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Biographical information



c.22 BBY,[2] Rishi moon[3]

Physical description

Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era[1]


Galactic Republic[1]

"Poor Cutup."
―Echo upon the death of Cutup.

"Cutup" was a nickname of the clone trooper who served during the Clone Wars for the Galactic Republic. As a rookie trooper or "shinie," he was stationed at the Rishi moon listening station, an outpost to warn the Republic of an Confederate attack on the planet Kamino. Around 22 BBY, during a meteor shower, Confederate commando droids infiltrated the station and killed CT-327. Sergeant CT-19-7409 sent troopers Nub and Droidbait to look for 327, however, both were taken by surprise and killed by the droids. CT-19-7409 ordered the other four clone troopers to signal the fleet before the battle droids killed him, although the droids jammed the signal. Cutup, along with fellow troopers CT-26-1409, CT-26-6958 and CT-27-5555 escaped through a ventilation shaft. After coming out the shaft, which led them outside the station, Cutup was attacked and dragged away by a Rishi eel and devoured, killing him.



"Cutup" was the nickname of one of the many clones of Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett.[1] and got his nickname because he loved to mess around while on duty and have fun.

The escalating war demanded more troopers and many younger clones - including Cutup - were pushed into service in the Grand Army of the Republic. Cutup was stationed on a remote Listening post on the moon of Rishi, which was supposed to warn the Republic Navy in case of a Separatist attack.[3]

Cutup's last moments

Around 22 BBY,[2] while Cutup, along with fellow troopers CT-26-1409, CT-27-5555, CT-26-6958, Nub and Droidbait were inside the station, clone trooper CT-327 was outside guarding the base. Inside the base, while Cutup was arm wrestling with CT-26-6958 and lost, the clones entered a brief conservation with CT-26-1409 and CT-27-5555 about the boring work at the station. Sergeant CT-19-7409 appeared and informed them that some officers will come on an inspection. Soon, their long range sensors detected an incoming meteor shower. The clones raised the defensive shields, which blocked any meteors that land too close, although several striked in the crater plains outside. After a while CT-19-7409 didn't receive any contact from CT-327 and sent Nub and Droidbait to search for him. Both troopers were taken by surprise as Confederate BX-series droid commandos, after they sliced the door open and killed both clones with blaster shots. The other clone troopers recognized the attack and CT-19-7409 began fighting the droids. The clone sergeant ordered the other four troopers to signal the fleet that they are attacked, but the droids jammed the signal. CT-19-7409 was quickly slain by the fire of the battle droids and Cutup, CT-26-6958, CT-26-1409 and CT-27-5555 escaped through a ventilation shaft before the door was cut open. After leaving the shaft outside the station, the clones conferred about what to do. Then, a Rishi eel appeared behind Cutup, dragged him away and devoured him, killing him. The three surviving clone troopers were able to retake the station with help of Commander CC-2224 and Clone Captain CC-7567 who had arrived to inspect the outpost.[3]

Personality and traits

"You wanted excitement, Hevy."
"Right. Oo-ooh, meteor shower."
―Hevy being sarcastic to Cutup's remark — (audio)Listen (file info)

Cutup was a inexperienced rookie trooper and he was bored with working at the station. He challenged Hevy a lot, but they got along well. He also would aggravate Echo with Hevy, because the trooper was focused on protocols and manuals.[3]

Behind the scenes

"Cutup" first appeared in "Rookies," the fifth episode of the first season of the the Clone Wars TV series, aired at October 24 2008. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who voices all clone troopers through the series.[4]


  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Rookies" (First appearance)


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