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For other uses of "Crossover", see: Crossover (disambiguation).

NBC's television series Heroes in episode 1x15, "Run!" : a Gannon Car Rentals brochure, identical to that used in Lost, along with World Airways ticket jacket held by Jessica/Niki
NBC's television series Scrubs in epsiode 7x01, "My Own Worst Enemy" features an Apollo Bar identical to that used in Lost and The Lost Experience.

Crossovers refer to common content in multiple fictional works that serve to intentionally link their fictional universes together. As such, crossovers are to be distinguished from simple occurrences both cultural references in Lost and outside references to Lost.

Some crossovers include:

  • Gannon Car Rentals - crosses over with the NBC television series Heroes (see article for all examples)
  • Nozz-A-La may be interpreted as an ambiguous crossover with Stephen King works Dark Tower and Kingdom Hospital. However it may also be interpreted as primarily a cultural reference since Damon Lindelof is known to be a Stephen King fan [1], and because the logos for Nozz-A-La are different in their occurrence in Lost.
  • Oceanic Airlines
    • was previously mentioned in an episode of J.J. Abrams' show Alias, as well as references in the 1996 feature film Executive Decision and the 2003 Code 11-14. Also, although not qualifying as a true two-way crossover, Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 has also been mentioned (unilaterally) in several outside references to Lost, including the television series Chuck and Pushing Daisies, as well as the game PVP.
    • Fringe [2]
  • Apollo Bar - was briefly visible in the NBC television series Scrubs in the episode 7x01 "My Own Worst Enemy".

Other definitions

Alternate reality game: Rachel Blake's crossover into real life at Comic Con 2006 as part of The Lost Experience

It may be argued that Rachel Blake's appearance at Comic Con, Hugh McIntyre's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and other "real life" elements of The Lost Experience represented a crossover between the fictional world of Lost and the real world. Such crossovers into the real world are hallmarks of alternate reality games.

An alternate definition of crossovers relates to the intertwined flashback relationships of the characters in Lost. For more information, see: Character connections.


Cultural references to or from Lost do not necessarily qualify as crossovers if these are not intended to merge the fictional universe of Lost with that of another. Examples:

  • References of Lost to pop culture: The Wookie Prisoner Gag ("Not in Portland") is one of several cultural references to Star Wars, and The Blue Danube is a reference to the ABC television series Prison Break, but neither qualifies as a crossover. Both are only references, since neither directly links their fictional worlds together with that of Lost.
  • References of pop culture to Lost: The episode "Inferno" from the cartoon series Transformers: Cybertron, the Decepticon Thundercracker is shown scanning a fighter jet which subsequently calls ground control for help, identifying itself as "Oceanic Flight 815", but this event does not qualify as a crossover since there is no implication that the universe of the Transformers is the same as that of Lost.

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Crossovers of multiple characters have been used to set an established continuity, where characters can frequently meet within one setting. This is especially true of in the Marvel Universe, as different characters frequently interact with one another since they live in the same "universe". For example, the X-Men have frequent dealings with another group of Marvel heroes, such as the Fantastic Four. In comic book terminology, these "guest star" roles are common enough that they are not considered crossovers. A crossover in comic book terms only occurs when a story spans more than one title. This has led to "crossover events", in which major occurrences are shown as affecting (almost) all the stories in the shared universe.

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This article uses material from the "Glossary:Crossover" article on the Marvel Database wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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