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Noble Prince

Real Name
Current Alias
Noble Prince

Cyclops, Lord Cyclops




Base Of Operations
An unnamed fairy tale dimension


6' 1"

181 lbs (82 kg)



Marital Status


Several years ago on Earth-616, Kitty Pryde told a bedtime story to young girl named Illyana Rasputin. Her story involved an adventurous far-off land populated by strange creatures and characters inspired by her own teammates – the X-Men. What Kitty didn't realize at the time however, was that she was in fact subconsciously creating her own alien dimension wherein these characters truly existed. Kitty's creative imagination envisioned her teammate Cyclops, as a noble prince.

Place of Birth
Kitty Pryde's subconscious mind

First appearance

Uncanny X-Men #153
(January, 1982)



Cyclops was the regal warrior-prince of a faraway land, and the betrothed of an enchanted princess named Lady Jean Grey. Several years ago, Cyclops' kingdom was threatened by a great calamity (the exact nature of which is unknown). In an effort to save the kingdom, Lady Jean allied herself with the primal cosmic forces of the universe. Doing so enabled her to save Prince Cyclops' kingdom, but it also corrupted Lady Jean's soul. The dark side of her personality grew stronger, until ultimately she evolved into a malevolent evil entity known as the Dark Phoenix. Dark Phoenix eschewed Lady Jean's pure soul and trapped it inside of a small crystal sphere. She then turned her powers against her closest allies – Cyclops and her goddess friend, the Windrider. She attacked Cyclops, cursing him with the "eyes of death", and then turned her attention against the Windrider. Unable to kill a goddess, she instead imprisoned her inside of an impenetrable bottle and set her adrift at sea.

Cyclops contacted the wizard, Xavier, and the two fled the kingdom. Xavier used his magic to provide Cyclops with a special blindfold that contained his eyes of death, allowing him to function as a normal (albeit blind) individual. The two continued their search for Dark Phoenix and eventually came to the Caliphate of Nhu Yorkh. At the ports of the city, they sought to book passage across the great Western Ocean and encountered a pirate named Kitty Pryde and her first mate, Colossus. Xavier told the pirates the story of Cyclops' tale of woe.

Dark Phoenix arrived in Nhu Yorkh and concentrated a fresh attack against her former consort. She reined blasts of starfire down upon the ships in the harbor preventing Cyclops from escaping. Xavier withdrew the magic sphere containing Jean's soul and used it to drive Dark Phoenix away.

Kitty Pryde summoned her pet dragon, Lockheed, and instructed them to fly them all to a faraway land known as Bamf Island. When they arrived on the island, they came upon Jean's former suitor, the Fiend-With-No-Name. The Fiend, still expressing emotional attachment to Lady Jean, agreed to help the adventurers in their struggle against Dark Phoenix. During this time, Colossus discovered the sealed bottle containing the genie/goddess, Windrider and set her free.

Phoenix tracked them to the island and renewed her attacks against them. Xavier managed to erect an energy shield, deflecting the bulk of the deadly starfire energy. Windrider meanwhile, cast a spell granting each of her comrades the gift of flight. They flew directly at Dark Phoenix and kept her distracted long enough, for Xavier to withdraw the crystal sphere once again. Channeling his own mystical power through the sphere, he released the soul of Jean Grey, whereupon she re-merged with her physical body, exorcising Dark Phoenix's evil influence. As the Phoenix's primal energy returned to the cosmos, Cyclops' eyesight returned to normal.

Lady Jean returned to her home kingdom along with Prince Cyclops, where the two were soon wed. The threat of Dark Phoenix was gone forever.

Powers and Abilities



Eyes of Death: Cyclops can generate blasts of deadly concussive force from his eyes. Due to the nature of the curse, he cannot control these optic blasts and must keep his eyes closed at all times, or else he would perpetually generate prolonged blasts of energy towards anything within his field of vision.

Strength level

Cyclops' possesses the strength level of a healthy adult male who engages in intensive regular exercise.



Cyclops wears a magic blindfold which contains the force of his eyes of death.


  • Cyclops' existence is predicated by the theory that whenever an individual creates an idea, that idea manifests itself as reality in an alternate dimension.
  • Although Cyclops' true name may very well be Scott Summers, this has never been made certain in the source material.


  • Unlike his Earth-616 counterpart, this version of Cyclops is not a mutant.
  • Cyclops wears a beard and mustache. Cyclops of Earth-616 is typically seen clean-shaven.


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