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The Crystal Tower
The Crystal Tower, surrounded by the Ancients' Maze, on the world map

The Crystal Tower (クリスタルタワー, Kurisutarutawā), also known as Sylx Tower (シルクスの塔, Shirukusu no Tou), and, in the DS remake, as the Syrcus Tower, is a location from Final Fantasy III. The wizard Xande has set up base here, since it is here where the imbalance of light and darkness is strongest. It contains a portal to the Forbidden Land, Eureka.

High in the tower is a mirror surrounded by five dragons. Anyone who looks in this mirror will be inflicted with the Curse of the Five Wyrms, and will be unable to move. Only five people of pure hearts will be able to break the curse, by standing in front of each of the dragons.

After the Warriors of Light defeat Xande, the Cloud of Darkness opens a portal to the World of Darkness here, hoping to return all things to nothing. The party must enter this portal to defeat the Cloud of Darkness.



Item Location
Chocobo's Wrath First screen, behind door to Eureka
Lilith's Kiss First screen, behind door to Eureka
Elven Bow First screen, right area
Chocobo's Wrath First screen, right area
White Scent First screen, right area
Chocobo's Wrath First screen, right area
White Scent First screen, staircase area
Fuma Garb First screen, staircase area
Elixir Second screen
Elixir Second screen
Phoenix Down Second screen
Elixir Third screen
Shuriken Fourth screen
Phoenix Down Fourth screen
Phoenix Down Fifth screen
Elixir Fifth screen
Phoenix Down Seventh screen
Crystal Mail Seventh screen
Crystal Gloves Eight screen
Phoenix Down Eight screen
Crystal Helm Eight screen
Crystal Shield Eight screen



Crystal Tower from the DS version of Final Fantasy III
Image:FFIII - Crystal Tower.ogg
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The Crystal Tower has its own, eponymous, theme, whose NES version was later used as a bonus track for Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Other Appearances


Final Fantasy Tactics

The Crystal Tower

The Crystal Tower was mentioned as one of the wonders in Final Fantasy Tactics. It bears the following description:

This spire, once the heart of the ancient kingdom of Baron, was protected by the labyrinthine city at its base. The tower’s crystal walls were a symbol of the royal family’s wealth and power, but also of oppression

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