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Crow's Nest

3°28'55.1" S
38°20'44.5" E


20th Century [1]


Novmber 17th, 2552


Military Base


Battle of Earth (Battle of Crow's Nest)

Facility Information
  • Operations Center
  • Armory
  • Barracks
  • Hangar
  • Motor Pool
  • Landing Pad
Known Commander(s)

LCDR Miranda Keyes


United Nations Space Command


Crow's Nest[2] is a United Nations Space Command base close to the town of Voi[3]. It was a command center for local UNSC Defense Forces in Kenya late in the Battle of Earth. The base was under command of Commander Miranda Keyes.



The Base is located inside a hill about 24 kilometers west from Voi, Kenya, a few kilometers north of the Tsavo Highway. The Crow's Nest was built for a war in the 20th century. Because of its age, the base often frustrated UNSC personnel because it required constant maintenance and had outdated technology, like its door controls.

It was used during the Battle of Voi for its proximity to what the UNSC thought was the Ark, but was in reality the Portal, as well as the fact that its underground location provided relative protection from aerial bombardment.



Early History

Crow's Nest was originally created for a 20th century conflict, most likely the Cold War. This is thought of being an oversight as no such base actually exists in real time. It is not known, but it can be presumed that it was used during the Interplanetary War. In some places, a NATO star can still be seen on the walls. During the occupation of Earth from October to November 2552, it became a base of guerrilla warfare for human forces in East Africa, because of its prime location, which is deep in the African jungle.

Battle of Voi

Main article: Battle of Voi

During the Battle of Voi, the Crow's Nest was used as a command base for forces in the area, such as contingents in Tsavo, Mombasa, Arusha, as well as the jungles and savanna.

Many wounded marine survivors from encounters with covenant patrols were sent to the base for medical treatment. The few able-bodied soldiers were organized into fire teams, but were spread thin throughout the base.

When SPARTAN-117 arrived at the base, Fleet Admiral Hood briefed him, and the command staff at the base, including the Arbiter and Sergeant Major Avery Johnson about a low-level assault on Covenant Loyalist warships stationed over the so called "Ark". Though their communication systems were hacked into and received a transmission of the Prophet of Truth. SPARTAN-117, Gunnery Sergeant Pete Stacker, Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds, and the Arbiter then organized a defense of the base. First, they attacked infantry, mainly Grunts and Jackals in a large roadway containing numerous supply trucks and armament. They then engaged one of the base's hangars controlled by Covenant Loyalist forces, with support by Type-52 "Phantom" Troop Carriers.

Current Status

The Crow's Nest was reported destroyed when the bomb armed by John-117 detonated. However, the motor pool and the cave leading to the Tsavo Highway are still intact, having only received minor damages after the explosion. The smoking hangars leading into the Crow's Nest are still visible from the outside.


  • Operations Center
  • Armory
  • Pipe Room
  • South Hangar
  • Motor Pool
  • Barracks
  • Landing Pad Bravo
  • Service Elevator
  • Basement
  • Ventilation Hub


  • The name "Crow's Nest" originates from a ship's lookout position, located near the mast.
  • The Crow's Nest and Voi are the only specific locations that are each featured in two different levels in the Halo 3 campaign.



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