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The D'Kazanak-class was a type of warbird starship constructed within the Romulan Star Empire. They were a built in secret with only rumors of their capabilities. It is said that no one knew anything about these ships and those that attempted to breathe a word about the specifications would suffer under the penalty of death. Even the location where these ships were being constructed was not known.

The ships, like most Warbirds, would be constructed in orbit of a planet, and it was rumored that they were created above one of the more remote colonies within Romulan space. It was known that the D'Kazanak-class was larger, faster and more heavily armed then the D'Deridex warbirds. The ships were constructed with the intention of combatting the Federation Galaxy-class starships, and surpassing their advantages.

Previous warbird designs were known to suffer from a lowered warp drive capability when compared to Starfleet ships. The D'Kazanak-class would have rectified this problem with efficient warp drives that would match the ones used by the Federation. It was also rumored that this class of ship had a newer generation of cloaking devices which would eliminate the "ghost effect" which sometimes rendered cloaked ships visible to enemy sensors.

The ship was also rumored to be equipped with more powerful photon disruptors rather than standard disruptors. What was one of the most dangerous rumors regarding this starship was that the cloaking device would allow weapons to be employed, which no other cloaked ship was capable of at the time.

The ship class was created and named after Lord Kazanak, the high caste Romulan son of a member of the Romulan High Council. Though it was an impressive and deadly design that the Romulans believed would ensure their victory against the Federation, the design was never mass produced after the destruction of the prototype vessel. An ambimorph disguised as Lord Kazanak convinced the Romulan Council that the vessels suffered from serious design flaws which prevented more of these vessels from being constructed. (TNG novel: "The Romulan Prize")

Known D'Kazanak-class starships

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