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This OTK is now no longer possible in Advanced Format, since "Cyber-Stein" was listed as Forbidden in Advanced Format and Limited for Traditional Format as of December 21st, 2006, in a surprise move by Konami/Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE)


Classic OTK

Key Cards

In order for this OTK to work you must let your opponent go first since the player who started the duel cannot attack. You'll need either a clear field, or the ability to make your monster strong enough with either "Megamorph" and "Fairy Meteor Crush" so that no matter what monster your opponent plays, you'll still deal enough Battle Damage to win.(Unless you have "Cyber End Dragon" you won't need the Fairy Meteor Crush which has the same effect)

First, summon "Cyber-Stein" and activate its effect, paying 5000 Life Points to summon the Fusion Monster. Then, activate "Megamorph" and equip it to the Fusion Monster. Since your Life Points will most likely be lower than your opponent's after the 5000 Life Points cost of "Cyber-Stein", "Megamorph" will double the Fusion Monster's ATK points to at least 8000, more than enough to wipe out your opponent.

Alternate Method

Key Cards

On your turn, set "Ring of Destruction". You'll need a clear field for the next part, so "Nobleman of Crossout" and "Nobleman of Extermination" may come in handy.

Assuming a clear field, summon "Cyber-Stein", activate his effect, and summon "Cyber Twin Dragon" from your Fusion Deck (YOU 3000 / OPP 8000). Attack your opponent directly twice with "Cyber Twin Dragon" (YOU 3000 / OPP 2400), then activate "Ring of Destruction", selecting "Cyber Twin Dragon" (YOU 200 / OPP 0).

Alternate Method 2

On your turn, set "Ring of Destruction" and "Barrel Behind the Door". Summon "Cyber-Stein" then use its effect to summon "Cyber End Dragon". (you=3000 opp:8000) Activate "Ring of Destruction" then chain "Barrel Behind the Door" to it. Your opponent will then take the normal damage from "Ring of Destruction plus the damage you would have taken.


  • Since many cards in this format are hard to pull from the Deck, Messenger of Peace could be used to stall and perhaps lower your Life Points a bit for Megamorph.
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