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Mr Cunningham
Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: Late 2000s
Actor: Huw Higginson

Mr Cunningham was a teacher at Park Vale School.


As a teacher, he did not have much discipline and let havoc rule the class. (SJA: The Day of the Clown) He also ran a form of detention and gave advice to Jacob West. After Steve Wallace joked about Jacob, he turned around and took Mr. Cunningham's voice. When Jacob let go of the Berserker Pendant he got his voice back and ran out the class with Steve Wallace and the other students in detention. (SJA: The Mark of the Berserker)

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"Cunningham" redirects here. For the character from "Bad Twin", see: "Pru Cunningham".
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One of the Others that ambushed Sawyer and Juliet in the jungle following the flaming arrow attack on the remaining survivors wore a jumpsuit with the name, Cunningham. Jones (a.k.a. Charles Widmore) appeared as the trio's leader, and Cunningham held Juliet while Mattingly was ordered by Widmore to cut off her hand. After Mattingly and Widmore were downed by rocks to the head, Sawyer tackled Cunningham and beat him with his fists. ("The Lie")

Cunningham was captured by the Survivors in 1954. He attempted to converse with Widmore in secret via Latin, but Juliet understood them and revealed that all Others could speak Latin. She explained that the three soldiers were Others. When Juliet convinced Cunningham to tell them where his camp was, Widmore broke his neck. ("Jughead")


  • In the casting call Cunningham is described as "Mid-20s to Early 30s. Any ethnicity. Athletic, used to living outdoors and off the land. He is a loyal soldier but willing to compromise with the enemy to protect his men. A very nice recurring character."
  • Given that Widmore was wearing a uniform with the name "Jones" on it, it is likely that the uniforms are stolen, so Cunningham might not be his real name. However, Widmore referred to him as "Cunningham" when reporting to Richard Alpert. ("Jughead")
  • Cunningham has a circular tattoo on his left wrist.

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  • What was his real name?

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