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DC Comics

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Final Fantasy

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Luzzu, a Crusader from Besaid
"Young Crusaders gather round! We'll beat Sin into the ground!"
—Gatta leading Crusader troops

The Crusaders are an organization of volunteer warriors in Final Fantasy X. Commanded by Wen Kinoc, a Maester of Yevon, the Crusaders pledged to defend the people of Spira against the terror of Sin, even at the cost of their own lives.



The Crusaders were first formed as the Crimson Blades 800 years prior to the events of Final Fantasy X by Lord Mi'ihen. As the first volunteer-based organization dedicated to defending the people of Spira from Sin, the Crimson Blades grew very quickly in number.

The Maesters of Yevon began to fear their numbers and accused the Crimson Blades of rebellion. Lord Mi'ihen himself travelled to Bevelle to fight these claims, and he eventually managed to win the Maesters' trust. He renamed the Crimson Blades as the Crusaders, and the organization began to operate as members of the clergy of Yevon. The road Lord Mi'ihen travelled to Bevelle was renamed the Mi'ihen Highroad, in reflection of his actions.

Before Operation Mi'ihen

The Crusader's Lodge in Besaid.

The Crusaders had numerous chapters across Spira. They fought their best to keep Sin away from villages and fight fiends and Sinspawn. Many Crusaders are stationed at Luca in order to protect the Blitzball Stadium. As Blitzball is the only means of entertainment for the people of Spira, it is important for the Crusaders to protect the stadium to keep the people's spirits up.

Tidus first encounters two Crusaders on the island of Besaid. Luzzu at Gatta warn Tidus of the fiends on the path ahead to the village. Wakka's younger brother, Chappu, was once part of the Besaid faction of the Crusaders after being persuaded by Luzzu to join. Prior to the events of Final Fantasy X, Chappu, along with many others, died in an unknown Crusader operation near Djose, using Al Bhed machina.

On Besaid, the Crusader's Lodge serves as an inn for both Crusaders and guests to the island. Tidus is offered to rest there, where he first learns of the Crusaders' plight to defeat Sin.

Operation Mi'ihen

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Operation Mi'ihen was a joint operation by the Crusaders and the Al Bhed that attempted to destroy Sin through the use of forbidden Machina. The church of Yevon did not approve of Operation Mi'ihen and as a result, the Crusaders were excommunicated. However, the operation was led by two maesters of the church of Yevon, Seymour Guado and Wen Kinoc.‎

Gatta and Luzzu are both present during Operation Mi'ihen. Either one will die during the battle depending on the player's actions.

During the battle, both the Crusaders and the Al Bhed are overpowered by Sin. Because of the large number of casualties, the Crusaders are forced to disband.

After Operation Mi'ihen

Following the events of Operation Mi'ihen, the remaining Crusaders were allowed to seek refuge in Djose Temple despite their excommunicated status. They ceased operating for a time and their stations were taken over by the Warrior Monks.

After a time, the Crusaders slowly began to regroup. Following the murder of Maester Kinoc, Yevon and the Warrior Monks were thrown into chaos, and the Crusaders once again stepped in as defenders of the people of Spira.

Upon visiting Besaid, either Gatta or Luzzu can be seen training a new set of Crusaders, depending on which one survived.

Final Fantasy X-2

In Final Fantasy X-2, some of the surviving crusaders join the Youth League.


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Marvel Database

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Team Identity


First appearance
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The Crusaders first appeared in wartime London and routed the crew of a crashed German bomber, convincing the British that they finally have a superteam to rival the Invaders. An eccentric cab driver named Alfie seems to be their boss. It is later revealed that he gave most of them the devices that grant them their powers and can turn their powers off with a switch on his belt.

But Dyna-Mite, who has no memory of where he came from, becomes suspicious. He spies on Alfie and discovers that he is a tool of the Nazis and is using them in a plot to assassinate the king. Alfie, meanwhile, has convinced the Crusaders that the Invaders (Captain America, Bucky, Human Torch, Toro, Namor) have traitorous inclinations.

So when Dyna-Mite finally warns the Invaders, and they rush to the scene to stop the king's murder, the Crusaders naturally assume they are under attack and a slugfest ensues. Tommy shocks Cap, Cap slugs the Spirit of 76, Thunderfist punches Namor, etc.

Eventually, the truth (and a bomb in the champagne bottle) is revealed. Alfie flees but is killed when the Torch's fireball causes his taxi to go off a bridge. Most of the Crusaders give up their heroic careers, now that their powers are gone. Two of the Crusaders however remained active: Spirit of 76 took over as the new Captain America when Steve Rogers got frozen. But after the war, Nasland was killed in a fight with some robots of the evil android called Adam 1.

Dyna-Mite turned out to be a friend of Brian Falsworth, the original Mighty Destroyer, and later Union Jack II. Aubrey was restored to his normal size and succeeded Falsworth as the Mighty Destroyer.

Ghost Girl shows up later but has real powers and can turn ghost like. It's unkown were she is now.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • The Crusaders is the name used by two teams of superheroes, one group appearing in DC Comics and the other in Marvel Comics, at around the same time as part of an informal crossover. The DC Comics team was created by Bob Rozakis and Dick Ayers in the pages of Freedom Fighters #7 March (1977). The Marvel Comics version of the Crusaders first appeared in Invaders #14, written by Roy Thomas and drawn by Frank Robbins.


The Crusaders are introduced
  • The Spirit of '76: William Nasland, an American dressed like a revolutionary hero and equipped with a bullet-proof cloak. (Clearly the stand-in for Uncle Sam)
  • Dyna-Mite: Roger Aubrey, a six-inch tall man with the strength of a normal sized person. (Doll-Man)
  • Ghost Girl: An unidentified Scottish girl who had a mechanism in her gloves that could cast her image several feet away. She wore a rather revealing outfit and had the ability to create illusory doubles of herself that were very lifelike in appearance. (Phantom Lady)
  • Tommy Lightning: An unidentified Cockney who had the ability to absorb electricity and cast powerful lightning bolts. (the Ray)
  • Captain Wings: Upper-class gent who couldn't get into the RAF because of a heart murmur. He was able to fly and had a pair of golden wings on his back. (Black Condor)
  • Thunderfist: He was very strong and had the ability to throw explosive punches. (Human Bomb)


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Mandalorian Crusaders
General information

Mandalore the First (according to legend)

Notable members


Historical information

c. 7,000 BBY


3,960 BBY[4]

Other information

Old Republic era

"The Mandalore clans are the best fighters in the galaxy... we don't need to wait for a few Jedi."
Mandalore the Indomitable

The Mandalorian Crusaders were the first documented type of Mandalorians, thought to have been established by Mandalore the First in 7,000 BBY. Under the command of Mandalore the Indomitable, they eventually became involved in the Great Sith War and fought for the Jedi turned Sith Lord Ulic Qel-Droma. The Crusaders were traditional Mandalorian warriors[4], placing highest value on gaining honor and glory in combat.




"For my people it's the honor and glory of battle that rules us. It's through combat that we prove our worth, gain renown and make our fortunes."
Canderous Ordo

According to legend, the Crusaders were first formed on the planet Mandalore around the year 7,000 BBY by Mandalore the First[5], who is said to have conquered the world by defeating the Mythosaur, the great beasts who dominated the planet. After conquering Mandalore, the Mandalorians ventured on crusades in the years leading up to the Great Sith War, gaining them valuable planets such as Ordo, Concord Dawn, Shogun and Gargon.[5]

The Great Sith War

The Crusaders roamed space seeking war, making conquered worlds their home.[1] Lead by the warrior Mandalore the Indomitable, they arrived in the Empress Teta system by 3,997 BBY. Riding their Basilisk War Droids, they destroyed a Krath carbonite smelter in orbit to provoke the Krath into fighting them. Ulic Qel-Droma, a Sith Lord associated with the Krath agreed to duel Mandalore on Mandalore's newly conquered world of Kuar.[2]

Ulic became the victor, and the Brotherhood of the Sith gained command of Mandalore's forces, an act that left many Mandalorians frustrated.[4] A few extremists amongst the clans even declared themselves leaderless, as Mandalore in effect lost his title to Ulic, and Qel-Droma being an outsider couldn't take it. Too few in numbers, the voices of those objectors wasn't heard. These same objectors later founded the Neo-Crusader movement on Mandalore.[4]

The Crusaders fought on Ulic's side in the Battle of Foerost, Coruscant and eventually were ordered to Onderon by Exar Kun. During that battle, they survived only by retreating to the Dxun moon. Mandalore himself was killed by the beasts of Dxun. The defeat left the Mandalorians scattered, many feeling betrayed and speaking of vengeance against the Republic and it's Jedi guardians.[4]

The Mandalorian Wars

Soon after the Sith War, a new Mandalore, named the Ultimate rose to power. He called upon aides to help him reshape the identity of the Mandalorian forces, and as a group of warriors named the Neo-Crusaders began calling for the reestablishment of the tradition, Mandalore used the group as a foundation for his goal. During the onslaught on the outer rim, a veteran Crusader named Rohlan Dyre began to question the motive behind the war and specifically the Neo-Crusaders. Ironically, Rohlan soon became a tool for Mandalore, who used him as a cautionary tale promoting the Neo-Crusaders.[6]

During the invasion into the Republic, Mandalore had Neo-Crusaders present in every unit to spread the ideals of uniformity and order in an attempt to boost morale and convert Crusaders to this new way of life. A few resisted, but many more converted, such as the warrior Canderous Ordo. During the invasion of Taris, the Crusader quickly became a shrinking minority in the Mandalorian forces. There were still some objectors, and a few even turned down commands from Cassus Fett.[7]

After the final battle of the Mandalorian Wars, the Mandalorians again scattered across the galaxy. Many honorable warriors continued the traditions[4], while many others swallowed their pride and became soldiers for hire.[1]

Doctrine and organization

According to legend, the Mandalorian forefathers used to be deeply religious and used warfare as a ritual to their gods. The society changed over the millennia, including their once sophisticated holy laws devolved into the Canons of Honor, and war itself became the object of worship. Any campaign they waged became a Crusade if it promised holy carnage.[1] Traditional Crusaders had no written laws, but the few rules that existed were sacred to their society. The most important were the resol'nare, or the six actions.[4] Other norms included the Canons of Honor, which helped warriors to gain honor and glory by participating in battles and being loyal to one's clan.[1] Unlike the Neo-Crusader movement, the Crusaders didn't conscript or seek out warriors to join their cause, but attracted individuals by the examples they set.[4] The resol'nare had nothing to say when it came to species, and amongst the Taungs were a great variety of different species all united and dedicated to the movement as equals.[4]

A society of traditionally nomadic warriors, the Mandalorian Crusaders did not recognize bureaucracy. Division of labor sorted itself out organically. A warrior needed to be self-sufficient and competent, and each warrior was responsible for their own feeding and supplying. Instead of relying on helmet transceivers, Crusaders carried information through the forces by sound and vision. They always kept an eye on their fellow warriors to respond when battle situations changed. Since the Crusaders had no ranks, they traditionally followed the most experienced veteran on the field into battle.[4] One such man was "Commander" Rohlan Dyre, who earned this honor and lead warriors to countless battles including his last at the Battle of Vanquo. [8] Even with no formal units, the Crusaders often named these informal formations. One such was Viper Alpha, who fought in the Battle of Ossus during the Sith War.[2]


Crusader Armor.

The Crusaders used two basic suits of armor, the combat suit and battle armor, which was sometimes used by veterans.[4] Each warrior however customized their armors internally as externally so no two suits were identical in any way. Most suits were geared towards personal combat, the form of combat considered most honorable by the Crusaders.[1] It was often organic in appearance, as warriors generally decorated their armors with spikes and straps. During the Sith War, the Crusaders often employed the Zim Systems rocket packs.[1] The armors were airtight, so the warriors could ride the open-mount model of the Basilisk War Droids in vacuum as well as in atmosphere for up to ten hours.[4]

Known members


  • Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War (First appearance)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 6: Commencement, Part 6
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  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 23: Knights of Suffering, Part 2
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  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 30: Exalted, Part 2
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 31: Turnabout
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 37: Prophet Motive, Part 2
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 38: Faithful Execution
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 48: Demon, Part 2 (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Star Wars Miniatures: Knights of the Old Republic ad (Non-canonical appearance)
  • Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption (Mentioned only)


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Star Wars Fanon

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The Crusaders were a group of Jedi, led by Bryn Fulcron, who led the fight against the Red Dawn from 36 ABY to 38 ABY.

Crusader Members (36-37 ABY)

  • Bryn Fulcron
  • Jaina Solo-Fulcron
  • Tahiri Veila
  • Kam Solusar
  • Tionne
  • Bryt Fulcron
  • Zekk
  • Octa Ramis
  • Tenel Ka (partially)
  • Jacen Solo (partially)
  • Lowbacca
  • Twool
  • Doran Tainer


  • Jag Fel
  • Shawnkyr Nurudo

Members during 38 ABY

  • All former members except Kam, Tionne, and Octa Ramis

New Members

  • Dorsk 83
  • Waxarn Kel
  • Kyle Katarn
  • Shada D'ukal
  • Talon Karrde

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