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The Crystal chest is the unofficial name of a treasure chest in Taverley that is famous for containing a Dragonstone, among other things. The chest is locked and can only be opened by a Crystal key. The crystal key is made up of a loop half of a key and the tooth half of a key you can acquire the crystal key by using them with each other. The Crystal key sells for more than most of the rewards, making it more monetarily satisfying to sell the key. Sadly when the key is used it disappears, so opening the chest is a gamble.

Attempting to open the chest without the crystal key yields the message, "This chest is securely locked shut."


The location of the crystal chest.
Blue dot indicating chest's location on the map. (Note: it doesn't appear in the minimap).

Value analysis and Contents

The chest loot always includes an uncut dragonstone and will normally include another random reward, but not always. Below are the values of the chest's contents, based on current G.E. prices. Most times you have a 9 out of 16 chance to make a profit, or a 56.25% chance, however this can fluctuate due to the price of the crystal key. The frequencies below are based on a batch of 1750 keys. There are theories floating around about only being able to obtain Rune Platelegs if you are a male character, and Rune Plateskirts if you are female. Presumably the chance is equal to get either of them. These tests were done on a Male Character, so there were actually no Rune Plateskirts achieved.

Image Possible loot Profit/Loss Frequency (Approx.)
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifSpinach rollFile:Coins 1000.png Uncut Dragonstone, Spinach roll and 2000 coins Coins  -14,700 11.9%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifAir runeBody runeEarth runeFire runeMind runeWater runeChaos runeCosmic runeDeath runeNature runeLaw rune Uncut Dragonstone, 50 of each elemental rune, 50 body and mind runes, 10 of all other runes, excluding blood, astral, and soul runes Coins  7,130 10.1%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifCoinsLoop half of a key Uncut Dragonstone, Loop half of a key and 750 Coins Coins  5,150 4.6%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifCoinsTooth half of a key Uncut Dragonstone, Tooth half of a key and 750 Coins Coins  49,250 3.4%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifRunite bar Uncut Dragonstone and 3 Runite bars Coins  42,400 9.5%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifCoal Uncut Dragonstone and 100 Coal (noted) Coins  10,200 8.6%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifIron ore Uncut Dragonstone and 150 Iron ore (noted) Coins  14,200 7.8%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gif Uncut Dragonstone Coins  -16,700 27.6%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifBones Uncut Dragonstone and Bones Coins  -16,561 0% (None obtained)
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifFile:Coins 1000.pngRaw swordfish Uncut Dragonstone, 5 raw swordfish and 1000 coins Coins  -12,870 6.3%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifRune platelegs Uncut Dragonstone and a Rune platelegs Coins  40,800 0.7%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifRune plateskirt Uncut Dragonstone and a Rune plateskirt Coins  26,200 0.7%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifFile:Adamant square shield.png Uncut Dragonstone and an Adamant sq shield Coins  -14,508 1.7%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifUncut sapphireFile:Coins 1000.pngSpinach roll Uncut Dragonstone, uncut Sapphire, 2000 coins, and a spinach roll Coins  -12,916 0% (None obtained)
File:uncut_dragonstone.gif2 Cut Rubies2 Cut Diamonds Uncut Dragonstone, 2 Cut Rubies and 2 Cut Diamonds Coins  24,638 7.7%
File:uncut_dragonstone.gifFile:Dragonstone.gif Uncut Dragonstone and cut Dragonstone

Coins  54,700


Based on the above table the expected profit from opening the chest is Coins  5,186.


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