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A cutter is a small partol craft for in-system use. In Starfleet, cutters are used by both the Merchant Marine and Military Operations Commands. These vessels are lightly armed and sheilded. Cutters are warp-capapble, and their in-system maneuverablility is very great. (FASA RPG sourcebook: Ship Construction Manual)

In emergencies or war times, cutters may be pressed into service as light attack fighters.

Cutter classes

See Also

Starship classification
By type argosy • assault shipattack cruiserattack fighterbattle cruiserbattleshipbird-of-preycargo transportcarriercolony ship • combat support tender • construction ship • corsair • corvettecouriercruisercutterdestroyerdreadnoughtescortexplorer • fast attack ship • fast cruiser • freighterfrigatefuel transport • gunboat • heavy cruiser • heavy escort • hospital shipliaison cutterlight cruiser • light frigate • medical frigate • mining freighter • monitor • passenger liner • patrol cruiser • personnel carrier • prison barge • repair tender • research vessel • research cruiser • runaboutscoutstrike cruiser • super carrier • surveyortanker • tender • timeshiptransport • troop transport • tugwarbirdwarpshuttle

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race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: Slavers
role: Doctor
location: Paradise Falls
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: none
SPECIAL: 4ST, 6PE, 4EN, 6CH, 7IN, 5AG, 4LK
base id: 000156A3
ref id: 0002524D

Cutter is a 41 year-old[1] doctor who works in the clinic in Paradise Falls in the year 2277.



Cutter was born in 2236[2] in Springvale.

Cutter was originally a slave but worked her way up by fixing up slavers and eventually bought her way to freedom.

Interactions with the player character

She can heal your wounds and radiation poisoning. She also sells chems & other medical supplies.

Cutter actually has two separate stores, selectable through dialogue: a chems store ("Let me see your Chems."), and a medical supplies store ("I want to buy medical supplies"). The two stores have separate inventories and caps, so there is twice the number of caps for which you can trade.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Wasteland Surgeon Outfit x2 Knife - Cutter's Medical Supply Key


  • She is wearing a Wasteland Surgeon Outfit but is also carrying another one that can be pickpocketed from her. Cutter drops the key to all of the medical supplies and chems locked away in her clinic when killed.
  • If you kill her, you gain Karma, and she drops a finger.


Cutter only appears in Fallout 3.


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Paradise Falls

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Final Fantasy

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Crab is a genus in the Aquan family in Final Fantasy XI.


  • Angler Crab
  • Aydeewa Crab
  • Bigclaw
  • Blind Crab
  • Carrion Crab
  • Clipper
  • Coral Crab
  • Crimson Knight Crab
  • Cutter
  • Cyan Deep Crab
  • Ghost Crab
  • Greatclaw
  • Grindylow
  • Gugru Crab
  • Ironshell
  • Kelp Crab
  • Knight Crab
  • Land Crab
  • Limicoline Crab
  • Mamook Crab
  • Mine Crab
  • Mole Crab
  • Mugger Crab
  • Nipper
  • Ocean Crab
  • Palm Crab
  • Passage Crab
  • River Crab
  • Robber Crab
  • Rock Crab
  • Sand Crab
  • Savanna Crab
  • Scavenger Crab
  • Sea Crab
  • Sicklemoon Crab
  • Snipper
  • Stag Crab
  • Steelshell
  • Stone Crab
  • Submarine Nipper
  • Thickshell
  • Tree Crab
  • Triangle Crab
  • Vermivorous Crab
  • Wadi Crab
  • Wootzshell

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Notorious Monsters

  • Adamantshell
  • Aphotic Crab
  • Aquarius
  • Bloody Coffin
  • Blue Bascinet
  • Bubbly Bernie
  • Cancer
  • Cargo Crab Colin
  • Duke Decapod
  • Ferrocrab
  • Heavy Metal Crab
  • Heike Crab
  • King Arthro
  • Megapod Megalops
  • Metal Crab
  • Metal Shears
  • Nightmare Crab
  • Tegmine
  • Undead Crab
  • Wake Warder Wanda

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Special Attacks

  • Big Scissors: Single target damage.
  • Bubble Curtain: Shell effect.
  • Bubble Shower: AoE Water damage and Strength down.
  • Metallic Body: Stoneskin effect.
  • Scissor Guard: Defense up.

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James Cutter
Biographical information


Date of birth

2479 [1]

Physical description







M6 Sidearm (unknown model)


UNSC Spirit of Fire

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Human-Covenant War

Notable Facts

Commanding officer of the Spirit of Fire.




Captain James Cutter was a Senior Officer in the UNSC Navy.[2] He was the commanding officer of the modified colony ship, the UNSC Spirit of Fire.[3] Cutter is known to have had a wife, Mary Cutter, and a daughter on Reach. Their fate is unknown.[4]

He appears as a hero unit in Halo Wars.[5]



Before joining the UNSC, Cutter earned respect for standing up to terrorists in the Epsilon Indi system. Over time, he became the captain of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, and is known to walk the ship at night to check on the crew. He is so well respected that coffee houses give him free coffee beans to take with him on long trips.[6]

James Cutter entered the UNSC School of the North Star on September 15th, 2500, where he studied on astro-navigation and political science.

He was then sent to the Officer Candidate School on June 19th, 2504 where he was taught in Command and Navigation.

There, he entered naval service as a Lieutenant and junior Navigations Officer on the UNSC Brilliant Shores on November 16th, 2507. He was later transferred to the UNSC Final Summit on January 9th, 2514, where he became the chief Navigation Officer,

He achieved the rank of Commander upon his transfer to the UNSC Glasgow on August 8th, 2519, a post he stayed at until his transfer to the Spirit of Fire on the fifth anniversary of his transfer to the Glasgow. He was given the rank of Captain on arrival.

Before the Harvest campaign, Cutter was offered command of the Destroyer UNSC Prophecy, though he turned it down.[7]

With the outbreak of war with the Covenant, Cutter was handpicked by Admiral Preston Cole to command the Spirit of Fire in her new role as center of repair, supply, and forward deployment operations for Battlegroup D. Cutter participated in the Harvest Campaign in 2531.[8] He developed a close relationship with the ship's AI, Serina, but was suspicious as to the presence of Professor Anders, suspecting that there was more to her than met the eye.[9] After making a log on the "five years of hell" that led to the reclamation of the planet[10], Cutter and his ship still remained within the system, Cutter believed that although Harvest had been reclaimed by the UNSC, it was unlikely that the Covenant would simply back down. His belief was vindicated in a sense, considering that Sergeant John Forge alerted Cutter that the Covenant had uncovered something in the planet's northern polar region, with Professor Anders giving further proof of this claim. Cutter thus ordered that Alpha Base be brought online and the site be taken.[11] In the aftermath of the Harvest 'field trip', Cutter's level of trust towards Anders increased, impressed by the bravery she'd demonstrated down on the planet.[9]


  • Bronze Star
  • Campaign Ribbon/Operation: TREBUCHET/Logistics Corps/
  • Campaign Ribbon/Operation: BREADCRUMB/
  • Campaign Ribbon/Operation: WHISPER AMONG STARS/CLASSIFIED[12]

In-Game Information


  • Leader Power - MAC Blast.
  • Unique Unit - Elephant.


  • Base Bonus - New bases start as Stations and the starting base is a Fortress.
  • Super Unit - ODST.
  • MAC Upgrades - Medium MAC Blast (Shoots two rounds) - Large MAC Blast (Shoots three rounds) - Super MAC Blast (Shoots four rounds).

Strategic tips

  • The cost for his Super Unit upgrade is 1800 resources. This upgrade allows you to use the Hot Drop Ability (HEV), when ODSTs are sent to the selected area.
  • Cutter's leader power is the slowest and most noticeable of the three (Cutter's MAC Blast, Sgt. Forges Carpet Bomb, and Anders Cryo Bomb). It is smart to use Cutter's against a Scarab, or an enemy base.
  • Cutter's main advantage is that he can gain an early foothold in any Skirmish since his starting base is a Fortress which makes him very good at rushing the enemy.
  • It is preferred to send a scout Warthog to see what your foe is doing at the early stages of a Skirmish. But since Cutter can produce Elephants, you can send one to your enemies base and continuously harass your foe with infantry while you build up your army back at your base.


  • Captain Cutter is the only person in Halo Wars that can order an M312 Elephant HRV to be transported down to the combat zone, as well as being able to initiate Magnetic Accelerator Cannon strikes, although in game these are incorrectly referred to as "Mass Accelerated Cannon".
  • Cutter's original concept art closely resembles Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars universe, played by Ian McDiarmid.[13]
  • He sometimes refers to ships in old nautical terms, although he has never seen an actual waterborne naval vessel. [14]
  • Cutter is voiced by Gregg Berger.
  • Captain Cutter is the only Leader unit in Halo Wars that never appears on the battlefield.
  • Captain Cutter was one of the few people to know about the Flood before the Battle of Installation 04.



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ST Expanded

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A cutter is any type of small spacecraft.

A cutter, like its oceangoing counterpart, may be an auxiliary craft to a larger vessel, or it may be an independent vessel, perhaps used for planetary or system defense.

Pre-warp civilizations may have cutters capable of a maximum speed of one-quarter impulse, but most cutters under the auspices of the United Federation of Planets Starfleet or individual Federation member worlds would be warp-capable.

The difference between a cutter and clipper, in a spacefaring context, may be one of velocity and not necessarily size of vessel.

Lyrans fielded police cutters and were even used as the rabble in large fleet engagements. (RIS Bouteina: "Battle at the Grave of Thoughts", "Sphere of Influence")

starship classification
armed courierarmed scoutassault cruiserassault gunshipassault shipattack cruiserattack fighterattack frigateauxiliary craftbattle cruiserbattleshipbird-of-preyborder cuttercargo transportcarrierclippercolony shipcombat support tendercommand cruiserconstruction shipcorsaircorvettecouriercruisercutterdestroyerdestroyer escortdreadnoughtdropshipescortespionage shipexploratory cruiserexplorerfar courierfar scoutfar starbirdfast attack shipfast cruiserfast frigatefreighterfrigatefuel transportgeneration shipgunboatgunshipheavy courierheavy cruiserheavy destroyerheavy escortheavy explorerheavy frigateheavy gunshipheavy scoutheavy starbirdheavy warbirdheavy warshiphospital shipincursion frigateincursion cruiserinterceptorlight cruiserlight escortlight explorerlight frigatelight starbirdlight warbirdlong range tactical cruisermedium cruisermonitorpassenger linerpatrol shipperimeter action shippersonnel carrierpicket shipprison shipproberaiderrepair tenderresearch vesselresearch cruiserrunaboutscience vesselscoutshuttlecraftshuttlepodsleeper shipspace control shipstarbirdstarlinerstarshipstrategic frigatestrategic heavy cruiserstrike frigatestrike cruiserstrike warbirdstrike warshipsublight gunshipsuper carriersuperscoutsurveyorswift bird-of-preyswift courierswift cruiserswift frigateswift warbirdtactical cruisertactical frigatetankertendertimeshiptransporttugwarbirdwarship

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Cutter was a spicer term used to describe a person who prepared spice for use or sale. It was also applied to someone who was close enough to a person that they could be trusted with cutting their spice. The term, often used on Corellia, was also used to describe the lover of a spicer, as in the case between Black Sun criminal Zekka Thyne and Inyri Forge.


  • X-wing: Wedge's Gamble

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Star Wars Fanon

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Cutter was a slang term used by clone troopers to describe a device, placed over a floor or hull of a ship, that created a perfectly circular hole in the floor or hull. This hole would allow passage into said ship or a lower level.

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Cutter is a Predacon from the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.
You can't see me!

This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.



The Razor's Edge

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

The cutter displaces 50 tons, carries up to 12 passengers, and is capable of accelerations of up to 4 Gs. Cargo hold capacity and fuel tankage each equal 15 tons. Standard armament is one beam laser.

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Book 2:Starships

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