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The road to the Crystal

The Crystal World (クリスタルワールド, Kurisutaru Waarudo) is the last area in Final Fantasy IX. The final bosses are fought here and the only random encounters in here are crystal replicas of the four Chaos guardians.



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After travelling through Memoria and reviewing their memories and the memories of the planet, the party finds themselves in the Gate to Space, reaching the Crystal World. There, the party travels across a set of roads of pure crystals, eventually reaching Kuja, gazing into the Crystal. Threatning to destroy the birth of all things, Kuja sends his pet Deathguise to obliterate his enemies, but eventually kills his minion in disgust when he realizes that it is being defeated. After Deathguise's fall, Kuja attacks the party himself, utilizing the full powers of Trance. Trance Kuja fails to defeat Zidane and his friends by normal means and resorts to casting the ultimate magic, Ultima. With showers of purple light, Kuja defeats the party, summoning Necron in the process.


Musical Theme

"Crystal World"
Trouble with the audio sample?

The background music played, titled "Crystal World", is actually a remix of the Prelude.

Other Appearances


Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Crystal World in Dissidia.

The Crystal World is Final Fantasy IX's representative arena in Dissidia. It is here that Squall fights the Warrior of Light and Zidane battles Kuja in their respective storylines.

The stage is dominated by two large orange platforms connected to each other, and features a series of purple and orange platforms of crystal floating in the air and surrounding the center two platforms. Some of the crystal platforms are destructive. The alternate form of the stage features various pillars and platforms materializing in random patterns throughout a match. The Brave Pool rises when crystals appear.

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