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Currencies are items which can be exchanged and are commonly used for transactions in RuneScape.

Coins are the main form of currency and is the only type of currency players can buy items off each other with. All other currencies may only be used at their specific location.

Here is a list of all currencies which currently exist in the game, and the areas in which they are used:

Currency Location Type Example Usage
Coins Coin of the realm of Gielinor Tradeable Player Trading, NPC Shops
Agility Arena Tickets Brimhaven Agility Arena Untradeable Agility Exp, Herbs
Archery tickets Ranging Guild Tradeable Ranging Items
Castle Wars Tickets Castle Wars minigame Untradeable Castle Wars Armour
Ectotokens Port Phasmatys Ectofuntus Untradeable Passage into Port Phasmatys
Fist of Guthix tokens Fist of Guthix minigame Untradeable Unique armour and gloves
Kudos Varrock Museum Virtual Lamps
Penguin points Larry during Penguin Hide and Seek Virtual Experience, coins
Pieces of Eight Trouble Brewing minigame Untradeable 'Rum', The Stuff, Clothing
Pizazz points Mage Training Arena Virtual Infinity Robes, Magic items
Runecrafting guild tokens Runecrafting Guild Untradeable Teletabs, Talismans
Slayer reward points Completing slayer tasks after Smoking Kills Virtual Experience, Runes
Tokkul TzHaar City Untradeable Onyx, Obsidian Weapons
Points Stealing Creation minigame Virtual Armour, Tools
Trading sticks Tai Bwo Wannai Village Tradeable Clothing, Services
Void Knight Commendation Points Pest Control minigame Virtual Armour, Items
Warriors' Guild Tokens Warriors' Guild Untradeable Access to Cyclopes, Defenders
Zeal points Soul Wars minigame Virtual Experience, Items

Kudos, Void Knight Commendation Points, Penguin Points, Points, Slayer reward points, and Zeal points are Virtual, or kept 'on record' and thus do not take up inventory or bank space. Pizazz points are stored in a Pizazz hat.


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