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Production information

Porax-38 starfighter




120,000 credits (new)

Technical specifications

12.7 meters


12.88 meters


2.71 meters

Maximum acceleration

4,300 G

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

61,000 km/h (w/shields activated)

Hyperdrive rating

Class .75

Hyperdrive system

Custom-designed miniaturized hyperdrive system

Power plant

Custom-built miniaturized reactor


Military-grade equipped


Durasteel alloy w/Impervium coating

Sensor systems

Modified sensor suite from Delta-7 interceptor

Targeting systems

Prototype CEC advanced combat computer

Navigation system

NavComp equipped (holds 15 preprogrammed jump coordinates)

  • Sensor cloak
  • Targeting scramblers
  • Fire-linked pulse laser cannons (4)
  • Proton torpedo launchers (2)
    • Standard load: 3 high-yield torpedoes each

Pilot (1)


2 weeks

Other systems
  • HoloComm transceiver

Personal transport

  • Rise of the Empire era
  • Rebellion era
  • New Republic era
  • New Jedi Order era

Crusader was the personal transport of Siva Kai, a Nagain mercenary in the employ of Wayland's Wilders. Kai had already spent some time modifying the ship before joining up with the Wilders, and their chief technician, Syd N'aanzi, assisted him in further improving the fighter.

Obviously, the first thing that needed changing was the size of the cockpit, as it was designed for the small frame of a small, stocky Utai, rather than a tall, lanky Nagai such as Siva. The refit also forced him to replace the fighter's original dual-reactor power system with a miniaturized conventional power source, albeit a rather robust one which actually increased the ship's overall energy output.

The increased energy supply allowed for further modifications. The twin laser cannons were swapped out for a quartet of N'aanzi's trademark pulse lasers, and he somehow managed to cram in a pair of proton torpedo launchers as well. A shield generator was taken from a Delta-7 interceptor (made stronger by the powerful generator driving it), complete with its ability to automatically strengthen areas of the shield that were under attack. The Aethersprite's sensor suite was also co-opted, and its sensitivity was refined to make up for Kai's lack of Force sensitivity.

One of the craft's most unique modifications was the addition of a prototype combat/targeting computer "acquired" from the Corellian Engineering Corporation. The highly advanced machine allowed for a greater number of vehicles to be acquired and tracked simultaneously, and would even direct the weapons linked to it to focus on known weak spots of whatever they were aimed at (e.g. the exposed shield generator of an Incom I-7 Howlrunner).


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