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The seemingly endless climb up the Cultists' Tower

The Cultists' Tower, also known as Tower of Fanatics and referred to as the Cult of Kefka Tower, is a location in Final Fantasy VI. The Cult of Kefka, a group that has been formed by those who fear Kefka Palazzo, constructed it as a monument to his dominion over the World of Ruin. The tower seems endlessly tall, and at the top lies "Kefka's secret treasure." Thieves frequently attempt to scale the tower, but come out empty handed or not at all due to the security measures in the tower. These measures do not allow characters to use their physical attacks, so only Magic can be used inside.

If the party reaches the top of the tower, they obtain the Soul of Thamasa, but they fall into a trap and have to fight the Magic Master before heading back down. The Holy Dragon, one of the Eight Dragons, also resides here.



The Cultists' Tower on the World Map

Monster formations


On the staircase

Inside the Treasure rooms


Because both you and your opponents are restricted to using only magical attacks, the Celestriad (Economizer in the SNES version) relic is invaluable here, and if this is coupled with Carbuncle, you are gifted with a near impenetrable defense as well as having one character with nearly infinite attacking power. The only attack that can reach you is the Magic Master's Ultima which cannot be reflected, however simply having Auto-Life on one character is enough to protect yourself fully. You can also use the esper Quetzalli so you will fly up the sky, but do this only if Magic Master's HP reaches 3,000. Also bring Umaro with you so you have at least one physical user. Do not equip Ribbon or Peace Ring on a character you want to berserk. This allows physical strike. Possible on Locke and Sabin.


"The Fanatics" from Final Fantasy VI
Image:FFVI - Fanatics.ogg
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"The Fanatics" is the background theme of the Cultists' Tower.

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