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Cyber-conversion was the physical and mental re-engineering of Human victims into Cybermen. In an alternate universe, this was referred to as Upgrading.



Cyber-conversion involved the replacement of body parts (including limbs, organs, and vital systems) with artificial components. Partial conversion, with the victim retaining autonomy and a human identity and body parts, was possible. In some cases such incidents of partial conversion occured for a number of factors, such has the body rejecting the conversion process or an individual with a strong will.

Cybermen of Pete's World

The Cybermen of Pete's World, instead of replacing body parts, transplanted living brains into metal exoskeletons sustained in a cradle of chemicals and threaded together by an artificial nervous system. The process was extremely painful and took place in a booth where the subject was surgically mutilated by a robotic machine that used knives, lasers and syringes to remove the brain before encasing it in an empty cybernetic helmet. This was the most efficient way of conversion. They also had an Emotional inhibitor placed within them to suppress their humanity because, as the Doctor put it;

It's still got a human brain... imagine its reaction if it could see itself. Realise itself inside this thing. They'd go insane....

During the Battle of Canary Wharf, the Cybermen, badly needing reinforcements, quickly converted Humans into Cybermen by encasing Humans in cybernetic shells, as with Lisa Hallett. Hallett would have died if her lover, Ianto Jones, had not managed to retrofit a cyber-conversion unit into life support for her. (TW: Cyberwoman)

It may be that the reason why certain converts with exceptionally strong willpower like Yvonne Hartman could overcome their programming was because this form of conversion was less precise and more rushed.

The Cybermen also employed a very primitive type of conversion in 1851 when they created the cybershades using scrap metal and Victorian technology. They also invented a way of converting humans into command units for Cyber Kings by fitting them with a headset that could take control of their brains.

Named cyber-converted individuals


Cybermen of Pete's World

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