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This article is about the cave on Dantooine. You may be looking for the caves on Ilum.
The Crystal Cave.

The Crystal Cave of Dantooine was located near the Khoonda Plains and the Jedi Enclave that existed during the time of the Jedi Civil War. The Jedi from the academy would often journey to the cave in order to find lightsaber crystals, many varieties of which grew out of the walls of the cavern. Unfortunately, the cave was only accessible via a complex of tunnels created by a hive of dangerous kinrath which used the cave as a nesting site. Red lightsaber crystals formed in unhatched kinrath eggs.

In the year 3,956 BBY, Revan entered the cave and collected numerous crystals during his quest to find the Star Forge. During the Dark Wars that followed the Jedi Civil War, Khoonda was formed and the Dantooine militia sealed the Kinrath caves, but the Kinrath quickly made a new tunnel to the surface that was even closer to Khoonda.

The Jedi Exile entered the cave complex in 3,951 BBY and killed the kinrath matriarch in order to pacify the local kinrath population. While exploring the Kinrath tunnels, she and her companions stumbled across the Crystal Cave, and with the help of Kreia, she was able to detect the imprint that Revan had left upon the chamber. She also collected several lightsaber crystals, including a unique personal crystal which would prove quite useful during her campaign against the Sith Triumvirate.

At some point prior to the end of the Clone Wars and the execution of Order 66, the Jedi Jax Pavan obtained a small crystal from the Dantooine caves, which he kept with him during his time in the Coruscant underlevels.


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