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The Cyclone Fortress

The Cyclone (竜巻 Tatsumaki lit. Tornado), also known as the Whirlwind, is a giant tornado that the Emperor unleashes to subdue the Kingdom of Fynn in Final Fantasy II. It contains a fortress inside, where the Emperor himself controls his weapon and watches the destruction caused by it.

The fortress is composed of seven floors and is filled with imperial troops and fiends, as well as corridors with electrified panels that hurt whoever steps on them. The Emperor's chambers, as well as the great hall is located on the top of the floating building.



The Emperor is defeated at the Cyclone.

By the time the party leaves the Mysidian Tower with the Ultima Tome, the Cyclone has already destroyed the towns of Altair, Gatrea, Paloom and Poft, and has begun to approach Fynn in order to obliterate it as well. Firion, Maria, Guy, and Ricard summon the last Wyvern of Deist at Fynn Castle to fly into the vortex, and must work their way to the top, where the Emperor awaits. When encountering the Emperor, he promises to slaughter them. He sends a few teams of Royal Guards in order to protect himself. After several squadrons of Guards are defeated, the Emperor calls two more Royal Guards and a Wood Golem to his side and attacks the party himself. The party manages to defeat him and his allies in battle and leaves the Cyclone, thinking that their adventure is finally over.


Item Location
Ripper Second Floor
Poison Axe Third Floor
Diamond Helm Fourth Floor
Diamond Gloves Fourth Floor
Defender Fifth Floor
Diamond Armor Fifth Floor
Wind Flute Fifth Floor


Cyclone's battle background


The Background Music that plays inside the Cyclone is the "Imperial Army Theme".



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