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Cursed Magic Tree
File:Cursed Magic Tree small.png
Members only? Yes
Woodcutting level 82
Woodcutting experience 275
Farming level Cannot be grown
Farming experience Cannot be grown
Examine The tree is corrupted by a dark energy.

The Cursed Magic Tree can only be cut after the Spirit of Summer Quest. It is found north-east of the flower patch in the Ruins where the Player does a portion of the Spirit of Summer Quest. Players must have a Woodcutting level of 82 or higher to cut it. It was released on the 29th of July of 2008. The cursed magic logs it yields cannot be sold or bought on the Grand Exchange, though they are tradeable, with a trade value of 1050 coins each.

While in the Spirit Realm they cannot be fletched, but they can be burned by players with a firemaking level of 75 or above. The cursed magic logs turn to normal magic logs after leaving the Spirit Realm. The log gives 275 experience and chopping down the tree will make a normal Magic Tree appear in wilderness. After cutting the magic tree the cursed tree will respawn. This means that a player is able to cut magic logs constantly without the wait of the respawn.

This tree makes the Wilderness a better woodcutting area, albeit a dangerous one. It is ideal to have only at least a rune hatchet, as they are more valuable than magic logs, therefore you won't lose any money in buying the hatchet, and a Ring of life. The area is infested with Revenants, and can be of high danger to players.


  • The tree doesn't have the magic stars that normal Magic Trees have.
  • Cutting it gives slightly more experience than normal Magic trees.

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