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The neutrality of this article is disputed
The neutrality of this article is disputed.
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Customer Support is the division of Jagex staff that interacts with players. They normally investigate abuse reports and Black mark appeals.


Customer Support is criticized by a few players for these issues:

  • Using semi-automated replies. This has been confirmed by a Jagex Moderator.
  • Taking long periods of time to respond to some messages.
  • Initial refusal to "erode" old black marks. Nowadays minor black marks will be removed after a period of time unless a player has been breaking rules in that time.
  • The decisions made after being accused for breaking rules. Some players have reported having their appeals accepted even after swearing and threatening Jagex. This leads many players to believe that Customer Support does not even read appeals.

They are also criticized for their decision to remove the "Comment on Our Service" link, which was the primary method for contacting Jagex about any in-game issues.

However, the Customer Support system is generally regarded as efficient—most rule breakers are reported and punished as necessary. If a player breaches the rules with a minor offence (such as slight spamming) the blackmarks received will not be as severe as those obtained for breaking more serious rules. "Dangerous" reports such as Password Scamming and Asking for personal details are taken very seriously by Customer Support and will rarely be overlooked.

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

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Customer Support's Outfit

Customer Support is the biggest department of CipSoft, employees of this department have Customer Support characters. Their main task is to assist players. They supervise the Tutors and Gamemasters, answer the e-mails sent to, answer on the Support boards, among others.

The name of those characters has the letters GM as a prefix, although this used to be CM (when they had the character position of Comunity Manager) but was changed to GM on September 1, 2008 together with a launch of a new department, as announced in this news on Customer Support characters are level 2 (except those who never logged in that are level 1). Most of them has no vocation, but if they want, they can have any vocation.

Customer Support characters were named Community Managers on March 8, 2007 by Cipsoft. The main reason for it, was to differ the paid staff on CipSoft from the volunteer workers known as Gamemasters.

In the Summer Update 2007, Customer Support members were given a red cape instead of a blue cape in order to distinguish them from Gamemasters.

On February 01 2008 a Featured Article about the Customer Support has been released by CipSoft.


Customer Supports work as rule enforcers like regular Gamemasters, but have more abilities to investigate rule violations.

Their in game characters have special abilities that are necessary to analyse bugs and other reports.

Next to their in game activities, most time is spend with backoffice activities, like answering the correspondence and administrating customer information.

Head Gamemaster: answers questions from gamemasters, help them with day-to-day problems, explain new situations, keep an eye on them to ensure that a gamemaster cannot abuse this responsible position, recruits new gamemasters from the rank of senior tutor, and takes care of senators.

Head Tutor: answers questions from tutors.


Grimrath current Head Tutor
Isolan TibiaMe support
Jaybe Fletcher
Manina current Head Gamemaster; website and game text writer
Master Tutor
Sidnia payment specialist; works on Billing Support board
Solkrin current team leader of Customer Support
Tavaren technical problem specialist; works on Technical Support board

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This article uses material from the "Customer Support" article on the Tibia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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