I need space.

DESMOND: I'll do it.

MIKHAIL: Wipe away as much of the blood as you can.

[The parachutist begins to struggle for breathe]

MIKHAIL: We need to evac the air now! Hold her steady. Steady!

DESMOND: Yeah I heard ya!

[Mikhail stabs the women in the chest with a funnel and blood suctions out of her]

DESMOND: Is that, normal?

[He pulls out the funnel, and the parachutist screams with pain]

MIKHAIL: [Inaudible, possibly “Those!”. Desmond grabs some material and places it on the wound] Tape it, be careful. [Inaudible, possibly “Cabirin”] needs to be hollow, the wound needs to breathe.

PARACHUTIST: [Speaks Portuguese – “I am not alone. I am not alone”]

DESMOND: What did she say?

MIKHAIL: Thank you. She said thank you for helping me.

[Further away, Juliet and Sun find the Staff entrance]

JULIET: It's right down here.

[Juliet pulls back the hatch doors, and they enter. Juliet turns on the lights]

SUN: Why are you doing this?


SUN: Helping me.

JULIET: [Pauses] Once upon a time, I told women that they were pregnant and their faces, it was the best news they ever got in their entire life. Then I came here. I've lost, nine, patients in the last three years. I'm helping you because I want to tell you that you and your husband got pregnant before you came here. I'm helping you because I wanna give good news again.

SUN: I slept with another man.


SUN: Before we got to the Island. Jin and I, we were having trouble, we weren't... And I had a friend. It was a mistake.

JULIET: We all make mistakes.

SUN: Which way?

[Juliet leads Sun to the locker room. She opens one locker and pulls a lever down, revealing part of a wall]

JULIET: Will you help me move this forward?

[They move a set of lockers away which cover the wall]


[They move the wall back, revealing a new room, full of medical and nursery supplies]

SUN: Why is this room hidden?

JULIET: Don't worry about it.

SUN: What is this place? Tell me.

JULIET: Its where we brought the women to die.

[Deeper in the jungle, Mikhail finishes his treatment of the woman]

MIKHAIL: She's fine. Keep the wound as clean as you can, she should be better in a day.

CHARLIE: Day? Her lung was punctured.

MIKHAIL: On this Island, the wounds are a bit different. Maybe a day and a half. I did as I promised, she will live.

CHARLIE: You can't seriously be considering letting him go.

DESMOND: Just go.

CHARLIE: Are you kidding, he's one of them.

[Mikhail leaves]

DESMOND: So what would you have me do Charlie? We gotta make a stretcher and carry, how we gonna do that and bring a prisoner.

CHARLIE: We need some rope, I'll take responsibility.

JIN: Phone. Phone!

[Jin runs after Mikhail]


JIN: Phone.

DESMOND: Jin its all right!

CHARLIE: No let him, Desmond.

DESMOND: Jin! Come back here!

[Desmond runs after Jin]

CHARLIE: Oi! Let him!

[Charlie follows]

DESMOND: Jin it's all right, Jin!

[Jin grabs Mikhail]

DESMOND: Jin, let him go! Jin, let go!

[Jin grabs the phone from Mikhail and shoves it towards Desmond's face]

JIN: Phone!

CHARLIE: You stole this.

MIKHAIL: How could you respect me if I didn't try?

CHARLIE: How about I take your other eye? Would you respect that?

MIKHAIL: [Motions with his ear] Sorry, what?

[Charlie tries to attack Mikhail, Desmond pulls him off]

DESMOND: Charlie, don't, Charlie!


DESMOND: Charlie let him go.

CHARLIE: This is a mistake! We can't keep letting these people go!

DESMOND: We gave him our word. [To Mikhail] Go on, get out of here.

[Mikhail smiles to Charlie and then leaves]

[In the Staff station, Juliet sets up the ultrasound]

SUN: The baby isn't Jin's. We tried to have a baby back in Korea and couldn't, and the doctor, he told me Jin was infertile.

JULIET: And then you came here.

SUN: What?

JULIET: Did you know that the average male sperm count is between sixty and eighty million? But on the Island, its five times that. We call that good odds. You ready?

SUN: Yes.

JULIET: OK, now lift your shirt up a little. [She pours liquid on Sun's chest] It's cold.

SUN: Will I see the baby?

JULIET: Maybe, its your first trimester so its a little iffy. If you don't see a heartbeat, don't worry about it, its just early.

SUN: How does it work?

JULIET: Well I take a measurement of the foetus and that will tell us when your baby was conceived, and then we'll know who. [Sun sighs] You OK?

SUN: I lose either way. If I'm going to live, that means the baby's not Jin's.

JULIET: Do you still want to do this?

SUN: Yes.

JULIET: OK, moment of truth.


[Sun stands in her apartment pacing]

JIN: [Subtitle: Mrs. Kwon?]

SUN: [Subtitle: Mr. Kwon.]

JIN: [Subtitle: I heard you came by the office today. Why didn't you come say hello?]

SUN: [Subtitle: I didn't want to bother you.]

JIN: [Subtitle: Seeing you is never a bother.]

SUN: [Subtitle: Next time. I promise.]

JIN: [Subtitle: Did you get the mail?]

SUN: [Subtitle: Sorry. I forgot.]

JIN: [Subtitle: Do you have the mail key?]

SUN: [Subtitle: It's in my purse.]

[As Jin goes, Sun hears the sound of crinkling paper]

SUN: Jin! Wait!

[She finds Jin with the bag of money in his hand]

JIN: [Subtitle: What's this money?]

SUN: [Subtitle: It's, from my father.]

JIN: [Subtitle: Why?]

SUN: [Subtitle: I wanted to get us furniture. And I wanted us to have a nice honeymoon.]

JIN: [Subtitle: I can provide for us. The honeymoon, the furniture, I know it will take longer, but it will happen. And I will pay for it. I will always take care of you, Sun.]

SUN: [Subtitle: I know.]

JIN: [Subtitle: Then give it back. I don't want to be in your father's debt any more than we already are. Please.]

SUN: [Subtitle: Jin, I love you.]

JIN: [Subtitle: Madly?]

SUN: [Subtitle: Madly.]

[Sun leaves, with the money]

[In the Staff station, Juliet scans Sun's stomach]

JULIET: There it is. There's your baby. Can you see?

[Both laugh]

SUN: I can see it. Is it a boy or a girl?

JULIET: Oh er, its a little early, but um, do you see that little flutter. That's the heart beating. Its very strong, its very healthy. OK, you crashed here ninety days ago. The baby was conceived about eight weeks ago, so around fifty three days. You got pregnant on the Island.

[Sun cries]

JULIET: I'm sorry, I am so sorry Sun. I will do everything that I can...

SUN: [Smiles] It's Jin's!

[Juliet smiles too]


[Sun walks near the bridge towards the woman she met three days earlier]

WOMAN: [Subtitle: I was starting to think you wouldn't come.]

[Sun pulls out the envelope, and the woman snatches it, quickly checking its contents. Sun grabs the envelope]

SUN: [Subtitle: Why didn't you tell me you were Jin's mother?]

WOMAN: [Subtitle: I gave birth to him. But that does not make me his mother.]

SUN: [Subtitle: You know how powerful my family is. My husband believes that you are dead. Do not force me to make that a reality.]

[Sun leaves with her head held high]

[At the Staff, its morning as Juliet as Sun leave]

SUN: So how long do I have?

JULIET: Most of the women made it into the middle of their second trimester, nobody made it to their third.

SUN: That gives me, two months. I am, very happy the baby's Jin's. You gave me good news, Juliet.

JULIET: It was my pleasure, Sun. I'm gonna go back inside and make sure that I didn't miss anything, I don't wanna take the chance that we didn't cover our tracks. Do you wanna wait out here?

SUN: All right. [Juliet walks towards the station entrance] Juliet. Thank you.

[Juliet heads inside to the secret room. Opening a locker, she pulls out a tape recorder and presses the record button]

JULIET: Ben, its six AM on Saturday morning. Kwon is pregnant, the fetus is healthy and was conceived on-Island with husband, he was sterile before they got here. I'm still working on getting samples from the other women, I should have Austen's soon. I'll report back when I know more.

[She turns off the recorder]

JULIET: [Pauses] I hate you.

[She places the recorder back in the locker and shuts the door]

[In the jungle, the group build a stretcher for the parachutist]

CHARLIE: You can't trust em you know.

DESMOND: What's that?

CHARLIE: The Others. The one you let go. He'll be back tomorrow with five of his mates. Should have killed him.

JIN: Charlie. [Signals to the rope for the stretcher] Er, tight.


DESMOND: You know brother, by my count, you've killed more of them than they've killed of you.

CHARLIE: They started it. You know just cause one comes traipsing back with Jack and Kate doesn't mean that we can trust em now.

[A little away, Hurley sits with the parachutist. He attempts to make the satellite phone work, and holds it to his ear]

HURLEY: [Sarcastically] Mom?

[The woman coughs]


HURLEY: Take it easy, you just had a giant branch...

PARACHUTIST: [Interrupting] Where am I!

HURLEY: I dunno. You're on an Island. Are you here to rescue us? Are there more of you, can you make your phone work?

PARACHUTIST: Who are you?

HURLEY: Hugo Reyes. I crashed here on Oceanic Flight 815. A bunch of us survived, is that why you're here, were you looking for us?

PARACHUTIST: 815. Flight 815? The one from Sydney.


PARACHUTIST: No, that's not possible.

HURLEY: Yeah I know. It wasn't easy but we found food, and a hatch...

PARACHUTIST: [Interrupting] No. No, Flight 815 they, they found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead.

HURLEY: What?!


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