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The Cryptic Clue Fest was a special clue-seeker event held around the weekend of the 2009 Thanksgiving event[1][2] on both the RuneScape Forums and in-game.

Solving the clues will prove a tough challenge as you pit your wits against a mysterious clue-setter and his secret network of contacts. Regardless, if you can stay the course and solve the clues over the next four days, you’ll certainly have proven your detective skills.
Mod Howes and Mod Mark H, RuneScape Community Management

This event was released on 26 November but was removed on 8 December. Five clues were released.

  • An NPC clue pointed to the NPC players need to talk to.
    • These were revealed by the NPCs that take part in the event.
  • An item clue were the items needed to bring to the NPC.
    • These clues were released on the official RuneScape Forums by Jagex Moderators.
    • Noted items could NOT be used.
    • EXACT number of items had to be in the inventory. Any more or less would not work.
    • Players may also have had other items in their inventory alongside with the required ones.

Players could proceed one stage of the event once a day, as soon as the new clues were released. They could choose to do all the clues on the final day. Players wishing to complete this task, however, must have had visited each of the NPCs in this mini-quest in the order that the clues were given. Attempting to skip ahead would simply get NO response.






For those players interested in a compiled list of items and locations to complete this event without having to solve the riddles, this list is provided below:

Clue 1: 26 November

To solve Clue 1[2], players will need to solve a simple puzzle to identify what items they will need to bring to continue this clue quest.

The items you will need to bring is based upon this following matrix:

CA Rope Shrimp Bronze med helm Raw lobster
BA Iron dagger Pot Tin ore Bucket
RA Potato Logs Banana Cowhide

There are three riddles that must be solved using this matrix that will help to identify what items are needed to obtain the next clue:

  • "Hardly nutritious, but it can be frosted even during summer!"
  • "Oh my, sounds like a naked grizzly!"
  • "A judgement of quality you pass on things and people. Sometimes you do it highly, sometimes rather poorly."

For example, if the above statement means "RAKE", chop the word into "RA" and "KE". Refer these two coordinates to the above table to check the item needed. The number of items required is based on the following riddle:

You’ll want to carry three of the first, two of the second and five of the third, so he knows you’re not just a lucky guesser!

Finally, the NPC that you need to deliver these items to is based upon the following riddle:

To a sponger of Lumbridge is to whom you must speak, He asks folks for money, week after week

All of these items could be bought from the Grand Exchange, or obtained through any other means. Once players talk to the NPC with these items in their inventory, he will reveal the following information for the next clue:

Clue 2: 27 November

Next, players will need to visit the NPC revealed in the previous day's clue. The items required for Clue 2 can be found by looking between each of the lines of the clue[2]. Using Ctrl+A on the keyboard (or by highlight the article using the mouse), look at the highlighted words that will become visible.

The highlighted text reads:

  • Item 1: When baking a cake, there’s a bucket of one ingredient you’ll need. Carry two of these.
  • Item 2: You’d never catch Herring with empty line, so carry seven of this item to catch your contact.
  • Item 3: Ever heard of Roman numerals? You’ll need to carry CCXXVII gold coins!
  • Item 4: The final item is a tool used in creating your dwellings and protecting your body from attack. Hit the nail on the head with four of these.

For those needing help, the items needed can be revealed by clicking "show":

All of these items may also be purchased from the Grand Exchange, or obtained through any other means. Once players talk to the correct NPC with these items in their inventory, that NPC will reveal a riddle to identify the next NPC for clue #3:

Clue 3: 28 November

The fest now brings players to the next NPC, where some additional items need to be found based on the following "brain teasers" or mathematical word problems:

Puzzle #1

A tailor is making a new coat. He needs half the amount of threads that are in the hem for the collar. The sleeves need four times as many threads as the collar. The trim, which is the same as the hem, requires ten threads. The sides need five times less than the sleeves. If the tailor buys 55 threads, how many does he have left over once he’s made his coat?

The number of threads he has left is the same number of Red Spiders’ Eggs you’ll need.

Puzzle #2

Fred the Farmer and his brother, Geoff the Gardener, have acquired a ten-acre plot of land between them. They split the rights to the land evenly and go to work at planting seeds and crops on their half of the farmland.

Farmer Fred starts from the west, while Geoff the Gardener starts from the east. Fred plants seeds at twice the rate Geoff does, but Geoff ploughs an acre every ten minutes while Fred takes twenty-five minutes.

Selling all of their produce results in 400 gold coins between them.

How much of that wage is Fred entitled to? You will need to be carrying that same amount of gold coins.

Puzzle #3

My first is in jungle but not in rectangular,
My second is in blunder but not blender,
My third is in gallant but not in talent.

To this you will need to add the following:
My first is in dwarf but not in farced,
My second is in battle but not in mettle,
My third is in monster but not in ransomed,
My fourth is in mention but not in notion,
My fifth is in thread but not in death.

What am I? You’ll need to carry three!

Puzzle revealed

The items based on the puzzles[2] can be revealed below:

Clue 4: 29 November

Finally, players must visit last and final NPC on this journey.

The item clue posted on the forums is as follows; it's a riddle Sir Tiffy Cashien came up with according to the newspost.

On one of my many journeys about Gielinor, I encountered the strange beast known as the Chaos Elemental. When I came across this swirling vortex of randomness it was holding a rather mundane looking chest.

“What items do you have in that chest?” I asked it.

The creature responded: “Its no Mirasol all Gentle cats can tilt red Romulans rear crease bulbs salt gate”

Thoroughly confused, I told him I didn’t understand. Again, the bizarre monster responded: “43 – 35 – 27 – 19 – 11… Use what follows to skip over the answer.”

Confused? By Jove, that’s an understatement! I was dumbstruck for a while, but I remembered my lessons in deciphering secret messages and eventually I cracked it! An odd assortment of items, but then the Chaos Elemental is a strange being!

Anyway, you’ll need three of the first item, ten of the second and the number you get if you take the first from the second for the third. Haha!


The NPC gives the following response when these items are brought to him:


NPC clues



  • One of the clues refers to a "naked grizzly". However, the word naked is censored both in-game and on the forums.
  • As of 29 November 2009 at 16:31 UTC, Cryptic Clue Fest Day 4 was the top searched phrase on Google. Active game player rescues our cliff imp was one of most searched phrases.
  • Despite the fact that Jagex repeatedly said in every event-related thread that players were NOT to post spoilers, hundreds of players have attempted to post the answers to these riddles in the official Cryptic Clue Fest thread. This has resulted in an extremely high number of hidden posts in that thread. The rapidity with which these spoilers are hidden suggests an unusually high number of Forum Moderators and Jagex Moderators watching the thread continuously.
  • The original reward for the event was to be Roddeck's pipe, however it was changed to the Magnifying Glass before release. Also, if you type in items on quick chat 'Roddeck's Pipe' you will find it even though it was never released:
"No pipe. It was going to be the original reward but was changed near the end, probably just a mistake in the QC. ~ MMH ~"
Mod Mark H[4]


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