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For the play of the same name, see The Crucible.
Type: Space station
Created by: New Dalek Empire
Appearances: DW: The Stolen Earth / Journey's End

The Crucible was the flagship/superweapon of the Dalek Fleet of the New Dalek Empire at the centre of the Medusa Cascade. It was a mostly spherical space station, the size of a planet, with numerous docking ports on the outside. It also had a unique core of Z-Neutrino energy which powered the Reality Bomb.

During the War in the Medusa Cascade when the New Dalek Empire invaded the captured Earth, the Crucible was at 90% efficiency. (DW: The Stolen Earth) Human prisoners were taken there for the testing of the reality bomb.

The Crucible was to be the staging post for the deployment of the Reality Bomb, which would have destroyed all of the universe except for the inhabitants of the station. It was destroyed, along with the Daleks, by the Doctor's clone. (DW: Journey's End)


The interior.

The Crucible was a huge sphere. It was split into two halves by an equatorial rim, from which extended at least four (probably six or eight) arms. At the ends of these arms there were large docking stations for Dalek saucers.

The exterior of the station also contained large circles which would appear to have been part of the reality bomb. Long, unexplained lines lay on the hull. Beneath the surface, various concentrations of light could be seen. The hull contained at least one circular shaft leading to the bridge. The TARDIS, immobilised by a temporal prison, was pulled from Earth to the Crucible and along this shaft to the bridge.

The Doctor, Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness arrive on the Crucible.

The interior of the Crucible contained the familiar colonnades present in Dalek saucers. The bridge consisted of a metallic platform and a large door resembling a blast door which opened into another section of the station where the Supreme Dalek seemed to reside. This door opened out onto some sort of raised platform on the bridge from which the Supreme Dalek could address the Daleks. The bridge would seem to have been directly above the Vault, as the Supreme Dalek could descend straight from his "throne" down into the Vault. However, it would also appear that the bridge was directly above a shaft leading to the Crucible's core; it is possible that this shaft also passed through the Vault. The shaft was covered by a trap-door-like mechanism which could be opened to deposit objects into the core. The bridge platform was located inside a larger chamber where at least dozens of Daleks could hover.

The Vault was a chamber which housed Davros and Dalek Caan. It contained at least three holding cells.

Elsewhere on the Crucible was a section apparently constructed from some sort of ceramic material. A group of human prisoners were brought here for the testing of the reality bomb.The Crucible had control over the entire Dalek fleet.

The Daleks disposed of waste on the Crucible through incineration in a circular drawer. The Crucible contained at least 2 miles of ventilation shafts. (DW: Journey's End)

It's unknown if this is the only one or if there was another Crucible during the Last Great Time War


Behind the Scenes

The Crucible resembles the Death Star from Star Wars in size and shape.

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Crucible is a trilogy of Star Trek: The Original Series novels written by David R. George III released as part of The Original Series’ 40th Anniversary. The books, instead of being one, continuous tale, focus on different adventures of each character. However, the books all focus on the TOS episode "The City on the Edge of Forever", and how the events of that episode affected the lives of McCoy, Spock, and Kirk.

According to editor Marco Palmieri (on a post at the Trek BBS), he advised David R. George III to "not worry about continuity" with respect to other books, and consequently (and somewhat unusually for modern Star Trek books) parts of Crucible trilogy contradict the continuity of other contemporary Star Trek prose works.


Title McCoy:
Provenance of Shadows
The Fire and the Rose
The Star to Every Wandering
David R. George III
September 2006
December 2006
March 2007
The complete cover image from all three books in the trilogy.

Omnibus plans

An early solicitation cover released for the book

There were plans to release an omnibus book of entire trilogy. The book was to have been published in May 2009, to coincide with the release of the new Star Trek movie. It was planned to be a hardcover, and to feature several new short stories, the content was to have been as follows:

  • New preface: "Talismans and Spells"
  • New short story: "The Potentials of Emptiness"
  • McCoy novel: Provenance of Shadows
  • New short story: "The Delicate Currents of the Past"
  • Spock novel: The Fire and the Rose
  • New short story: "The Weight of Too Few Years"
  • Kirk novel: The Star to Every Wandering
  • New short story: "Into the Void"
  • New short story: "Confluence, Enduring"

David R. George III had completed work on all the additional content, however in December of 2008 the book was announced as having been cancelled.[1]

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Pre-5,000 BBY

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Old Republic era

"Through the Great Sith War -- Even during the golden age of the sith -- They've been here all along. Hiding, stealing. Stealing people! Tearing families apart. Children, parents separated -- Forced to fight! Told their loved ones will suffer if they don't fight. But everyone suffers. Everyones!"
Ralthar Sitan

The Crucible was a massive millenary slave-trading organization, founded by the Sith Lord Ieldis. The original Sith purpose of the organization was to create standing armies from the refugees created during wars. The Crucible had existed since the Golden Age of the Sith.

Chantique was a known member of the organization as was Jarael, though the latter had left the organization sometime before 3,964 BBY. Members wore the "Flames of the Crucible" tattoo.


After finding out about the organization, and that Jarael had once been a part of it, former Jedi Zayne Carrick resolved to destroy the Crucible. The star cruiser Gladiator was one of a number of ships owned by the organization. Fleet Captain Dace Golliard intercepted the Hot Prospect in the Koornacht Cluster on the Gladiator, where Carrick was trying to undermine the Crucible's relationship with one of their customers, the Sungrazer cooperative. Another customer organization was the Franchise, an entertainment company run by the Krish, that by the time of the outbreak of the Mandalorian Wars was the leading league in the sport of dueling. The company's biggest installation, Jervo's World, was owned by Lhosan Industries. When Chairman Jervo Thalien tried to end the Franchise's relationship with the Crucible, after the slaving operation was exposed by Zayne Carrick, Chantique murdered him, leaving the Krish's dealings with Lhosan Industries to wait for their next representative to continue their investment.


  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 41: Dueling Ambitions, Part 3 (First appearance)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 42: Masks (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: The Reaping
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Destroyer
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 47: Demon, Part 1 (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 48: Demon, Part 2
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